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  1. These are really sharp, I would like to see a home white version of the uniform with the word INDIANS across the front and possibly have the block C uniforms as a weekend alternate, what do you think?
  2. I HAVE A TEAM THAT IS NEED OF A REBRAND----THE CLEVELAND BROWNS----Our beloved Cleveland Browns left for Baltimore in 1995 (actually February 1996, but anyways). Many Browns fans feel that the franchise has never been the same since Art Modell fired Paul Brown. And then the move happened. I know as Browns fans we fought to keep the name, colors, tradition and history. But here is the reality of the situation, the "expansion" Browns have been a punchline for all other NFL fans and teams since 1999. The new Browns should do the honorable thing like what Tennessee did with the Oilers.....retire the name. The original Browns will forever be remembered for Otto Graham, Jim Brown, and other greats. They will be forever remembered for the legendary Paul Brown and the force they were in the early days of the NFL. I would love for the owner to fire every single talent scout/draft analysis, the GM, and possibly the head coach. Start over with a new name and brings us back to the roots of American football....there were other football teams in Cleveland before the Browns (i.e. Bulldogs 1923-1927, Indians 1931, and Rams 1936-1945). Start over again as the Cleveland Barons. This way the original Cleveland Browns can continue in our hearts as the league wrecking ball with 4 AAFC Championships and 4 NFL Championships. This 1999 fake copy of the real Browns is a mess
  3. I was a little too young to remember the "crooked C" days. But I absolutely love this. The only changes I would make would be the matching 'CLEVELAND" word mark on the away jersey, and I would make the blue alternate the official away alternate with "CLEVELAND" on the front. Other than that, these are perfect. The current script the Indians use on the home jersey dates back to the 1990's and is just that "DATED"
  4. With all things considered. I wouldn't be upset if the uniforms looked like this. One question for you? Why no brown pants?
  5. As a Browns fan, I love this concept. In fact, I can say that this is one of the best concepts for the Browns that I have seen in quite some time. I like the fact that you have created what I would call a modern classy look. In addition to that, you have given the uniform some versatility which is a break from the same old drab uniforms of years past. Since gray/silver has been incorporated in your concept I would like to see what the concept would look like with a brown face mask, adding some gray striping down the center of the helmet and possibly gray trim around the numbers as well.
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    Bmac's MLB

    Hey BMAC, as an Indians fan I must say that these are fantastic, it certainly seems like they are trying to capture the past with some of the changes in the uniforms for this year. Your designs resemble the uniforms they wore from 1973 to 1977 a.k.a the crooked "C" era. This is what I would like to see, the home and road uni's are perfect, for the home sleevless alt, make it cream like the current home alt is, also, I would like to see the Tuesday home alternate be red with blue lettering and the road alternate blue like the one you posted but only with CLEVELAND across the jersey...what do you think?
  7. Let me just say, that I like your thinking behind these uniforms. These really look Good. Here are some suggestions that would make the Indians uniforms look better. Your concept and the changes in the Indians uniforms look a lot like the Indians uniforms that they wore for one year back in 1970. Here is the link: http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/detail_page.asp?fileName=al_1970_cleveland.gif&Entryid=1158. As you can see, we have a pin stripe uniform. What I would do, is add the pinstripe (modern & updated of course) to the mix. So your uniforms would be like this: Home games (Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri) would be the cream home uni's Tuesday home games would be the red alternate jersey Road games would be the gray road uni's, the blue alternate could be worn whenever For weekend home games is where I would pull out the alternate pinstripe uniform. I would also make some small changes to the hats. On you hats, I would make the "C" smaller. Similar to the way it s now. I would also for the home cap, have a red cap with a blue bill, for road games the solid blue cap For the red home alternate, I would go with the solid red cap, for the road alternate, I would go with a blue cap/red bill For the home alternate pinstripe, the solid blue cap would look nice. Let me know what you think, I hope that you can put it all together
  8. My reason for the plackets goes back to the red placket look the Indians sported in the 30s. More than anything I've noticed that the AL's uniform history isn't nearly as innovative as the NL's IMO. Although I'm trying to use unique solutions for every team, it seems the plackets are going to go, as per the general consensus regarding them. I love this concept, the only thing I would change is teh plackets and go to the piping that you have on the alternate. I might even make the alternate a vest. What do you think?
  9. These don't look half bad. I don't think the Browns should ever do a monochrome uniform other than the white on white. The only changes I would make would be to add some orange trim around the numbers, go back to the old school shade of brown, (THIS CURRENT BROWN MAKES US LOOK TOO MUCH LIKE THE BENGALS) eliminate the orange jersey and all of the combinations with the orange jersey as well as the brown on brown and then you would have a nice set of uniforms.
  10. 18807


    I want to post concepts on this board. Can anyone tell me the best template to use or the best website to go to
  11. Hello Browns fans and uniform designers, I have a task for you. The Cleveland Browns are rumored to be wearing a throwback uniform that features a white helmet. From 1946 to 1952 the Browns wore white helmets for day games and orange helmets for night games. The plain orange helmet became permanent in 1953, with that being said this is where I need all of you designers. I have always been a fan of teams with white helmets, some of them look sharp and classy, The Miami Dolphins and Houston Oilers, some of them not so much, (The Tennessee Titans)....This is what I'm thinking, a white helmet with a brown face mask, it would feature a thin brown-orange-brown stripe down the middle. On the side of the helmet would be either a interlocking "CB" or a script Browns in brown trimmed in orange. The home jerseys would be brown with white numbers trimmed in orange. The pants would be white. On the road the jerseys would be white with brown numbers and orange trim, the pants on the road would be either white or brown. The orange for this uniform would be a dark metallic orange similar to the University of Texas. As far as an alternate is concerned you could possible have an orange jersey with white numbers and brown trim and the possibility of orange pants for a road altenate. Ok designers, here you go, let's see whatcha got
  12. The concept is nice and clean, I like it. Here is what I would do different. The Saturday and Sunday alternate that they use now would be the home uniform and just add the players names to the back. The road gray uniform that you did would remain the same. For Altenate uniforms, I would have a red jersey with the block "INDIANS" on the front. The letters and numbers for this jersey would be blue with white trim, the cap for that jersey would be either all red or red w/ a blue bill. The away alternate would be blue with the block "CLEVELAND" on the front. The letters and number would be red with white trim. The cap for this jersey would be the all blue one. For home weekend games, I would do a remake of the 1970 home uniform that they wore for one season. It would be a white uniform with blue pinstripes. It would have the block "INDIANS" on the front. The letters and numbers would be blue with a red drop shadow, and the cap would be the all blue one. If you added these changes, you would have the makings of a very sharp uniform set.
  13. It's an ok design, but I feel that they need a complete overhaul. They have had the same basic design since 1994 and to me its's a little dated. I like the current alternate uniform and would mind seeing them switch to that
  14. Hey Elliot, I sent you a private message, but I'll post my comments on the board and hopefully you can post the concept. I said that I actually liked the concept. It's a nice modernization of a sharp color scheme. The changes/additions I would like to see is, a set of brown pants for road games, darken the orange to the same shade they have now, and lose the numbers off of the side of the helmet. If you're going to use numbers on the sides of the helmets, make them brown trimmed in white.