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  1. As long as NBA 2k adds Memphis City edition from last season. It sucks that they didn't do one this year. So will they have one next season? Knicks keeping last years Manhatten Skyline and Pelicans keeping last years Mardi Gras? Charlotte? Anyway here are the City edition themes this year Atlanta Peach- Honoring Sate nickname Charlotte-not released yet Miami Crockett Blue- Miami Vice Orlando Black- Central Florida Orange Groves Washington White-Honoring District of Columbia and also a nice touch with the American Flag Boston Green- Irish community and honoring Irish immigrants Brooklyn White - White version of last year's set honoring Biggy Smalls New York - Same as last year? Philadelphia Cream- Honoring Ben Franklin and the Liberty Bell (The Navy that leaked will be next years) Toronto Black & Gold- We the North theme slightly altered from the 2018 set Chicago Columbia Blue- Honoring City Flags and Chicago Lakes Cleveland Navy- Honoring 50th Anniversary of club being in Cleveland Detroit Red- Honoring the Automobile industry and Detroit's Blue Collar work ethic Indiana White -White version of 2018 set honoring Indy 500 Milwaukee Cream- Cream City nickname also honoring the Breweries of Milwaukee Dallas Blue- Honoring neighborhood artwork of the Millenials Houston White- City nickname and honoring Nasa similar to a space suit Memphis NONE Being rebels against Nike and Silver New Orleans- Same as last year? San Antone Black Camo- Third year in a row honoring Military bases in San Antone Golden State Black- Honoring "The Town" from the days in Oakland Clippers White- Inner City inspired also challenging the Lakers for supremacy in the city Lakers Banana Yellow- Fauxback to Wilt Chamberlin days Phoenix Slate- Slate version of last years set honoring Hispanic Community of Arizona Sacramento Red- Red version of last year's set Denver Black- Black version of last year's Rocky Mountain Rainbow Fauxback Minnesota Carolina Blue- Honoring Twin Cities and original Minneapolis Lakers Oklahoma City Slate- Honoring 25th Anniversary of Murrah Building Bombing Portland White- City nickname/fauxback to the 70's Utah Gold/Red- Third year in a row honoring Utah Mountain ranges
  2. Portland's is a nice fauxback honoring the 70's Chicago's looks like it has potential Houston's is a Raptors White Association twin Milwaukee going for another Brewery tribute Only ones not leaked yet Toronto (Red/Gold perhaps) Washington (updated 2017-18 White House edition perhaps) Minnesota (Carolina Blue honoring original Lakers?) New York (Orange version of last year's set?) Charlotte (White Buzz City version?) New Orleans (White Version of 2017-18 Mardi Gras set?) Memphis being rebels this year and probably won't do one next season?
  3. So the beer/cream will be official "Home" while pinstripes will be afternoon games only?
  4. At first I thought that Rockets City edition looked identical to the Raptors Home/Association.
  5. First Griffey on SNES was awesome and I did like Winning Run as well. Also on Winning Run, it was the first sports game to feature alternate jerseys long before the PS2/Xbox. If you played an exhibition game, clubs would usually be in their alternate/spring training color tops which I thought was cool. Now SCEA and MLB The Show need to add the 1994-1997 Milwaukee Brewers Home/Away/Alternates
  6. Now the Brewers should add the old school beer barrel from County Stadium and have Bernie slide into it. Also have a Miller High Life and Winston sign on the scoreboard to honor County Stadium.
