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  1. I feel like nike has a hard time with helmets, Those helmets look green/black. I remember when nike had a hard time with the browns facemask. helmet aside not a fan at all
  2. As a diehard heat fan there is no doubt that the vice apparel and jerseys are the most popular thing that the heat have ever had or come out with. Iv read that the jerseys sold more than all the other city uniforms combined last year. Most heat games iv been too this year the vice is EVERYWHERE as far as jerseys and shirts go. Even hats. Iv rarley seen the normal black white red gear. I do agree tho with you saying i prefer the normal red black white. Vice is cool here and there but full time would be overkill imo
  3. Does anyone have this uniform template? i messaged the creator but got nothing. Would be nice if someone could lend me it. Email : wrestlemaniac007@yahoo.com
  4. As a huge panthers fan im still not sold on the new shield logo. Alot of people here in south florida really miss the leaping cat. I get why they changed it, It was hard to produce on merchandise but i think they missed a great opportunity to put the updated leaping cat (Which looks great BTW) on their new jersey template which i really like. Heres my concept
  5. Great concept by the way, hopefully they add the flame to the road uni's in the near future
  6. I think you might have gotten the idea from me for the miami wordmark , I posted a concept like this awhile ago on here, i thought the flame coming off the "I" in the miami wordmark would look amazing. This was the concept
  7. I always loved the 72 Dolphins Logo but its very dated obviously so i wanted to update the 72 logo a bit, heres my concept, Thoughts?
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