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  1. It's been mentionned, but the only thing to fix would be by adding a thin ice blue line in the collar, like the Oilers or Devils did
  2. Black Kachina is actually their official home sweater since last season so the howling coyote was pretty much dead at this point
  3. The black Kachina is actually their official home sweater since last season. Weird that it passed under the radar here. Never heard of this guy, is he at all legit ? Or ishe just another guy telling his opinion or what he thinks might happen ?
  4. The Oilers should copy that and there you go, one of the best set in the league. How can't they figure that out but their AHL team can ?
  5. On the helme, it's not "so" bad, we'll have to get used to it. When it's gonna start being added to jerseys, it's gonna be another level..
  6. Or just add a blue line on the jersey, it will look better and match the socks at the same time
  7. It was the best new design to come out when the Reebok edge templates arrived back in 07-08, almost every other teams took a step back, or stayed the same. I still think that with yellow socks, it's their best look ever
  8. If the Ducks are indeed planning to change their look, they should take the 25th anniversary jersey and make a matching white with it. Would look gorgeous
  9. Hopefully they wanna give them a last hourra before throwing them out for good (since the last Jersey watch from Icethetics suggests a return of a royal blue alternate jersey)
  10. As long as it fixes the horrendous collars
  11. I always tought they bring this one back for their next Winter Classic
  12. Because why wear one of the best set in the league when you can wear your ugly alternate ?
  13. Imo, the Bruins set is perfect as it is, in fact i think it's their best set ever (except the black socks). Shame that they think about dropping it.
  14. Nope, they finally made the right move. The only thing they need to do now is add a blue line on the road jersey, and make the numbers blue
  15. Hopefully the Sharks will keep their much, much, much better Throwback jerseys around and make a full switch within 2 or 3 years. But after reading the Jersey watch, looks like i'm wrong..
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