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  1. No thanks. Bought 6-7 Diamond Era's and have yet to have one that fits. There are times that I do like/prefer the lighter material of the Diamond Era's but I can't wear them all the time like I can the AC 5950's.
  2. Home unis are the best. I'm not a fan of the dark grey trend at all.
  3. Here is UK's new pinny's....Love them!
  4. You haven't seen their blue/gold camo. This is 20x better than that.
  5. Trying to insert tweet...at least got the picture, not the tweet. Tweet also says that new pinstripe uniform is on the way which I am excited for. Don't see white hats anywhere wonder if they will be used at all. Probably will wear both blue and black under the vest on the road.
  6. I know Stanford went to Nike a year or two ago and Tulane went to Wilson/DiMarini around the same time. So I'm wondering if losing the plant coincided with that. Virginia is the main school for Rawlings. St. John's, Dallas Baptist, and Indiana State are others that I can think of currently. The adidas uniforms that have buttons all the way down looks a little weird to me. The others look good. @Clintau24 Didn't Auburn wear blue/white hats back in the days of Jackson/Thomas at one point? I thought I saw pictures one of those guys wearing them. So maybe something they've worn on and off for years. I love them with the home uniforms esp the pinstripes. Auburn should definitely wear both hats.
  7. I feel like the Pacers organization has fed into the belief that pro basketball doesn't work in Indiana. They are pandering to the wrong part of the fan base and have been ever since the brawl in Detroit. And thus we have the "Indiana Grows Basketball" mantra and Hickory uniforms. They should be focusing on the young fans because they gravitate towards the NBA anyways. On top of that, they do a terrible job of growing any kind of branding that they do choose. For the longest time, I was trying to get good Pacers gear and couldn't find it anywhere. And there isn't a lot of people around Indy or the state for that matter that I see wearing it. See Colts or IU/Purdue/Notre Dame/"insert bandwagon team" all the time. My interest in the Pacers has gone from die hard watching every minute of those really bad post-Brawl teams to hardly watching them now when they are actually a decent, up and coming team. FYI I like the Hickory uniforms and the idea around them but not when that's the entire marketing concept for the organization.
  8. It's a step in the right direction for Mizzou. Should have never went away from the block M in the first place! Also I really like that Rams helmet with the white facemask esp with the road uniforms that hardly have any gold. Would like to see it with just a navy and white home uniform.
  9. I'm barely into my 30's and I can't stand interleague play. I'm all for adding two more teams, putting the leagues at 16, and never seeing the other league except for ASG and the World Series. And I bet that your ASG would matter again and the WS would get better ratings because of the intrigue of never playing each other. I'm tired of only having a home and home series with the NL West teams so I don't really know anything about those teams each year. Edit(add-on): My vote for the new teams is Montreal and Las Vegas. Baseball should have been the first pro team in Vegas but of course MLB can't be proactive in any of that kind of stuff.
  10. Gotta admit didn't read the article but I immediately thought back to the guy who kept trolling this board for the 70's-80's pullover look as the best uniforms for baseball. I like the look esp for colleges and HS but that guy was everywhere for awhile.
  11. Stance has made the Cardinals socks look way worse. Looks super stretched out.
  12. I wish they'd wear them all the time. Or a navy hat with a red bill.
  13. Yeah I'm not a fan of the raised helmets logos.
  14. I'm the opposite. I liked the Dodgers one (still prefer old decals though). And I really do not like the raised StL.
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