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  1. Love the two Charlotte Knights concepts. Just thinking you could use them as a starting point for a New York Knights concept if you ever want to recreate the team from the book/movie "The Natural". Can't wait to the Oklahoma City team concepts!
  2. We all understand what you're coming from. It's better to going forward with a fully recharged battery than just going at it with barely any effort. Can't wait to see what comes next!
  3. Awesome stuff so far! Fingers crossed that you do a version of Seattle Sonics and a Kansas City team.
  4. @SFGiants58 Maybe we'll see something like this in a future NHL Defunct Team project from you in the future? (Shrugs shoulders)
  5. Love the North Stars evolution! Fingers cross on you doing the Kansas City Scouts!
  6. Can't wait to see your takes on the "one-year wonder" Seattle Pilots. Always love your work, keep it up!
  7. Really good so far. Can't wait to see what you do for my Chiefs! For the Jaguars, you could try using their proposed uniforms back when they first started designing them but it is just my suggestion.
  8. Really like the Orioles style of the Washington Nationals especially with the presidential seal colors. The cartoon founding father reminds me of the Washington Senators 'pitching senator' logo though.
  9. Would be interesting to see what if Houston kept the Colts name instead of changing it to Astros. Obviously, they would get rid of the gun in favor of a horse for the mascot.
  10. Love the New Orleans Athletics! It's kinda like what a MLB team in New Orleans would look like, regardless if it's the Athletics or not. Can't wait to see what comes next!
  11. Love the KC Monarchs design especially with a mix of the Royals. It's a great what-if, if the Kauffmans' didn't choose 'Royals' as the name and went with 'Monarchs' instead. Being from KC, I 110% agree that the Royals need to retire Paige's and O'Neil's numbers and built statues for them (Buck O'Neil for sure.). Keep up the awesome work!
  12. Ed McMahon to Johnny Carson: "You are correct, sir!"