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  1. REQUEST: Newton Railers (Town know for the Railroad) COLORS: Black and Gold (Vegas Gold)
  2. looks more like a lunch box or tool box to me
  3. something needs to go on the shield. On the bottom about putting the "B" on there..?
  4. Ren, can you work this high school logo for me...the gloves, train and hat don't have clean lines and are too busy for the logo. No need to include the letters above and below. Thanks in advance. Really enjoyed following this thread and terrific collection of work you have here.
  5. Huge step up from what they currently have. Like that you stayed true to their current branding to make it fit right away for them. My only small beef with this is the nose. seems too big those nostrials are really big.
  6. it screams "ANGELS" more than it does "ACES"
  7. I like the home look full time as well. Those stripes are so apparent to everyone that its the USA. My only adjustment would be the big box behind the numbers..i understand why its there..but maybe instead of using a box maybe the shape of the crest used in white with the number and name on it.
  8. Everything is solid except the Brush font used for Memphis...change that font and letter font and you'd be good.
  9. The comments made here are from looking at the logo on a green helmet the outlining of the L and S are not the same. The OCO has a thicker outline.Both of the O's are filled grey (on the inside) and should only be outlined
  10. image on the right only needed. thanks man.
  11. the alt logo and number on the pants is too much when its already on the shoulder. if you like the number color on the home jersey, i would outline it better to make it stand out and lastly patriots wordmak logo somewhere.
  12. very impressive. if you want to do my glady hand it over in your hands.
  13. Brando

    Voodoo WIP

    I would Emphasizethe collar on the jacket add "CC" for the name either on his chest or perferably on the top hat where the skull is. and his right leg reminds me of a horse's hoof. maybe its the angle and the thickness border.
  14. I agree with the above two statements. I too see how you can love the primary..but for branding and marketing purposes, it would not work.