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  1. San Diego Chargers vs Seattle Seahawks 1994 Throwback game and the only time the Seahawks have gone against the powder blue Chargers in a regular season game.
  2. To be fair, for most people it literally is just “fun and games”.
  3. Kevin Durant had one of the most historic NBA playoff performances of all time last night in this uniform. I can promise you the Nike executives will not be seeing Heaven.
  4. 49ers 2005 season had a lot of interesting uniform matchups striped socked Colts @ 49ers Giants @ 49ers and also in the 2002 Playoffs against the blue sock Giants and surprisingly this exact matchup with the 49ers @ Bears happened in 2005 and 2006 49ers @ Titans (with the same matchup occurring earlier in the 2005 preseason in SF) and also the first matchup against the Tennessee Titans in 1999 49ers @ Jaguars and lastly against the red sock Texans
  5. I think the Lakers earned uniforms are charcoal and not black, which is probably why I prefer them to their previous black alternatives
  6. The Thunder changed their uniforms at halftime First half: Second half: https://twitter.com/okcthunder/status/1365485714104856579?s=20 When's the last time a team changed uniforms in the middle of the game?
  7. Kansas City Thanks Kramerica Industries for doing this again!
  8. I was curious to see how many logoless, stripeless helmets have been worn. Many of the ones that I have found were throwbacks. What are some of your favorite logoless, stripeless helmets, regardless of sport? Here are some of mine: Detroit Lions Throwback Chicago Bears Throwback Washington Football Team Throwback and others that I found: Cleveland Browns Preseason Green Bay Packers Throwbacks Navy and Notre Dame Boston College Throwbacks
  9. Buffalo Seattle Tampa Bay Baltimore New Orleans Pittsburgh
  10. Miami Baltimore Cleveland Minnesota Tampa Bay New England Dallas Las Vegas Arizona Seattle LA Chargers New Orleans Indianapolis Tennessee Green Bay Washington
  11. New Orleans Tampa Bay Arizona Miami Cleveland Indianapolis Kansas City Baltimore Houston Chicago Carolina LA Chargers Seattle Philadelphia Green Bay Buffalo
  12. LA Chargers Buffalo Green Bay Indianapolis Minnesota San Francisco New England Seattle Baltimore Tampa Bay Tennessee Kansas City LA Rams Arizona Cleveland Pittsburgh
  13. LA Rams Arizona Kansas City Tampa Bay Carolina Houston Dallas Tennessee Indianapolis Seattle Washington New Orleans Atlanta Green Bay Buffalo Baltimore
  14. Las Vegas Minnesota Miami Detroit Houston Atlanta Tennessee Seattle Arizona Green Bay New England Kansas City Pittsburgh Buffalo Baltimore
  15. Houston Dallas Pittsburgh Indianapolis NY Giants Buffalo Las Vegas Cleveland Miami Arizona Minnesota LA Rams New Orleans Kansas City Green Bay Seattle
  16. Seattle Cleveland Detroit Baltimore New England Cincinnati Atlanta Pittsburgh LA Chargers Miami Minnesota Green Bay Kansas City Tampa Bay
  17. Tennessee Tampa Bay Cleveland Philadelphia Detroit Green Bay Las Vegas Arizona LA Chargers Pittsburgh LA Rams New Orleans Baltimore Minnesota
  18. Green Bay Denver Seattle Baltimore Houston Kansas City Minnesota Tennessee Washington Las Vegas Arizona Pittsburgh Tampa Bay New England
  19. Carolina Buffalo Tennessee Las Vegas Indianapolis Green Bay Kansas City LA Rams Pittsburgh LA Chargers New Orleans Seattle Philadelphia Tampa Bay
  20. Philadelphia Detroit Dallas Buffalo New Orleans Green Bay Pittsburgh Cleveland Seattle San Francisco Kansas City LA Chargers Tampa Bay Chicago
  21. Detroit Minnesota Indianapolis Carolina Washington Tennessee Pittsburgh Baltimore New England Miami Green Bay LA Rams Kansas City Arizona
  22. Tampa Bay Houston Kansas City Baltimore Carolina New England LA Rams Buffalo Arizona Pittsburgh San Francisco Cleveland Dallas Seattle New Orleans
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