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  1. I know I've been "banned" from posting in this thread but I need to put an end to this madness. The chiefs are NOT changing!
  2. Yeah, I get it but a lot of teams are jumping on the powder blue train for 2020.
  3. I'm already over this powder blue fad.
  4. I hope my .500 average improves now this is confirmed.
  5. So I post info that I know... I get a warning.... I reveal the team that is getting updated looks and now I get threatened? "Got it" seriously what is the problem that you lot have with me? I will NEVER reveal my sources so theres that. I will probably be banned yet again. What crime have I committed exactly?
  6. It is one of the above. I will say more when the season ends.
  7. One other team is getting a complete rebrand.
  8. Oh please continue.... Posters like this are the reason I don't post the evidence and pics I do have. Entitlement is not a good look.
  9. I have not seen the Bucs new logo as of yet.
  10. I can confirm new logo and unis are coming.
  11. The Rams are going a slightly lighter blue from what I can tell. I don't have the exact nike colour atm, but to me it looks lighter to the naked eye.
  12. Been a while since I saw the logo but I remember the A connecting to the Rams horn. It is very modern.
  13. I have only seen the Rams new logo and I liked it. I will report when I see the unis.
  14. How quick people forget about all the others that we're right. Shame there are such mean hearted people in this world.
  15. Finally leaked. What do you guys think about this?