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  1. On 2/5/2021 at 2:02 AM, AustinFromBoston said:

    Since The Bucs endzone is red, no way does the NFL want 2 same colored endzones. 



    Huh?? Look at all the recent blue vs blue endzones.


    Please dont give the NFL credit. They dont care if the endzones are the same color. They are not that smart or creative enough. There is a boring bland drab field template they are following, endzone colors be damned.

  2. It's just ridiculously crazy how posters on this board can design a better SB field than the NFL. And by far!!


    Awesome fields, amkirby10. The Pewter endzone is sweet. Gosh how I miss the Conference logos.


    The real Bucs SB endzone is just too dark for me. Darkish red with darkish gray wordmark = no pop. Chiefs endzone is spectacular, the red, the white the yellow, three colors make it happen.

  3. 23 minutes ago, RamosLynn said:



    Rose Bowl is my favourite, too. And yeah, unfortunately though that is on the Bucs colours. That happened in Super Bowl XXXVII as well, to a degree. Only way to make it actually "pop" is with a White endzone or something, which is not possible.


    For the Bucs, how about a white wordmark outlined in pewter? Or outlined in black? Keep the red endzone but just swap the color for the wordmark maybe?

  4. 17 hours ago, RamosLynn said:

    I will never ever pretend to be anywhere near as talented as Pitt or anyone that actually knows how to do this. I just got images and pasted them on top of other images just to make a concept for fun... This would be close to my "ideal" design for a Super Bowl field... Too much stuff? Maybe the logos of the Bucs and Chiefs are a bit too big, but I feel like concept is understood here. To be honest, I may have different designs in the endzone as far as it does not need to be plain color.




    This is friggin brilliant! And beautiful. Love that the field actually looks like grass! LOL


    Logos are a bit to big. I soooooo miss the Conference Logos in the endzones.

  5. Agree about the SB's in Cali, just perfect. Outside, grass, starts in the day, ends at night. Might be why the Rose Bowl is my favorite College Bowl game.


    The Bucs endzone, I don't know, it just reads too dark for me. No pop at all. Darkish red with a dark wordmark. I can barely read the wordmark.

  6. 10 hours ago, cdh72469 said:

    I would just love to know who at the NFL offices decided to make Super Bowl fields' end zones asymmetrical or unbalanced by removing the conference logos and the fields BLAH with just plain white numbers.


    A group of morons in the Creative Marketing Department. Pure stupidity and utter laziness!!

  7. It highly irks me that the NFL puts the logo so damn close to the wordmark!! My Eagles endzone looked STUPID in the SB versus the Pats a couple of years back. WHY, NFL, WHY???


    Why the boring, plain, uninspired designs over the past X years. Makes me...😥

  8. 8 hours ago, MJWalker45 said:

    LSU's colors would have looked horrible on that, even if they went yellow with purple or white outlines. 


    I guess we agree to disagree. B)  As I think the yellow from LSU would have been nice looking within the black end zones. 


    But then we agree on the fact that the Superdome seems to HATE painted end zones. They seem to never have them painted in. Laziness, I guess.

  9. When Andy Reid was coaching the Iggles, he had them wear white jerseys a lot at home during the early September/October games and then would switch to the green ones later in the season.


    I can't remember what they did under Chip Kelly. I feel like it was green at home most of the time.


    Then Doug Pederson always had them in green jerseys at home.


    As an Iggle fan, I always like to see them switch it up. Sometimes wear the green, sometimes the white. One uni combo I would like to see is the green jersey with the green pants. Just once a year would be cool.