  7. Pistons Red/Blue Crystal Palace inspired but in reality honoring the Automobile industry and Blue Collar work ethic of Detroit. Next season Rockets will go with Red version to honor Nasa? Upcoming: ?? Chicago Red version of City Flag Cleveland Navy to honor 50th Anniversary of Club Indiana White version of 2018 set to honor Indy 500 Milwaukee updated Cream version of 2018 set to honor the breweries of Milwaukee Toronto Red & Gold version of We The North New York Orange version of last years set honoring Manhattan skyline Philadelphia Cream to honor Liberty Bell similar to 2018 set honoring Ben Franklin and Deceleration of Independence Washington updated White version of 2018 set honoring White House/Washington Monument Charlotte White version of Buzz City Portland White Rip City version honoring Portland hipsters/craft beer crowd Minnesota Carolina Blue honoring original Lakers Lakers Gold honoring 70's championship team New Orleans White version of 2018 set honoring Mardi Gras
  8. Better than the previous set. I'm biased towards the 1994-1997 MB set because of Ken Griffey Jr's MLB and Winning Run on SNES and yearn for those to be in MLB The Show. So Pinstripes for most home games Off color Cream for afternoon home games? Navy top for road games (pitchers choice).
  9. Dallas paying tribute to neighborhood artwork this year. 2017-18 Dallas Skyline 2018-19 Dallas Skyline and Hunt Bridge Portland again going with a Portland Hipster theme but a white version. Houston's City edition is white to honor Nasa but it looks more like the Raptors White Association set.
  10. Actually Marlins wore Teal from 1993-2002 and had a dope Teal batting practice Jersey that needs to be in MLB the Show. In 1995 the Fish abandoned the Away Teal cap with the Black bill in favor of a black one and also began wearing black caps in 1995 and for most of 1996. By 1997 Teal was gone. As for Cleveland they can also do replicas of the 1975 uniforms as their new permanent set of course sans the logo on the sleeve. So for Uniform Changes in 2020: Milwaukee and San Diego Arizona tweaks their sets Cincinnati has a new alternate Anyone else getting new alternates?????
  11. Next year's Orlando City set will be Orange version of this year's set. It's bound to happen.
  12. I wish but it's not green unfortunately because they're debuting their City kit against Charlotte on November 30 and Charlotte will be in their Teal Icon. Pacers are going with a White version of the 2017-18 set honoring Nascar it looks like. Orlando's is mehhhhh. Would have been better if they were Orange but they're honoring the Central Florida Orange groves.
  13. For a minute I thought the game was played at Arco sans the Winston American Eagle billboard but I digress. Any word on why Houston isn't getting a Throwback court?
  14. In MLB The Show it's hard to play in the 1989 "Major League" Indians uniforms as Chief Wahoo is missing from the sleeves and caps. The cap they use for the 89 Indians is the 1979-1985 Block "C" cap with red bill. Just eliminate the 1989 set and add the 1980 set SCEA! As for the real life Indians uniforms, wouldn't hurt if they did a modernization of the 1980 sets.
  15. Best one they've rolled out. The previous two were done to honor the Dallas Skyline and last years also was in honor of the Margaret Hunt Bridge. So Houston will be Gray??
  16. Never knew why the Brewers went Motre Bame in 1994-1997. Should have have stayed with Royal Blue and Gold. Now if only they could get a beer barrel for Bernie to slide into.
  17. Could go back to those great 1984 sets and also the Gold Batting Practice/Spring Training uniform. Also wasn't 1982 or 83 the first year teams introduced batting practice/spring training tops? I've always wanted to use the 80's red Expos tops in a video game.
  18. Well could SCEA please add Olympic Stadium in MLB 20 the Show?? I mean with Expos..Senators...Nats...whatever winning the series this year and with the Expos uniforms already being in the game it couldn't hurt.
  19. Well I said red a while back based on red being a default accessory for the Kings in NBA 2k20. Previously I thought it would Carolina Blue but on Lockervision the Kings are wearing City against the Thunder who would be in Blue (ICON). Also wished NIKE was doing EARNED uniforms this season. A gold Celtics Earned of this year's city edition and a red Clippers Earned this year would have been a nice touch.
