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  1. I like it. The look is sharp, but I'm not sold on the colour change. That's my one big issue here with this. Other than that, I'd have to see the rest to get a good feel for what they're going for.
  2. Liking the new BP's. I was iffy on the scripts myself. Also, I hope that you do use green for the Rays. Perhaps a bit of the fauxback look could inspire you as well.
  3. For a untouchable brand, your version looks fantastic. I'm loving the new Uncle Sam logo, The new BP jerseys look great and I cannot wait to see the Rays and Jays very shortly.
  4. I miss this uniform and prefer it to the current away:
  5. Nice set for the Sox. I really like the white Boston jersey, and adding piping to the red jersey looks sharp. Cannot wait to see the rays next, as I know the Yankees are being left alone, right?
  6. I think it is gone, as It's no longer showing up for me either. And that was probably the issue.
  7. Glad to hear this isn't dead. I cannot wait to see Baltimore. Hoping for realistic bird because I think it's a better logo than the cartoon bird...... not sure if that's a unpopular opinion . Also wonder what you have in mind for Toronto...... I have a few ideas about the team and what I'd like to see.
  8. You nailed the Twins. I'm shocked no vests though....... but eh, the road pinstripes make up for that.
  9. I feel bad for everyone here. Work/Templates getting stolen just sucks.
  10. Lo0ving the Tigers, including Crack Tiger. I love the BP jersey, and always wondered what that script would look like on the home jersey.
  11. The main issue here isn't the mods, but the fact that most people don't see the comments these people have written because its been deemed offensive by a mod. What exactly is the criteria behind a mod-edit worthy post? Seems to me that it differs from each mod. Just my 2 cents.
  12. I'm liking what I see here besides the 70's font. I feel like if you went with a different font, this would look way better, but it works.
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