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  1. https://www.behance.net/gallery/55944215/Vampirii-din-Brasov Originally a bid formed for a fictional hockey league on an old forum with /u/ColeJ. "The Vampires from Brasov" | "We reign at night."
  2. I love seeing the custom jerseys that end up existing after the terrible fakes. For example:
  3. Everyone on here thinks this. I like them though. That's great to hear. In contrast, their navy uniform is absolutely beautiful.
  4. The Cowboys white jersey is actually one of the ugliest, most non-sensical uniforms I've ever seen. Different blue on the helmet, different blue on the pants, and a different blue on the jersey. Stupid striping on the sleeves with a random and completely unnneccesary black stroke. The color of the pants looks horrible with the light blue, switch it to the navy and you're already a billion times better.
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