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  1. Sharks will never win. You know they always choke on their own stupidity (or sticks, whatever you prefer). They're the Hawks of the NHL.
  2. I like it. The look is sharp, but I'm not sold on the colour change. That's my one big issue here with this. Other than that, I'd have to see the rest to get a good feel for what they're going for.
  3. I'm Pulling for a 85 rematch for two reasons: 1. To see the Royals win 2. After they do, we can play this song on repeat all we want:
  4. Hey guys. As you all know, I've been working on doing the AFL. Thanks to mr.nascar13 for the template and some logos, I've been able to get some uniforms done. However, I figured I'd post up a redesign I've been wanting to do for a long time for the NFL first as a teaser. The Patriots look is downright awful. Even Brady himself prefers Pat. The look I've gone for here is a mix of the two eras. I decided to keep Navy, as I prefer it. I went with a similar striping to the original uniforms. I kept the font, as I like how it looks. The new Pat logo is a update that was done by our wonderful Ren69, and I hope you guys enjoy this. More is to come, and C & C is very much appreciated.
  5. Here's my Wildcard Stanley Cup Final: Montreal-Minnesota
  6. Liking the new BP's. I was iffy on the scripts myself. Also, I hope that you do use green for the Rays. Perhaps a bit of the fauxback look could inspire you as well.
  7. I'm gonna buy that jersey. And I don't even like Brooklyn. In fact, the whole Brooklyn was something I agreed with. But I love it. Thats how they should look.
  8. For a untouchable brand, your version looks fantastic. I'm loving the new Uncle Sam logo, The new BP jerseys look great and I cannot wait to see the Rays and Jays very shortly.
  9. Glad to see The Crescent City logo being used more often now. That logo is the best secondary they have.
  10. I love it. Everything about it looks beautiful.