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  1. Packers--green over gold; Ravens--white over black (their ugliest combo IMHO). I am not a fan of white jerseys with really dark pants (red, blue, black, green). I'd rather see a white jersey with white, gold/yellow, silver/gray, or light colors like orange (Browns) or Columbia (Titans).
  2. Or for most of the games--saving the whites for the preseason, home opener, Thanksgiving, and playoffs.
  3. I wonder how often they will wear teal at home this year? I have a feeling they will be mono-white vs KC week 1 in the JAX, and mono-black vs Houston in Wembley. I'd love to see the Jags in black/teal for the game in Houston that the Texans are going mono-white.
  4. Bellicheck likes jinxing Dallas--he was with Parcells when he made the Cowboys wear blue in the Meadowlands in the 80s.
  5. I wonder if the Ravens will counter with purple or black instead of white?
  6. 1) I wish one of these days would feature the Cowboys in blue for a home game vs the Giants (the only NFCE foe they have never faced at home in the current blue jerseys); 2) I wonder if the two blue at home games feature one with the gray pants and one with the white pants. 3) I wonder if the Saints are wearing their Color Rush whites in week 4.
  7. Chargers in mono-white (the same scheme for road games as last year) with Cardinals "par for the course" (red over white)
  8. Will the Ravens wear purple or black tonight as the Jags are listed with white over black?
  9. Saints going WAH since the Vikings are going to be in purple. Titans wearing their rarely used navy over white in Philly. They've also filled in the blanks for the Texans' home games (deep-steel blue over white for every game except the Whiteout vs Jacksonville, mono-deep steel blue vs New England, and Battlel Red vs Denver. Also the Steelers in their traditional black over gold except for when they wear throwbacks or Color Rush.
  10. They have been wearing aqua at home quite a bit for non-primetime games the past few seasons (either their regular or throwback jersey)
  11. I predict the Seahawks will go mono-gray at LA (in their royal blue & gold kit), as the last three years Seatlle has gone white over blue, mono-white, and white over gray when playing the Rams in the Coliseum.
  12. I'm wondering if the Cowboys will wear the white #ColorRush pants with the blue jerseys for any of the multitude of road games that point to the home team wearing white?
  13. Except that the owners don't like the Columbia jerseys. As far as the white pants go, they only wore them four times last regular season (at Miami & Jacksonville with Columbia jerseys, and at Dallas & Houston with white jerseys).
  14. The Bears are wearing white throwbacks vs Dallas the Thursday Night after Thanksgiving. I'm also wondering when the Cowboys will wear their Color Rush (vs Buffalo in Arlington on Thanksgiving?) and which home game will be the one where they wear blue (season opener vs NYG, as Gil Brandt will be inducted into the Ring of Honor?--they did the same thing last season vs the Titans on MNF when Whitten got inducted).
  15. And for one I have been begging the Cowboys to get ONE shade of silver for their helmets and pants that they can wear with both the white and blue jerseys.
  16. Based on the score right now, 14-5 Braves top 7, will the Phillies wait another 40 years before they wear this set again?
  17. The only way to avoid that is convincing the Pats to wear either silver or white pants (highly unlikely).
  18. I wonder how the Jags will counter in the 9-15 game: Mono-black or black over teal or teal over something?
  19. How many Bills' fans would confuse the inverted jersey with their regular blue one?
  20. What about the Cowboys The last two times Dallas has visited Cincy, the Bengals wore orange tops.