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    Rhino Logo

    This. The shape is pretty decent, but the lack of detail makes it look more like a clipart image than a logo. Some shading in the body might also help provide the dynamics another poster mentioned. You've got a good start here.
  2. Design-wise I love them, but I'd have preferred a wider variety of colours.
  3. Great. Another iconic logo replaced by a generic one. And are those supposed to be 2 staples? Can't really tell.
  4. Possibly the best Caps concept I have seen. I prefer the blue yoke and outlined numbers.
  5. I disagree like 200% lol. Of course, I'm a highly biased Oilers fan, but I think the Oilers royal blue looks 10x better than the Isles', which I don't like very much. Second, I think the current orange is way too bright and hard on the eyes, and makes the team look like pylons. I have nothing against navy but prefer the royal blue. So I think the 2016-2017 orange jersey was perfect. In fact, I think the entire 2016-17 set was perfect - royal blue home, white away, orange third.
  6. To be fair, Halloween is a lot more intimidating than Christmas. Also, the colours red and green just don't look very good together most of the time, with a few exceptions.
  7. I don't understand all the complaining about field colours. I'm not a big fan of the darker colours, but I absolutely love Coastal Carolina's teal and Belle Vernon's gold.
  8. ujju2

    Slapshot's NHL

    Awesome. Oilers could use an orange third though.
  9. This isn't the original packaging though. It's a mix of the old and new packaging. The arrangement of the pictures of the cereal, for example, come from the new packaging, as does the hexagonal honeycomb pattern on the yellow background. It uses the old word mark/logo but it's not tilted down like before, but has a slight upward tilt (right is higher than left) than before.
  10. That would explain it. In any case, I absolutely love that shade of kelly green. I'm not a fan of "bland" shades of kelly green, generally speaking. Among my least favourite colours, actually. That is likely why I think it needs black to make it pop. I suppose the shade used in Adams' pic wouldn't need any black.
  11. Also, this may be a case of the Deccan Chargers (who no longer exist) taking inspiration from the Lamborghini logo:
  12. Disagree, I like the bottom better (minority opinion, probably). But I think the white jersey shared by Jamal Adams looks great as is, without black, so I'm torn.
  13. Surprised that perhaps the most infamous example hasn't yet been posted:
  14. Not a fan. Sharks colours, yokes that clash with the classic striping, etc.
  15. I absolutely disagree. I can't really stand anything for hockey but bright white. I hate even when the lights are just a sight bit dim (on the broadcast). But then again, my Mac is always on full brightness as well, so maybe that's just me.
  16. I'm surprised overall at how disliked the branding for this league seems to be in general. I actually really like a lot of the logos unveiled. There's a few I really hate, like my home team of Edmonton, but overall I think the reaction hasn't been positive enough.
  17. Not a fan of the white S logo, tbh. The stars have no significance whatsoever.
  18. I like the logo and the idea for the jerseys. I actually think that the grey yoke and "ghosted" shoulder patches are awesome for an alternate. My biggest problem is that there isn't nearly enough grey elsewhere ion the jersey. The dimensions of the logo are a bit awkward, but it's still a well-designed logo and I love the negative space state outline too. If there was some grey in the striping, it would be perfect overall imo.
  19. Might just be me but from a distance the Mexico jerseys look blue instead of green - the actual colour is seen in closer shots.
  20. All I really want for the Caps is a navy third with the weagle, and maybe replace the script with the weagle on the primary home and away.
  21. You think it's an improvement? I disagree. At least he old logo had recognition in Edmonton. It's at best a lateral move, which means it's a downgrade because it lacks recognition. Edit: Only thing I like is the new colour scheme.
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