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  1. These ones are finished - New York Empire Washington DC Generals Alabama Rebels Detroit Motors Houston Drillers Oklahoma City Gusters Las Vegas Blackjacks Winnipeg Talons Quebec City Mounties Toronto Huskies Pittsburgh Forge Tell me what y'all think about these names Mississippi Bandits Virginia Beach Piranhas Miami Squid Kelowna Tribe Edmonton Avalanche Columbus Explorers Kingston Royals You get to vote on these names. Wyoming Mustangs/Rough Riders Windsor Lions/Thunderbirds/Jets Kanata Bears/Kings Thunder Bay Bombers/Storm Los Angeles Renegades/Avengers Seattle Thunder/Shockwave/Steelbirds
  2. Thanks! I'll make the pads the same color and maybe add some green to the black uni I'm using Paint.NET
  3. Currently: New York Empire - still up Pittsburgh Freights - done Washington DC Generals - done Virginia Archers - still up Miami Sharks - still up Alabama Rebels - still up Mississippi Steamers - still up Colombus Serpents - still up Detroit Motors - done Houston Drillers - done Oklahoma City Gusters - done Wyoming Mustangs - still up Las Vegas Blackjacks - done Los Angeles Renegades - done Seattle Sound - still up Kanata Kings - still up Thunder Bay Storm - done Kingston Torpedoes - still up Kelowna Tribe - still up Windsor Eagles - still up Edmonton Avalanche - still up Winnipeg Talons - still up Quebec City Mounties - done Toronto Huskies - done
  4. I know it's unoriginal but after seeing those uniforms vs. Texas I just wanted to do something for fun. And the only reason I have another topic asking for team names is so that I can do something original. And I didn't realize the pads were a different color, so I can fix that.
  5. Right now I have New York Empire Washington DC Warriors Miami Sharks Mississippi Gray Jackets Houston Drillers Oklahoma City Gusters Wyoming Mustangs Las Vegas Blackjacks Los Angeles Renegades Thunder Bay Storm Toronto Phantoms All of the other locations are still up for suggestions. I'm also going to try to go more classic, like Drillers, than modern, like Apollos. Anybody can still go for the ones above, cause none of them are decided yet.
  6. This is a Baylor Retro Concept that I made after seeing their uniforms that they wore against Texas. This is the full bear logo with word mark.
  7. I've actually thought about the New York Empire and Houston Drillers as names. For Washington I was thinking along the lines of Renegades and I was thinking Gray Jackets or something for Mississippi or Alabama. I like Seattle, Virginia, and Oklahoma City but for Wyoming I can't use their college name. I was also liking Blackjacks or Gamblers for Vegas.
  8. I need some football team names. I'll give you the location and then you can give me some suggestions. You can also change it from a state name to a city name or vice versa. There's also going to be some Canadian places as well. New York Pittsburgh Washington DC Virginia Miami Alabama Mississippi Cincinnati Detroit Houston Oklahoma City Wyoming Las Vegas Los Angeles Seattle Kanata Thunder Bay Kingstown Kelowna Windsor Edmonton Winnipeg Quebec City Toronto
  9. PLAYOFFS ALWC- Indians over Red Sox ALDS1- Indians over Tigers ALDS2- A's over Rays ALCS- A's over Indians NLWC- Cardinals over Reds NLDS1- Pirates over Cardinals NLDS2- Dodgers over Braves NLCS- Dodgers over Pirates WORLD SERIES A's over Dodgers in 6
  10. AL EAST Tampa Bay Rays Boston Red Sox Baltimore Orioles Toronto Blue Jays New York Yankees AL CENTRAL Detroit Tigers Cleveland Indians Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins Chicago White Sox AL WEST Oakland A's Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers Los Angeles Angels Houston Astros NL EAST Atlanta Braves New York Mets Miami Marlins Washington Nationals Philadelphia Phillies NL CENTRAL Pittsburgh Pirates Cincinnati Reds St Louis Cardinals Chicago Cubs Milwaukee Brewers NL WEST Los Angeles Dodgers Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
  11. will photoshop express work for this?