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  1. The more I see them in action, the more I realize I really dislike the Rays' navy alternates. The simple fix of making the scripts and number sky blue makes all the difference in the world.
  2. There's not enough green in MLB, and that shade definitely wouldn't be mistaken for anything the A's ever wore.
  3. There's some discussion in the "MLB in 2021" thread about what the Rays should do. Someone shared this bobblehead: Honestly, I think indigo and lime green is a really cool look and I'd be happy if they went this direction. Ditch the black and navy, too.
  4. Rays wearing their throwback hats for Game 1 of the ALCS tonight.
  5. EXCELLENT update. Love the new shade of purple, simplified logo and elimination of silver. My only nitpick is the cap that goes with the purple alt. The solid purple cap and jersey combo is a little "intense," so I'd probably just use the black cap/purple bill option. Kind of curious how the black alt would look with purple trim instead of white. You're 2-2 with these MLB updates so far! Hope you keep going. I'd love to see your take on the Florida teams.
  6. Other than updating their blue alternates and going back to the Ernie Banks’ era “Chicago” script on their road unis, I completely agree.
  7. Let's end the week with the Crosstown rival Cubs and White Sox! CUBS (1964-68) CUBS (1982-89) CUBS (1991-93) CUBS (1994-96) CUBS (1997-Present) WHITE SOX (1976-81) WHITE SOX (1982-86) WHITE SOX (1987-90) WHITE SOX (1990-Present) With powder blue used prominently on the Chicago flag, I figure either Chicago team could pull off powder blue roads and have it feel right. C&C appreciated!
  8. Not sure what you’re referring to. The White Sox did not introduce a new alt this season.
  9. Thanks! Up this evening are the Orioles and Red Sox: ORIOLES (1963-70) ORIOLES (1971-87) ORIOLES (1998-2008) ORIOLES (2009-Present) RED SOX (1963-70) RED SOX (1972-78) RED SOX (1990s-Present) C&C appreciated! I'll try to start posting these with a little more frequency. The two Chicago teams will be up next.
  10. This is so great. It fixes everything I don’t like about the Halos’ current set (the red on red, the starting-to-look-outdated beveling) and is clearly an update of an older look but still manages to look modern and fresh. Love it! EDIT: I still think the red alt would look better if the “a” and the numbers were navy with a white outline. The current version is a little too Cardinals.
  11. Here’s a quick mockup of how that magazine cover logo would look on the Rockies’ home uni:
  12. Fantastic work here! It’s clear a lot of thought and imagination went into each of these designs. My favorite is probably the Memorial set, but I really like them all. Can’t wait to see the rest of the league!
  13. Thanks for the info. I really like that color combo. Think the '90s Bucks. Thank you! Today we start a new leg of this project, an alternate history in which powder blue road uniforms came and never went away, starting in the mid '60s, when the White Sox kicked off the trend in 1964. I'll be doing alphabetically with multiple teams in each post, so today we have the Diamondbacks and Braves: DIAMONDBACKS ROAD (1998-2006) DIAMONDBACKS ROAD (2007-15) DIAMONDBACKS ROAD (2016-Present) BRAVES ROAD (1966-71) BRAVES ROAD (1972-75) BRAVES ROAD (1987-Present) C&C appreciated! The Orioles and Red Sox will be next.
  14. This has turned into a really outstanding update for the Angels. Love everything you’ve done so far! A few suggestions: 1. Someone previously suggested rounded numbers to match the scripts. I’m curious how that would look. 2. For the red alt, could you invert the colors on the “a” crest so that it’s navy like the numbers?
  15. I would be a big fan if the Angels did this!
  16. For the yellow alt, I’d put the BiG logo on the chest instead of reusing the “Milwaukee” script.
  17. Thanks, guys! Today we move on to a slightly different idea. What if a few other MLB teams got in on the monochrome action in the '70s? Well, wonder no longer: ASTROS: BLUE JAYS: CARDINALS: DODGERS: GIANTS: MARINERS: PADRES: REDS: ROYALS: TIGERS: C&C appreciated!
