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  1. Mariners - I've always liked the idea of using their '70s/'80s scripts with their current colors, so this has my seal of approval. One suggestion I have is to make the inner stroke on the road set white because there's not much contrast between the silver and gray. On that same line of thought, maybe make the script on the teal alt white so it pops a bit more. Marlins - As we've now seen, the black on black alt just doesn't work in real life, so I'd make the script and numbers white. I'd also think about adding front numbers to the jerseys--As @Carolingian Steamroller demonstrated in his recent series, it really completes the look. I like the addition of blue pinstripes to the home set! Mets - Great job all around! Maybe make one of the blue alts orange? Also, for the home set (non-cream version) maybe drop the pinstripes altogether to give them a plain white option (with or without racing stripes) to be worn at home? Keep up the great work!
  2. Good call dumping the unnecessary double outlines for the Pirates. This is such a cleaner look.
  3. A few requests for some tweaks: - Neon green cap bill for the Mariners home/home alt sets - Red front numbers on the Dodgers alt - For the brown Padres alt, maybe try flipping the script colors (gold with a white outline)?
  4. Nice job on these last few teams! Pretty straightforward look for the Mets & Twins. The only thing that would be weird to me is the Royals wearing their powder blue roads at home, but I love everything else about your KC set!
  5. I think I actually prefer the alternate take for the Angels. The darker red contrasts better with the gold. Also, I wanted to specifically point out that the BP top is really sharp!
  6. Great updates all around. I love the new primary logo. Sad to hear the next set will be delayed, but I'm sure it'll be worth wait as always!
  7. Try to center the “C” logo above Mr. Redlegs’ head. Right now it looks like his cap is slanted to the side. Other than that, I like it!
  8. I really love that new shade of gold. It’s darker than anything they’ve worn before but it still contrasts well with the brown. Great job on the hand drawn script, too! My one suggestion is to darken the blue part of the gradient on the Friar sleeve patch so it shows up better on the road sleeve.
  9. Looks like you had some fun with the Dodgers! I really like the two leveled “Los Angeles” script and the new sleeve patch. I do kind of wish there was some red incorporated into the alt.
  10. Nice work as always. Both sets are really nice!
  11. I love pretty much everything you've done with the Astros here! The away with the sandy gray tint is especially nice. The only thing that's not quite working for me is the logo on the BP top. The thick navy outline around the star looks a bit awkward. Maybe try out the roundel from the cap on the jersey?
  12. Love this Rockies set! I’ve long thought the “CR” monogram would be superior to their “Rockies” script for their home jersey. The sleeveless look is really nice here, and the number font fits really well. Nice work once again!
  13. Since the D-Backs have always used very modern, “sleek”-looking scripts and numbers, it’s pretty cool to see them given a more old school, classic baseball design approach. Great job! I wonder if the home set would look good with a cream/off-white tint.
  14. Great job on the Cards. The cream alternate is really stellar! I too enjoy how the Pirates black road set looks with the "Pittsburgh" script on it.
  15. I like the radial arching on the scripts. It sets them apart a bit from the Giants' scripts.
  16. Agreed on this point. White lettering would look great.
  17. That purple/green/light blue set...
  18. The Brewers are one of the best so far! Great job updating the scripts and numbers (and BiG logo) rather than going for a straight throwback look. I love the striping on the belts, too. For the Reds, I still prefer the red/charcoal look, but the straight red/white combo is probably more realistic.
  19. Would it be too much to add the Lombard Street design to the socks? For a team that’s always had great hosiery, it seems a shame to leave them completely bare.
  20. Everything about this design is just awesome. The red top/dark gray pants look works surprisingly well!
  21. I love that Phanatic-inspired Phillies alt way more than I probably should. Kudos to you for thinking of that before anyone else!
  22. I like the t-bars on the Dodgers set. Keep up the good work!