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  1. And from my experience in the past, I used PrismaColor pencil, especially for the Metallic colors. Always cool to make helmets with metallic silver and gold. You have to press a little harder to get the sheen, but worth the price.
  2. That is cool, especially with the last Jaguars font. I personally thought they should have kept the font, but it works on the Bucs.
  3. Do you mean QB Jim Plunkett? Steve Plunkett was the lead singer for Autograph, but I like the way you think
  4. Yes that was true, especially in the 1981 Divisional. David Woodley, such a tragic story. RIP. Had the potential but Marino came and conquered.
  5. Or for that matter, Don Strock.
  6. And we'll know it's real if it has a green outline around it like the Titans jersey.
  7. Did anybody pick up on the collar shield having 100 in it? Does anyone know if that will be debuting on the unis? I hope that is also fake.
  8. Is that a clever reference to the Unhorsemanslike penalty of the 85 Orange Bowl? Where OU got shellacked 28-17. If it is, you have my attention and my admiration.
  9. As a Cowboys fan, he can keep leaping forward to the right of my screen and fall off the side.
  10. I did the same thing. I played one in the Divisional into Creamsicles vs Dallas (1982 Divisional rematch) and the Super Bowl I kept THAT uniform above with the new helmet and it was sharp!
  11. Abso-FREAKIN-lutely! I was cranked when they brought out the 80-83 helmets a while back, those were the ones I first saw when I moved there in 83. Saturday night those brought a swagger back to them, and Gundy calling the plays helped. And Cornelius had the normal sleeve length which was nice for once.
  12. My God I concur, concur, concur! Greeks were into Phallic symbols right? (Joke Joke Joke Joke ) Oh, I am going to get letters now.