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  1. Ottawa has been confirmed to return to their original look. Buffalo going back to royal blue is also confirmed. Their are some rumors about Arizona going full time retro with a matching white Kachina and Calgary are also rumored to go retro
  2. I know right ? I tought i was the only one who liked the switch to their original logo
  3. Since no teams (beside Anaheim, Boston and Pittsburgh) use black as their main color, i think it's a good thing Ottawa goes back to black for their main jersey
  4. Agreed, but since no other team use their original colors (Blue, black and white) they should focus on making these their main look, since a LOT of other team use mainly blue as a primary color.
  5. You're right, but at least their cup winning set was original, with a unique color scheme, unlike their current Maple wings set
  6. Buffalo AND Ottawa going (sort of) back to their original looks ? Awesome ! Hopefully, Calgary, Tampa and San Jose will follow
  7. Linus Ullmark posted his new gear for next season, wich uses the new colors
  8. These are gorgeous, but wouldn't those many stripes be too heavy for the players ?
  9. It was only a matter of time since they use the Kachina for anything media related. Next logical step is to bring the kachina back full time along with the white one
  10. Now that hockey is back for the playoffs, anyone knows if any team will wear their alternate at home ? I saw on the 2020-2021 topic that Arizona will wear the Kachina at home
  11. They had the perfect chance when they added a Edge version of these some years ago to make a more than welcome change and they didn't..
  12. How about just having some retro jerseys (except Vegas of course) and be done with it ? Simple and effective
  13. How the Canucks can nail the collars on some warm up jerseys but not on their regular set is beyond me...
  14. I'll never get tired of those Flames white jersey