  18. I really like this for what it is, but I think in general beveling on baseball logos is starting to become a thing of the past. It’s for that reason that the Angels’ current logo is starting to look dated. Regardless, this is a really nice update of that early “a” logo.
  19. D-Backs: I like the red & purple color combo. Not a fan of the gold road uni. I think a traditional gray set would work fine in this case. Maybe flip the colors of the “A” for the red cap and jersey. Spiders: Solid set. Great logo. Royals: I like the use of athletic gold over metallic. Not sold on the gold script with white trim on the powder blues. White Sox: I’d work on making the blue more of a sky blue like on the Chicago flag. Rays: I really like the choice of colors and the color balance.
  20. Not much you can do with the Rockies since they've used the same colors their entire existence and worn both purple and black alternates. Having said that, when Coors Field hosted the All-Star Game in 1998, the logo inexplicably added green to the Rockies' purple and black, and the NL team wore green BP jerseys. So how about a one-off green alternate for the 1998 season? ROCKIES HOME ALT (1998) Thanks! Like so? Here's an an alt from a year I missed previously: INDIANS ROAD ALT (1974) All right, let's move onto some weird and wild ideas! Some of these are inspired by teams' tertiary colors, such as the Angels' halo yellow or Giants' old gold. I think you'll see what I mean as you scroll down below. NOTE: Many of these designs aren't ones I necessarily would have wanted to see on the field, but instead ones I think theoretically could have happened. ANGELS HOME ALT (1971-72) BREWERS HOME ALT (1994-99) CARDINALS HOME ALT (1990s-Present) How about the Cubs in red... CUBS HOME ALT (1970s-80s) CUBS HOME ALT (1990s-2000s) ...and the Dodgers in red? DODGERS HOME ALT (1990s-2000s) GIANTS HOME ALT (2000-Present) What's one more alt for the Marlins, this one using the bright yellow from their logo? As @the admiral says, the Marlins need more colors, not fewer. MARLINS HOME ALT (2012-18) MARLINS HOME ALT (2019-Present) The Padres using the powdery sky blue from their 2004-11 primary and wordmark logo: PADRES HOME ALT (2004-11) And a modern Phillies alt with a bit more blue: PHILLIES HOME ALT (1990s-2000s) ROYALS HOME ALT (1969-72) In 2015 the Twins (unnecessarily) injected Kasota gold into their identity, so why not commit to it with a gold alt? TWINS HOME ALT (2015-Present) And lastly (for now), when my White Sox adopted a dramatic redesign at the end of the 1990 season, they boasted black and silver as their new colors. I hope I did enough to make this one distinct enough from their road jersey. WHITE SOX HOME ALT (1990-Present) That's all for now! Let me know what works and what doesn't. If anyone has any requests or ideas for alts I haven't already thought of, don't hesitate to ask and I'll happily mock-up your suggestions.
  21. We've finally reached the final crop of teams: The Arizona Diamondbacks, Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays! DIAMONDBACKS HOME ALT 1 (1998-2006) DIAMONDBACKS HOME ALT 2 (1998-2006) DIAMONDBACKS HOME ALT (2007-15) DIAMONDBACKS HOME ALT (2016-Present) MARLINS HOME ALT (1993-2011) MARLINS HOME ALT (2012-18) DEVIL RAYS HOME/ROAD ALT (1998-2000) RAYS HOME ALT (2008-Present) I'll be back soon with a few random alts from years I missed, plus some ideas that I had recently (such as the Cubs in red). C&C appreciated!
  22. Tonight we have the Washington Senators and Nationals: SENATORS HOME/ROAD ALT (1963-67) SENATORS HOME/ROAD ALT (1968-71) NATIONALS HOME ALT (2005-10) Next up we'll have the four '90s expansion teams in one big megapost, then a bit of housecleaning. C&C appreciated!
  23. Do I sense a concept coming?
  24. How about the Orange County Angels?