  20. So that Navy Philly leak is for next season or for this season? A lot of people claiming Philly gets Navy while others are saying it will be White to honor the Snake and Liberty Bell. Washington and Minnesota are turning the clock back two years ago to their first City editions but tweaking 'em a bit with Minnesota adding a splash of Green to again honor the cold Minnesota Winters and the Bullets/Wizards will again be honoring the White House. Indiana is tweaking last year's set as it's gray again but will have modifications and it's to honor the early to mid 90's uniforms pre 1997-98 makeover. Sacramento's will be Dark Gray and will have the throwback woodmark to honor the team's 35 years in Sacramento with a tribute to Arco Arena. Pelicans again going with a White Mardi Gras theme but it will be similar to the 2017-18 set. Spurs again going with Camo for third year in a row. Utah honoring the Utah Mountains for the third year in a row (Didn't the NBA say you can keep a City set for no more than Two years?) Phoenix honoring the Hispanic Community of Phoenix but going with Slate gray instead of purple for the first two installments. Portland going with a White "RIP City" to honor the Portland Hipsters/Millenials/Craft Beer crew Milwaukee turning it back to the inaugural City set to honor the Milwaukee Breweries. Detroit listened to their fans and released a red City edition honoring the Detroit Automobile Industry. Chicago going with a red version of the City flag with Columbia blue thrown in (CM Punk Inspired) Toronto going to go with a Red and Purple "We the North" Dallas going with Lime Green to honor the City's neighborhood artwork instead of honoring the Dallas Skyline and Margaret Hunt Bridge like the two previous sets. Denver Going with a Navy Rocky Mountain Skyline Fauxback? Houston going with a sleeveless version of the gray Clutch City honoring the City nickname. Previously it was rumored that Houston would honor the 50th Anniversary of NASA Charlotte going with a Gray version of the Buzz City set from last season honoring the Charlotte Coliseum's nickname for the upper deck. Memphis decided to be rebels and nor partake in a City edition. They must prefer Adidas over Nike. Anyway since Memphis won't have a City set this season, NBA 2k needs to add their set from last season.
  21. Now if only SCEA could add County Stadium in MLB 20 the Show but I digress.
  22. Love 'em! 2019-20 Celtics City Edition is to honor the Irish Culture/Community of Boston 2018-19 City Edition honored the old Celtics Warmup Jerseys (same for the Earned) 2017-18 City Edition honored the banners in the rafters of Boston Garden
  23. CALIFORNIA ANGELS but that's another story: So the Sixers Navy "City" that leaked is legit? Some claim it was fake on Twitter/Facebook etc. So if it's legit it's to honor the William Penn Statue?
  24. For the love of Jimmy Carter just eliminate interlague play and the wild card. Go back to the 1969-1993 4 division format. If you don't win your division: TOUGH
  25. I'm hoping the Brewers bring back the Beer Barrel Man logo. It's doubtful but it would be nice if MLB 20 The Show had Milwaukee County Stadium in the game. In the game the have the 1991-1993 Brewers uniforms but for some reason SCEA has never added the popular 1982 uniforms. So I'm gonna take a guess that the Padres will have a Brown and a Gold alternate and they'll also have Gold Spring Training uniforms similar to the 1984 team. Not official but something I'd like to see from some of the clubs: Tampa Bay going back to it's original colors and adding Purple Top and a Green Top Detroit's road uniform going back the the 1984 set. Chicago White Sox also bringing back the 1983 Road Uniform for Sunday Away games (MLB The Show won't add that uniform sadly) Cleveland going back to their 1980-1985 set Royals Blue alternate top says "Royals" in cursive Angels adding a Navy cap with red bill and a Navy top and go back to being called CALIFORNIA Angels Oakland adding a yellow top and white top in Kelly green based on the 1980 set Seattle making the Teal Bill their permanent home cap and bring back the Teal Crown with Navy bill as an alternate cap Texas going back to a set similar to 1984-1985 Marlins introducing a Teal alternate top Pirates can have Black Tops/Yellow Trousers/Yellow Caps/White Pinstripe Tops/White Pinstripe Trousers to mix in match on Sunday Cubs changing their away uniform to the 1990-1993 set Cincinnati bringing a pinstripe alternate with the White Cap similar to the 1993-1998 home set to be worn on Sunday. Brewers going back to Royal and Yellow BiG Giants making the "SF" interlocked as their permanent road uniform 1983-1993 set