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  1. Go right ahead! Let's wrap up the series today with the AL West! ASTROS The rainbow guts Astros emphasizing the yellow from the sunrise design. ANGELS The Disney era Angels favoring the periwinkle trim color over navy and red. ATHLETICS Throwing waaaaaay back to their days in Kansas City when the A's wore navy and red. MARINERS The late '80s Mariners in yellow. RANGERS For you BFBS fans, the early 2000s Rangers with an actual black jersey design. Thanks for following, and let me know if there are any color mashup designs you'd like to see!
  2. Up next is the NL West: DIAMONDBACKS The inaugural D-Backs' look in turquoise instead of purple. ROCKIES Not much you can do with the Rockies since they've always worn black and purple, so I threw waaaaay back to the Denver Bears MiLB team and gave them a red-dominant look. DODGERS A monochrome royal blue look inspired by the Brooklyn Bums' 1944 road uniform, complete with t-bars and McAuliffe numbers. PADRES An orange version of their 1990s-early 2000s navy alternate. GIANTS Their 1977-82 pullover look in metallic gold.
  3. Oh man, I don't know why I didn't think of that. Great suggestion! Something like this? The 1970s Orioles in St. Louis Browns colors.
  4. Thank you! Up today is the AL East! ORIOLES This one was tough. Since the O's have worn the same colors their whole existence, I threw back to the late '90s home uniform with double outlines and emphasized the yellow and burgundy from the Maryland flag. RED SOX A red version of their '70s pullovers. YANKEES This was another tough one. I inverted the Yankees classic home pinstripes and added a dash of red to evoke this awesome dugout jacket from the '50s along with the arched "YANKEES" script from the late '20s. RAYS This one is pretty wild. A reversed version of their inaugural Devil Ray home uniforms, with a gradient jersey and white scripts and numbers. BLUE JAYS The late '90s-early 2000s Jays (before the Dark Times...before the Black Jays) using turquoise as the primary color. C&C appreciated! If anyone has any requests or suggestions for some different ideas they'd like to see, feel free to let me know.
  5. Thanks! Up today is the NL East: BRAVES The feathered sleeve, 1970s Hank Aaron-era Braves in red instead of blue. MARLINS The '90s Marlins in teal. METS The one-year 1987 Mets road set in orange with racing stripes. PHILLIES The '70s era burgundy Phils with white pinstripes and powder blue trim. NATIONALS The Nats 2006-07 "DC" alternate with beveled numbers in Expos colors. C&C appreciated! The AL East will be up soon.
  6. Thank you both! The Brewers are one of the designs I'm most pleased with. I better get my riot gear on because sadly I will not be putting the Mets in black. I think you'll like what I came up with for them, though. Let's hop over to the AL Central today! WHITE SOX A navy version of the White Sox 1939-41 home set. Thanks to @Carolingian Steamroller for the suggestion. INDIANS A Wahoo-less version of the Tribe's late '80s "Major League" look in red. TIGERS A solid orange version of their road unis from their 1984 championship season. ROYALS A royal gold take on their 1983-94 home set using the crown color from their 1979-92 primary logo. TWINS L And lastly, the double knit era Twins in red with powder blue accents from their road set. C&C appreciated! The NL East will be up next.
  7. Inspired by the awesome new NHL Reverse Retro promotion, I decided to try my hand at crafting some new MLB uniform designs with the same concept in mind--throwbacks designs with flipped color schemes. I'll go division by division, starting today with the NL Central: CUBS A blue version of their 1933 home uniform. REDS A black sleeveless jersey, inspired by their black-heavy early 2000s look. BREWERS The '70s BiG era Brewers using the green from their late '90s look. PIRATES A wild one--A gold version of their mid-2000s pinstriped unis with red scripts and numbers. CARDINALS The Cards' 1940s look using the yellow from the bird logo. C&C appreciated!
  8. Any chance you could finish your MLB Expansion series? I really wanted to see your Omaha team!