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  1. All of this right here! This post is on point! I want to subscribe to your newsletter! QFT. x10000.
  2. Have as much orange as possible, Bucs! Please!
  3. I have done the Google and I still cant locate why Villanova is wearing what they are wearing today? Home whites but no light blue or dark blue accents/stripes. Looks like gold and black accents/stripes??
  4. Great job to everyone who contributed! Thanks! Love seeing the fields, logos, and especially the endzones. Good point about not really seeing the Chiefs endzone during the game. Toooooo much action down in the 9ers endzone. Yellow >> Red endzones, for me.
  5. Agreed! Frickin' gorgeous. Love the red outline on the numbers. And the white outlining on the helmet logo.
  6. You don't have to apologize (well, maybe you do LOL), but please do come back and elaborate on your comment. You have a lot of us scratching our heads over what you posted.
  7. Agreed. A main point for me is that the game is actually being played (gasp!) outdoors and (gasp!) on grass!!!!! Whoa! What a crazy concept by the NFL. Two teams with solid, clean, very nice unis. Two endzones that are not blue. Two endzones that have some pop to them. Meaning, there is nothing boring about them, IMO. Finally a NICE LOOKING SB!!!!!!!!
  8. This is good. My Eagles could be a bit higher. At least they were a non-blue team.
  9. It is interesting, I will say that. LOL BTW, I liked those darker blue Duke unis.
  10. New unis for Duke? A darker blue. ***NEVERMIND. Just checked a previous page in the thread***.
  11. Should the blues be darker?? Looks kinda gray_blue to me. Could just be my eyes though. Getting older!
  12. I am ok with the different endzone designs. The NFL asks each team what they want, the team tells them, it is approved, then it is done. One team wants their helmet in their endzone, the other team doesn't. IMO, nothing wrong with that at all. "This is our team endzone, that is their team endzone'. I am probably in the minority with that opinion though, LOL.
  13. Slim and none. And slim just left the building.
  14. I like the KC endzone just a bit more than the SF endzone.
  15. I am happy with the field. If it was red/red endzones, then I would be a bit upset. Agree with the posts that it is imperative to bring back the Conference logos to the field. Put them SOMEWHERE. The Super Bowl is the NFC vs. AFC!!!! Celebrate that, NFL!
  16. I am an Eagles fan and their endzone disappointed SO BADLY. Terribly off-centered, the older previous endzone logo was used, too much empty space on the one side of the endzone, JUST AWFUL. But, they did win so that made me happy!!!
  17. Crazy that I don't even really care about the game. I just wanted to see a field that pops a bit. I think this one will. I will probably be looking at the field more than watching the play on the field. LOL. Kind of like I do when the Rose Bowl is on.
  18. Good looking field, IMO. Thankfully it is not red/red endzones. Conference logos need to come back and be SOMEWHERE on future SB fields.
  19. That back endzone for SF pops! What a sexy field that is!!!
  20. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Boooooooooooo! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! BOooooooooooooooooooo!