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  1. Originally a bid formed for a fictional hockey league on an old forum with /u/ColeJ. "The Vampires from Brasov" | "We reign at night."
  2. The mighty redux: Conceiving a new Anaheim hockey identityFrom the halcyon days of the Disney-born Mighty Ducks to the period of rule atop the league as black-and-orange-clad Stanley Cup champions, hockey fans in Anaheim have had the luxury of cheering for a team whose identities have consistently been unique and, well, awesome. Although the original Mighty Ducks identity was the butt end of many jokes during its run, its standing with fans remains favorable. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say a significant slice of the fan base would be happy to see it return. Several years after the team’s brand was toned down — and grown up — to become the Anaheim Ducks, the new look seems to have left people wondering what has continually driven the organization to move ever further away from its Disney roots. The latest update to the franchise look, however, has pushed the needle back in the other direction, if only slightly. The Mighty Ducks logo has been resurrected in the form of a shoulder patch, and the orange adornments from 2007 have spread and saturated more areas in an effort to co-opt the surrounding community’s culture. In other words, there’s lots to like, but realizing the full potential of this team’s identity will require revisiting some elements of its own past. MORE HERE:
  3. Don't have a single problem with gold and silver in the jersey.. creates an awesome contrast. However, they need to be different weights. The two colors are completely fighting with each other.
  4. The old identity was bland and personality-free. It worked.. because well... Helvetica never looks bad. But coming from a big fan of Helvetica, this change is welcomed. The new identity looks beautiful and in a world of terrible re-designs they did a fantastic job. Some of you should stick to your uniform concepts.
  5. That is most definitely the same font. It's a different weight and more narrow, but it's the same font.
  6. Personally I think you're going a bit too far traditional on some of these uniforms, but it doesn't make them bad... just safe. Most of these are excellent though, I'll give you that. The Falcons concept is probably my favorite post in this thread so far.
  7. I'm absolutely in love with the Ducks jersey. Can't wait to buy mine.
  8. They didn't change colors... at all. What are you talking about?
  9. I'm glad I have no interest in the NBA, because whatever they're doing with sports uniforms is an absolute :censored: show.
  10. Disagreed. That actually looks really nice.
  11. Well you must be pro-cancer then. I'm not pro-cancer but this is just too much pink in a football uniform. I don't mind if they wear pink equipment (gloves, decals, etc.) but it is going too far. So what you're saying is you're a terrorist?
  12. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Let me clear up my post a little bit: The San Francisco Bulls took everything that was wrong with the Ducks alternate and fixed it.
  13. They took the Ducks alternate and fixed everything wrong with it.
  14. I love seeing the custom jerseys that end up existing after the terrible fakes. For example:
  15. Make it a solid half and half paint job, or a really soft gradient. Otherwise it's going to look just as bad as the Jaguars helmet. But I love the idea.
  16. This is absolutely sensational. I wouldn't be surprised to see them adapt something like this if the will to change finally goes through.
  17. Everyone on here thinks this. I like them though. That's great to hear. In contrast, their navy uniform is absolutely beautiful.
  18. No they don't. Adding a stroke for the sake of adding a stroke is one of the dumbest things that's ever happened to sports design.
  19. The Cowboys white jersey is actually one of the ugliest, most non-sensical uniforms I've ever seen. Different blue on the helmet, different blue on the pants, and a different blue on the jersey. Stupid striping on the sleeves with a random and completely unnneccesary black stroke. The color of the pants looks horrible with the light blue, switch it to the navy and you're already a billion times better.
  20. The striping is pretty interesting on the mask too. I could see the Ducks creating an alternate that's sort of a mix between the current and past uniforms with past colors.
  21. Sensational. One of the best new sports designs I've seen in a whille.