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  1. Finally, the Sharks look good after quite a while ! Let's hope that management will realise it too and make the right thing to do
  2. Great, another discussion about the Canucks uniforms on the way...
  3. Really crazy only one to 3 years separates these pictures
  4. They should take their 25th anniversary jersey, make a matching white and call it a day. But they'll stick with orange for a long time since they wanna embrace the Orange county thing
  5. The only bad thing about it is the font. And yes, i think it looked awful back then as well
  6. I wouldn't mind at all if it became their new home jersey
  7. Men those Coyotes jerseys are horrible. But the Panthers look amazing on the ice however
  8. One upvote for the Broken Matt reference
  9. Tampa's RR is the proof that they never should've switched away from this look
  10. The awful nameplate automatically cancels the Top 5 look argument imo
  11. That is pretty much what people say actually
  12. If it wasn't for their first edge set, it would be the worst jersey of the franchise. Maybe in the top 10 worst of the league imo
  13. Edmonton looks surprisingly much better than expected. Switch to blue pants and you have a perfect set if they go back to royal blue
  14. Exactly. Royal blue is better of course, but since they wanted to go navy blue, that was the correct way. And they blew it
  15. I don't know, i think they would look great !