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  1. Even though UNC is in mono, that game versus NC State looks good. Those contrasting colors pop on my TV. Love the endzones too.
  2. USF looks stupid ugly. Tulsa would be ok if they got rid of the wordmarks on their pants. WTF is that about??
  3. Bucs vs. Pack. WOW. AWESOME look. And, the game is.......outside AND on grass!!!!! Woooo hoooooo!!!
  4. Va Tech uniforms suck. Never understood why BC keeps their helmet blank. UNC vs. FSU looks goooood.
  5. Oh ok Tenn, going with the orange pants. I like it.
  6. Wow Pitt vs. Miami is beautiful.
  7. Liking the Sam Houston State unis. The pant stripe is bit too thick for me though.
  8. Chargers just pop tonight! Except for any player not wearing the blue socks.
  9. Browns endzone is gorgeous. Just paint it Brown and you have their Super Bowl endzone.
  10. K-State.....perfect. TCU....LMAO. UGLY.
  11. Mizzou looked good. White/Black/White. And Iowa State. White/Red?/White.
  12. The odd striping for GA Tech is just dumb to me. And horrible number font. UNC...nice. Oklahoma/Texas.....clean and class and perfect. Why no blue pants, Florida???
  13. GA Tech/Louisville is just.........hideous.
  14. Falcons.....ugh. Need red or black socks. Packers...why is your endzone wordmark so non-yellow? It always looks too washed out. Bad paint job. Every game.
  15. Could be my TV, but the Bears mid-field logo and endzone wordmark are really really NOT Orange. Just washed out Orange paint. Wonder why that color is not deeper/brighter Orange. It's just......blah.
  16. These empty stadiums are killing me. Just doesn't seem or feel like Football. Ugh.
  17. Has Auburn ever worn blue pants? Wonder how that would look with the white jerseys. Or orange pants.
  18. South Carolina looks good to me. All white, just wish they had burgandy socks. Love Florida's endzones. And also how they paint up the sidelines.
  19. Small mid-field logos suck. Looking at you, Jets. How dare you have a tiny NFL shield logo!!
  20. I hate the Broncos uni's. Blue, white, orange, all of them. Time to change! C'mon, Elway, do it. If Kraft in NE can, wirh all of the success they have had in those hideous uni's they used to wear, surely you can.