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  1. Just stumbled across this and I want to repeat what others on here have been saying, the progress here is remarkable, and although the original logo showed potential, this last one is great. Though I have two suggestions, first the eyes. Ever since they were brought up on the thread they haven't looked perfect, the whites still don't look right and the pupil you had looks very unaggressive, unlike the rest of the logo. I think they'd look better all black or with a silver of white to show they're there but not as noticeably. I also think that you should darken the yellow, as it looks really bright on my monitor at least. I demonstrated these changes below... Sorry if thats being overbearing (and for the sloppiness of Paint), but I feel both changes would improve the logo.
  2. Here are the kits in royal blue which I agree look better; About the crest; Personally I like it the way it is, but that doesn't mean I won't change it, I just don't think that having no "meaning" behind the shape is grounds to rethink the entire crest. I originally made the crest like that because I wanted to feature a monogram as well as another symbol from Iceland, which happened to be the flag. The teardrop shape is what I decided to combine the two in. You can't include the two objects as easily in a roundel or as effectively in a classic shield. Again not opposed to changing it, just the whole argument that you have to have "meaning" behind every thing isn't that good, and if you can do it, its really cool but not every logo is gonna be like that, especially simple ones.
  3. In my research I found an article where they said that they might go with a bigger manufacturer, but I can't find it now, though I did find an article wear it states that the contract between the Errea and Iceland extends to 2020 so it might be a stretch to go with Nike, but its still only a concept (like Wolff's who also used Nike as his manufacturer) and I'd rather focus on the logos anyways. Speaking of which I can try a roundel, or a shield but I still don't see the downside of a teardrop crest, its unique as far as national teams go and shields and roundels are pretty common. And I had seen Wolff's concepts many times throughout my research, and imo his first logo looks outdated, and though I really like the second logo it wasn't for the Islandic national team but rather for a twitter account that reports on "Islandic Football". I did try the blue idea you suggested since it seems Icelands flag isn't as navy as I thought. The left side shows the shade of blue found on Wikipedia's rendering of Icelands flag The center shows the shade found in the second Wolff concept The right side shows my navy blue
  4. I changed the colors because Iceand's flag is navy blue not royal blue like the team currently use. I changed the manufacturer to Nike because there were rumors even before they stepped on the pitch at Euros they'd get a new kit manufacturer due to Errea being barely known, and especially after what they did this year a new kit contract is certainly likely and I'd doubt its with a small company. Finally the crest has real life basis with teams like ACF Fiorentina, and if you don't like the shape what do you suggest?
  5. I created this logo before Iceland's elimination from Euro 2016, but I forgot to post it, and no time like the present right? Anyway, my logo is based (like the current Islandic crest) on the KSÍ acronym, and includes the flag striping like the current. I guess the only thing I didn't include is the ball, but being a national soccer team in Europe I think its pretty self explanatory. The kits are also pretty simple, seeing that for the most part Nike's new template isn't that flexible, I tried to emulate that style. As always any comments are appreciated!
  6. I started working on this logo for something completely different but I thought it looked good in VT colors and worked as a good Nike style update. I might do uniforms later but probably not, I guess it depends on the response here. Anyway thanks for looking and leave a comment if you can!
  7. Yeah, I completely agree with you guys, but I was asked to include the logo, and I went with that. As of now the first is still the final version
  8. I really like the simplicity of all of these designs and most of them really look good, but I'm not too sure about Chesterfield's. The original seems a lot cleaner, as the bird isn't as rough around the edges, and the font at the bottom looks nice. I'm also a fan of the vertical green stripes in the crest. From the updated one, I do like the shape of the crest better.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate it! This is what I was afraid of, but since the Pens don't use a stand alone Penguin head anywhere in their branding I don't think that this is the best option. For reference, here's what the logo looks like with the silhouette which for including the logo, I feel is my best option.
  10. Yeah, this is something I wanted to do as well, but couldn't find a way. I tried it in between the 5 and the 0, and rather than the gold triangle, a silhouette of their logo, but both looked awkward.
  11. · · Hi guys, long time no post, (topic, I guess) but here's something I designed last night, a redo of the Pittsburgh Penguins 50th Anniversary logo. They unveiled the original, found here, earlier this week, and in my opinion its very meh, so naturally I tried fixing it to something of my liking. I felt the original was going to be repetitious on the jersey, with two large Penguin logos right on the front, and the large "50 YEARS banner unnecessary, especially the use of the word years. To make it simpler here are my likes/necessities and dislikes of the logo: Likes -Pittsburgh Gold, no Vegas anywhere -Founding date to current date -Roundel Base Dislikes -Large Penguin Logo: A small one would be fine, but this large is repetitious -Inconsistent outlines: Seriously, there are so many different stroke sizes it’s unnecessary -Stanley Cups: Although it’s a nice feature, it could (should) change this year, and it adds grey to a design that shouldn’t have it - 50 YEARS: Yeah, we get it, they’ve been around for 50 *years* and seeing the 50 alone gets the point across So here’s my concept, the design is somewhat inspired by this Pittsburgh Pirates (hockey) logo, as is the jersey I made to go along with the logo. It’s contains the roundel base, which I believe the Pens especially can use since they’ve used it in their first season and were one of the firsts to use it, and an old-time font (Vols 2013 by Conrad). It also includes the gold triangle which has been used in every Pens logo. Hope you like it, and any comments good or bad are welcome as always
  12. correct name is Żubry in plural And IMHO this name is better for Minsk. But Zubr is allready used in Dinamo Minsk logo Yep, you're right... I couldn't figure out how to get the "Ż" into the post (now of course it works), and I misspelled the name. So its Warszawa Żubry... Dynamo Minsk's use of the bison in their logo is why I didn't want to use that name for them, and since the range of wisents are in Poland I thought it could work there too.
  13. I'll take the Warsaw team, and since they are currently unnamed I'll submit the name Warszawa Zabry, which translates to the Warsaw Bison. They're named for the European bison (Wisent) that live in that region.
  14. I live about 40 minutes away from Johnstown, and have been to Tomahawks games and I personally like their current set more than this one. The yellow/blue (movie) Chiefs colors don't work with the logo, and though I like the reference to the hockey history here, I don't feel this looks good. Maybe using the jersey template the (movie) Chiefs used would be better, or something based on the (ECHL) Chiefs would work too.
  15. I love the Preds Set, I'd use their current guitar string numbers though, and the guitar pick shoulder patch would look good as suggested above.