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  1. Just stumbled across this and I want to repeat what others on here have been saying, the progress here is remarkable, and although the original logo showed potential, this last one is great. Though I have two suggestions, first the eyes. Ever since they were brought up on the thread they haven't looked perfect, the whites still don't look right and the pupil you had looks very unaggressive, unlike the rest of the logo. I think they'd look better all black or with a silver of white to show they're there but not as noticeably. I also think that you should darken the yellow, as it looks really bright on my monitor at least. I demonstrated these changes below... Sorry if thats being overbearing (and for the sloppiness of Paint), but I feel both changes would improve the logo.
  2. I love the Preds Set, I'd use their current guitar string numbers though, and the guitar pick shoulder patch would look good as suggested above.
  3. I would love if you could make this. Thanks in advance!
  4. Man, all of this work is just amazing, can't wait to see what else you design!
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