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  1. New blues have a much better blend. Also a bit more unique in the league? ...and a callback as well? Nice job.
  2. From way back when I asked the same question... I dunno if Sparky has upgraded yet, but he was working with mainly Photoshop, Illustrator and Paint last year... along with using a tablet. ...definitely nice to see this thread again.
  3. The Rockies look is clever. Not sure I love the way it looks on the back, but at least the lines connect. Hartford home looks perfect, away as another mentioned the striping coloration seems odd would look better and more symmetrical to be the same as the home arm pattern. Thrashers... Not a fan of their color scheme or logo. Interesting design for it though. Feel as if the road jersey sleeve should have white in between the dark blue yoke and light blue stripe. Better balance in my mind. As always, interesting stuff.
  4. The Lightning look way better with that logo. Color scheme is nice as well, good use of the black in a way that is supportive but not overwhelming. The silver fits as well... I even think the white yoke works well on this set! (Shocking, I know) Really clean distinctive look for the Lightning... Think you nailed this one. For the Islanders, its very clean and sharp looking. A good design but feels like it needs more color to look distinctly Islanders in my mind. The teal should probably just be an accent like you have it here but a different balance of the orange and white seems necessary to my eyes... Actually without the Teal this look could work for an Oilers identity in my mind, but just not feeling it with this one... Even just thicker whites would improve this in my mind, maybe adding some teal or white to the collar could work as well.
  5. Epic. Pretty much the one word to sum up this series. Been watching this one, just haven't had as much time to comment lately. Love practically every design you have here, all look very distinct yet complimentary in a way. Think you've refined the Canada look even more, looks like best version yet. Russia is really the only look that bugs me as I find myself wondering why the grey and white for the white jersey? I realize that helps it stand out from the original Nike design, but I don't see grey used anywhere else except on the whites which seems jarring. Perhaps changing the grey back to the original red would look best? Blue could work too, but red shoulders somehow feels more Russian in my mind. Anyways, great series once again Sparky! That tutorial looks pretty awesome as well, thanks for sharing it.
  6. Great concept! The second one is very eye catching... Only thing that bugs me is the striping on the arms and hem looks a little chunky to me. Shave à few pixels off those and it will be excellent! Nice work.
  7. What he said... Think black in the Wild logo would be good addition, especially as you have it in the old north stars striping... I realize the old stars logo had no black in it, but feel the Wild logo needs some black to make it stand out more on the jersey... Maybe just switch red and black on the original logo. Boston is interesting concept, an away of their first uniforms... The design of it seems odd in comparison to the Wild/Stars... Don't know how a green vs yellow game would look either to be honest... Kudos for trying some different looks though. Maybe if one of the simpler stars jerseys without black were used the jerseys would match up à lil better against each other? Look forward to the rest of the series along with hearing the thought process behind some of these match-ups.
  8. That Ducks look is pretty classic. Only one thing I could see to tweak on that to make it perfect. I would have the letters in the AD secondary be different colors to give the logo more pop. At the moment it jars a little with the rest of the design, whereas having the colors match the collar colors would give it a perfect balance. Other than that, perfect set. Nice job on the Capitals, I guess I'm consistent at least as I think that the set would look better with a darker yoke over a lighter yoke... but yeah, that's more preference as it doesn't look bad on this one. I just think a blue yoke would look better... maybe with some white edging, something like the Bruins yoke. White yoke however does match with their original set... but I digress. I think one of the other commenters suggestions about changing the color of the middle star on the logo to match with the sleeve stars might be a nice addition. ...maybe a different design for the yokes would be a way to go as well, just to see how it might look with a squared-off design... or maybe even something to suggest a subtle "W" shape kind of like in the new Flames alternate? I dunno... just spitballing there. Anyways, both sets are definately nice updates on some classic designs. Good work once again.
  9. Quite like the away of the Sens set, think if the home red had matching black sleeves would look better. The yoke design is interesting but I personally would fill the rest of the yokes with black rather than the primary jersey color, and then maybe make the jersey bottoms black as well for symetry(sp?)with the sleeves. Striping on this is well done tho. Nice set. I like the concept for the Lightning, and especially think the striping pattern is clever but feel as if the design of the uniforms looks a little too busy. I would think removing the yokes might be better looking... Or maybe matching them up to the striping à bit more instead of the single color yokes. Oilers is alright... Liked the Oil drop concept, this one is pretty basic. Think the home would look better without the full white bottom. Blues looks good. Road sleeves could maybe be blue as well?
  10. Interesting. Nice to see à different look for the Habs. Well executed.
  11. À good attempt, unfortunately the eye pain is still happening with the yoke. That many small lines in contrasting colors just is not eye friendly. Maybe trying less lines or horizontal instead of the vertical stripes?
  12. Looks great! Nice update. Can't think of any improvements. 10/10
  13. I think its à good looking balance. You could potentially move the diagonal stripes down more towards the end of the sleeves if you're worried about color spacing. Just a couple pixels shifted over could look quite nice. Some other suggestions would be to maybe change the collar, a two color for each with the current insert color on the outside could be quite nice. Maybe a star or two at end of the sleeves would look good too? Still à very solid concept, good work here. Look forward to seeing more stuff from you.
  14. The Canucks set... Pretty damned perfect now. 10/10 The stars... Seems like it should either completely ditch the black or utilize it more on the actual jerseys. I really prefer the white of these to the home, just works better color balance-wise. I don't feel that white yokes on a jersey look good in general... It works for the Leafs as they have the white as a dominant part of their color scheme and contrasts well against their darker blue. The light green here seems like it would go better with à dark yoke or no yoke at all. I like how the logo looks in gold against the green in the road white jersey... Colors don't look as nice against the black in the home logo, feels like it needs more green in the logo somehow. Anyways, yeah... Think the set would look better with black more integrated or just completely gone. Good concept just not quite working yet. 6.5/10 Edit: had another thought, maybe if the black worked more as a highlight color? the white jersey left as is... À little black added to the gloves. Black yoke on the home green and maybe a black helmet too would be enough to balance it all out?
  15. Hmm... Would like to see the oil mark on the shoulders inside the current shoulder yoke just to match with the rest of the design. Interesting idea, Btw. Very clever. Would be interested to see Lycan's suggestion on the Blue's set. Rangers: doesn't look quite right to me, feels like logo needs to be a little bigger. The home blue jersey might look better sans yoke too, but would definitely like to see this with a larger logo before I could say for sure. Leafs: not bad, I feel à double stripe for the yoke would match the jersey better. More consistent with the hem striping then too, as well as à bit of à different look than most. Bruins: looks pretty good. Can't think of any improvements. Nice set. Panthers: balance feels à little off. Think blue sleeves on the red as you thought would look better, the bottom stripes could do with moving up the jersey a bit to balance the spacing. Interesting stuff as usual. Always enjoy seeing what you came up with Wonka.