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  1. Saints. Oh you. Why!!??? Why do you tease and tantalize us with these beautiful unis?? Give them to us. Please. Full time. Next season. Mmmmkay? Thanks!
  2. I said upthread that the Titans looked good. After seeing more of their highlights today, man, they look reallly really good! Gotta keep wearing those dark blue socks though.
  3. Cowboys/Steelers.....SMH.....just beautiful. Reminds me of their Super Bowl matchups. Broncos and Cardinals, it's time. C'mon now. Get a re-design. ASAP. Broncos have their color rush unis to use as a template. Cardinals, just look at what you first wore in AZ, and go from there.
  4. TCU has some ugly jerseys on today.
  5. Pitt/Florida State looks nice. That Pitt yellow against the FSU gold.
  6. Yep. That looks good. Now, if they would only fix their jersey number font, and the stupid looking all white pants with Cowboys script down the side. Ugh.
  7. Florida/Georgia -- so very nice.
  8. USC/Arizona State game had a 9 am kickoff??????!!! Oh for the love of $$$$$.
  9. The Red with the Pewter does feel a bit too dark for me. Would love to see Red over White (yes I keep saying that, LOL).
  10. Bucs looked good. Wished there was more Orange though. And I hope to see the Red jersey worn with White pants maybe.
  11. Seattle should never wear their blue pants again (I may get killed for that on here, lol). White or Grey pants.
  12. Jets/Chiefs looks good. Titans/Bengals look good too. At least the Titans have blue socks.
  13. Would have liked to seen Oklahoma State in orange pants.
  14. Yup Michigan State......green pants or at least wear green socks.
  15. Wyoming looked great. White/Brown/Yellow, with the stripes on all three pieces, well done.
  16. I like how Maryland looks tonight. And they have such a cool endzone design. Just gorgeous.
  17. So we can guess that each team doesn't have their own rolled up carpeted End Zone, like the Jets/Giants do? Or do the Giants/Jets scrub the paint out from green and just paint blue over it? I wonder.
  18. Did the Chargers unpaint their endzone?? Wish the Jags would wear white/teal.
  19. ^^^^^^ Yeah what the heck was up with tbe Falcons field?! Looked awful on my TV.