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  1. Fair enough. The silver is just fine, but I thought the red would be a bit more distinctive. Any feedback on the first two teams? Skipping the Red Sox for now to post my D-Backs tweak: I wanted to get my Arizona concept up while the D-Backs City Connect unis were still fresh in the news. I'm pretty disappointed the team kept their very generic black and Sedona red color scheme when three of the other City Connect teams so far have been treated to new color schemes by Nike, so this one undergoes some pretty significant changes. First, I replaced Sedona red with turquoise and added a turquoise outline to the script and back numbers. Second, I added pinstripes, as they add a bit more character to the design and are a nod to the D-Backs' classic look. Third, even without having seen the full uniform on the field, I already know I'm not going to like the sand colored top + white pants combo, so I made the pants sand as well to complete the look. Once I get a clearer look at the triangle sleeve patch, I can add that to the socks and sleeve. C&C appreciated! The Red Sox are next (for real, this time).
  2. I will say, it's kind of cool seeing a "traditional" (sort of) baseball script for the first time in D-Backs history.
  3. Again, I know it would probably never happen because of the Padres, but I think I'd like these unis a LOT more with pinstripes. Do we have any rear views of the jersey yet? I'm curious if the numbers are black or red.
  4. Same. Also, is it just me or do the numbers being red with red not appearing anywhere else on the jersey/cap (except for the sleeve patch) feel like a Dodgers ripoff?
  5. The D-Backs Twitter account just confirmed these jerseys will be worn with their primary home pants.
  6. I like the Sedona red front numbers. Too bad we can't tell from this video what the pants will look like.
  7. The D-Backs should definitely use sand colored road unis, but that probably won’t happen now that it’s the Padres’ “thing.”
  8. I unabashedly love those Disco Turkeys uniforms. Sharp color scheme and the Braves-esque feather design on the sleeves is really well executed. A rare example of a minor/independent league team with a stupid name but great logos and uniforms. On another note, the Chicago Dogs will be having a Negro League Tribute night on 8/14 and will be wearing "special uniforms" as they face the Kansas City Monarchs: https://thechicagodogs.com/promotional-schedule/text-2021-promotional-schedule/
  9. I know I shouldn't judge the look based only on the cap but man, sand and black seems really uninspired when there's at least a half dozen more interesting and bold color combos they could've used which would also be region-appropriate.
  10. Thanks! Today we have the Crosstown rival White Sox: As a White Sox fan, I really like the South Sider's City Connect unis. However, I wanted to try the design with red in place of silver, both as a nod to the local Bulls and Blackhawks and also because it's a color scheme commonly suggested for the team. I'm also not a big fan of the "Chi" cap logo, so I replaced it with a tasteful Old English "C." Lastly, WHITE SOCKS. The Red Sox are next!
  11. Nice idea, but I think the royal blue is a little too harsh with the red. I would go with navy blue instead.
  12. I decided I'll just use this thread to post my City Connect tweaks for each team as they roll out. Today we have the Marlins: Even though I actually really like Miami's City Connect colors, I wanted to try the design in a teal and orange scheme which I've long felt are the colors the Fish should use full time. I also made the front panel of the cap white so the crown logo pops a little better. C&C appreciated!
  13. Even though I'm enjoying this slow rollout of the teams participating in the City Connect program, the release schedule seems wonky. Two teams in May, three in June and then only one in July and August and none in September?
  14. I see what you did there. Up this evening are the Atlanta Braves: BRAVES HOME: BRAVES ROAD: BRAVES HOME ALT: BRAVES ROAD ALT: For the Braves, I used the tan/cream color from the unused 2021 All-Star Game logo. I figured the feathered sleeves design would be yet another touch to set the Braves apart from the other navy & red teams. C&C appreciated. The Red Sox are next!
  15. Thanks! We end the series today with the Blue Jays! BLUE JAYS HOME: BLUE JAYS ROAD: BLUE JAYS HOME ALT: BLUE JAYS ROAD ALT: For the Jays, I used the colors of the University of Buffalo Bulls, as suggested by @Silence of the Rams. Vest jerseys at home and on the road for a really late '90s-early 2000s look. I like to consider this a somewhat better executed version of the Black Jays look from the early 2000s. That's all 30 teams. If anyone has any requests or feels I really missed the mark on a team, let me know and I'll be happy to tackle your suggestions. Thanks again for following!
  16. While I'm pretty happy with how the Cubs City Connect uniforms turned out given how poorly the initial jersey leak was received, I still think it would have been interesting had the team gone with a solid green design to mimic the famous ivy on Wrigley's outfield walls. Let me know what you think!
  17. One thing about these monochrome uniforms as they absolutely have to be worn with low-cuffed pants. They look so sloppy without them. Case in point, look how much sharper the three Cubs on the right look compared to Rizzo on the left:
  18. I'm currently re-reading the original Ian Fleming James Bond novels and one of them mentions 007 smokes sixty cigarettes a day. I can only imagine how old he would've looked!
  19. Yep, every baseball player in the early 1900s looked like they were at least in their fifties.
  20. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CP3Jizzhdi2/?utm_medium=copy_link Looks MUCH better with blue pants.
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