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  1. Didn't think the Hawks had it in them to bring in a big name player, or any Atlanta franchise for that matter...
  2. Um, Nike is making basketball jerseys for football teams now https://twitter.com/darrenrovell/status/718427212987428864 They're available in the NFL shop already http://nflshop.com/Tank_Tops
  3. I dont necessarily blame EA on that one, the NFL had the orange pants in the style guide, so they were just following that. EA set them as the primary for some reason though. They currently have them as the primary on Madden Mobile too
  4. The two that first came into mind: Bears orange pants in Madden 13: Patriots striping in Madden 15 (silver instead of red):
  5. Not sure if mentioned already but. 14-15 Milwaukee Bucks at. Charlotte Hornets
  6. Go to the OP and click on edit. From there there should be an option in the top right to "manage topic poll"Thanks
  7. Thanks for mine! These are really cool!
  8. Panthers @ Colts 1998, Panthers wore white jerseys and silver pants. The only time they have worn anything other than white pants with their white jerseys. Sorry I can't provide a picture right now.
  9. These are really cool. Can you do this logo for me?
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