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  1. Part of me was still worried that FIFA'd say that the blue on Russia's socks clashes with croatia's socks... which would be ludicrous but wouldn't necessarily surprise me.
  2. Looks like Russia's cool socks are back!
  3. Boooooooooo! I dearly miss the ugly-but-charming warrior/NB sets that they had going until a few years ago.
  4. Beautiful to look at. Might even top the Sweden matchup for me!
  5. Nike no... Will say that sponsor does look sharp, though.
  6. Faith in FIFA restor-- damn
  7. Surprised that FIFA haven't forced Japan and Poland to wear their so-far-unworn away kits today...
  8. Absolutely detest the yellow/white/white look that Colombia's been sporting. Looks bad on anyone, even worse when Brazil does it, mind you.
  9. Mexico v Sweden is a sure candidate for my favourite kit matchup of the tournament. ...or just ever
  10. infuriating [edit] The only chance we have of seeing b/w/r in the round of 16 is if France play Argentina. The light kits of every other group D team have white shorts, forcing France into b/b/r. Then again, FIFA could always be dicks about it and make Argentina wear white shorts just to screw that up.
  11. Just sittin here being frustrated by the thought of how beautiful this matchup would be if Russia were wearing their home reds...
  12. So Belgium and Tunisia are both in Away kits for no good reason... but for this one time I'll let it slide because at least it's not ANOTHER group G all-red vs all-white matchup.
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