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  1. I am in agreement on Thunder. It is usually something about horses, which is fine, but Thunder has a nice sound to it (or enter any pun you choose because there are tons of them)
  2. 1000% with you. I guess some people don't like symmetry. I get OCD on non-Symmetry. Except WFT, the Eagles pants, Virginia orange/blue and Arizona Wildcats red/Blue stripes. Those work for some reason.
  3. The 2 jerseys I bought for my son has the NW stripes. 1 white and 1 red. I remember when Charlie Strong came in he got rid of the disaster unis from Kragthorpe and went with those unis. I think we has trying to copy a little from Florida, where he was last. And to this date, these and Schnellenberger's unis are still far superior. I still don't know why my son became a UofL fan. But I support them, until they play UK or if they were to play OK State, mainly for him.
  4. Don't forget that Jake wore 12 with the Saints before going to the Panthers, and Doug Williams was 12 everywhere until he went to the Washington Football Team. 12 has always been my lucky number. I just noticed that I can't use Washington's original nickname when I did this. That was slick.
  5. If the Saints could throwback to the late 80's Jim Mora unis with the Fleur-de-lis State logo, I would be happy with that.Those are still my favorite unis.
  6. One of the things I noticed is the Players name, Chiefs Kingdom and World Champions are in the Chiefs font. Spectacular design!
  7. I checked the tweet. Some person saying that the team like the Bone jerseys. Of course they do. they always say that. I have yet to see one become Mr. Blackwell.
  8. I'm with you. But nobody gives a $&^% about my opinion. At least if the one-helmet rule gets lifted then there can be possibilities.
  9. Then we'll wheel out our bottomless trough of FRIED DOUGH!!!!
  10. Because of COVID-19, most, if not all, apparel stores are closed. That was where we got our first look at the Titans jersey in a stockroom somewhere. All the good ole days......
  11. Power K BABY!!!!! There are a lot of us UK fans that miss the Power K, but usually in peoples minds now refers to the dark times when the football team was weak. I mean, they still are not where they need to be yet, but it would be nice to represent the early-mid 80's for a throwback uni today.
  12. And from my experience in the past, I used PrismaColor pencil, especially for the Metallic colors. Always cool to make helmets with metallic silver and gold. You have to press a little harder to get the sheen, but worth the price.