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  1. How the Canucks can nail the collars on some warm up jerseys but not on their regular set is beyond me...
  2. I'll never get tired of those Flames white jersey
  3. Can't wait to see Vegas's one
  4. You can see it in their faces that they don't like those jerseys either
  5. The design team for the all star game jerseys needs to be fired... those are horrible
  6. Tampa is one of the few teams that should definately go back to their former look
  7. Might be one of the rarest occasions where the collar isn't messed up. Good to see
  8. That Blues's look isn't so bad, if they can keep bringing those once or twice per season only, that might be actually cool
  9. Even the buffaslug was better than those
  10. [MOD EDIT: profanity in an image]
  11. I think i've read somewhere that it was the team's plan in a year or two. Wich would be the right thing to do
  12. I think it's pretty much the same thing amongst Ducks fans. Everyone loved the anniversary jersey and no one wanted them to go away
  13. The Flames will probably switch to these in maybe 2 years. But i dont know if the old Jets logo still "belongs" to the Coyotes (appart for the occasional Heritage match)
  14. Flames's heritage jersey reveiled