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  1. Yeah, the gray was darker than i had thought it would be, so it was obvious as to who was who. would have rather seen the rockets wear red, since the color pops off the gray court.
  2. Nets debuting their gray graffiti jersey tonight against the Rockets. Rockets are wearing White. This will go over well on here.
  3. The font on the bottom replaced the font on top immediately after they stopped using it. They created it to replace the previous. but i did remember reading something similar about teams not being able to go back to old uniforms.
  4. all it needs is a Black outline around the White “ROCKETS” wordmark and it would be fine.
  5. its sad that this is that important to you that you decide to bring up a week old topic to shamelessly beat a dead horse. like legit sad.
  6. wow that’s pretty drastic. i still like the green, but that definitely makes it feel less special. that’s also pretty dumb
  7. Those black jerseys are ugly and the logo on the stomach is tacky, but i love the color on the green home jerseys. did they always do that? seems like an obvious choice but i feel like the only times i’ve seen the liberty on tv they were in white.
  8. this isn’t a conversation about who’s the bigger team in LA. it’s about people saying the clippers don’t have the right to in corporate their city into jerseys... how are people going to say the clippers are never going to be the lakers, WHILE criticizing the Clippers for trying to do something the Lakers haven’t done seems like people just want to bash the clippers regardless of what they do.
  9. They use the subway font and they have recently added subway tiles to the court. But no, they aren’t based off the 1970’s subway, and their incorporations of MTA tributes are reflect on the current subway system.
  10. I liked the Gray and Navy ones they had the past few seasons, but i like that they kept a motor city jersey. it’s better than another navy jersey.
  11. Got it. The Clippers aren’t allowed to represent any part of the city they play for. Very smart logic.
  12. so the lakers have the rights to all things LA? Lakers are Hollywood. what’s wrong with the Clippers taking on a compton look? It goes very well against the Lakers hollywood vibe. Plus with Kawhi, PG, and Bev, they’re taking on a grittier, more hard nose style on the court. that actually does go hand in hand with the “inner city swagger” or whatever the hell you called it. you really just come across as a bitter laker fan.
  13. thats my other issue with them introducing new statement and city jerseys all the time. teams are wasting really good jerseys because they have to replace their alternates every year. for example The Nets black coogi jersey was awesome last year. i don’t think they can ever use it again though based off the NBA’s rule of going back to retired jerseys.
  14. lol, these city uniforms are starting to feel like second grade class project where the teacher asks all the kids to write about their families “For my project i made it gummy bear themed because my mommy’s favorite candy growing up was gummy bears” “for my project i drew a picture of a car because my grandpa was a mechanic”