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  1. I guess the Eagles are becoming like the Falcons, wearing white pants with both white and team-color jerseys.
  2. Does he also refer to Texas State as Southwest Texas State?
  3. 1) The first regular season game where the Rams have worn the royals on the road since moving back to Cali. 2) In a way, I thought they would break out the yellow CR jerseys to better cope with the Charlotte heat.
  4. I wonder if they'll repeat that next week vs the Giants in "Snoopy Stadium"?
  5. I'd love to see the Saints make a black version of their CR jersey, and also the Cowboys coming up with a blue version of their CR--maybe to be worn on Thanksgiving.
  6. If they're wearing white in Miami week 4, that would be the earliest in a long time that the Dolphins are wearing aqua for a daytime kick-off
  7. The Cowboys are wearing blue tops with #ColorRush pants for their home games vs the Vikings and Rams.
  8. 1) Just like the Titans oddly wore white at home last year in week 16 vs Washington. 2) Maybe Arians feels that white at home is too wimpy.
  9. The giants wore white pants with their blue jerseys in Houston and Carolina last season.
  10. That would be nice if the Giants do wear white pants in Dallas--a monotony breaker from blue over gray vs white over seafoam.
  11. Just like the Falcons, they are going with colors for every home game and white for every road game.
  12. Since the Saints game is on Thanksgiving, I wouldn't be surprised if they counter with their mono-white set. There's always a chance the Seahawks could go mono-gray or wear white or gray pants with their white jerseys.
  13. What would happen in a Utopian NFL--colors at home and white on the road.
  14. Keep in mind that in 1963, teams had to wear their colors at home. The League changed that requirement the following season.
  15. I am sure the eight games where Dallas wears blue jerseys this year is some all-time reccord.
  16. I wonder if the Pats are wearing their Color Rush vs Dallas. I also wonder if the Saints, Giants, and Lions are breaking out Color Rush for their home games vs Dallas.
  17. I am against any team wearing a white jersey with dark pants at home (Redskins-white/burgundy, Eagles-white/green, Saints-white/black, Panthers-white/black, Rams-white/navy, Patriots-white/navy, Jets-white/green, Dolphins-white/aqua, Bills-white/royal, Titans-white/navy, Jags-white/black, Ravens-white/black, Browns-white/brown, Bengals-white/black, Chargers-white/navy). I will tolerate a white jersey with gold/yellow or gray/silver pants (Cowboys, Saints, Bucs), or something like white/orange (Browns), white/teal (Jags), or white/columbia(Titans).
  18. 1996 and 1997 were the only times the Dolphins wore white for home preseason games at night (Jimmy Johnson's first 2 seasons)
  19. Any time the Titans wear Columbia (pants or jersey) they look at least 1000x better.
  20. When are they going to break out the much ballyhooed powder blues?
  21. The last time the Cowboys wore white in Foxboro was in the old stadium in December 1999 (pre-Bellicheck era).