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  1. A very classy, timeless looking identity. I really like it.
  2. Great work on the Redlegs. That “Cincinnati” script is beautiful. Curious to see a modern day White Sox had they kept their original “White Stockings” nickname.
  3. Apparently there’s a baseball team in Montreal called the Patriots, and their uniforms are pretty sharp.
  4. The new Padres roads look fantastic, and removing the white trim from the Yankees’ and Tigers’ sets is the way to go.
  5. Tampa Bay could definitely pull off this look.
  6. Thanks, man! No, you're right, I glossed over the '91-96 Pirates for some reason. Here's what I came up with: PIRATES HOME ALT (1991-96) PIRATES ROAD ALT (1991-96) And now we move onto the San Francisco Giants! GIANTS HOME ALT (1963-76) GIANTS ROAD ALT (1963-76) GIANTS ROAD GRAY (1977-82) GIANTS HOME ALT (1983-93) GIANTS ROAD ALT (1983-93) GIANTS HOME ALT (1994-99) GIANTS ROAD ALT (1994-99) GIANTS HOME ALT (2000-09) GIANTS ROAD ALT (2003-09) I had trouble coming up with ideas for those last few Giants designs, so for the home set I thought it might be fun to just flip the colors on the "GIANTS" script. C&C appreciated! The Mariners will be up soon.
  7. Apparently the origin of the name had to do with farms in the region transporting wheat to city factories for packing. So maybe something involving a wheat stalk?
  8. Perhaps a double blue color scheme, with royal and powder blue. And that wonderful interlocking “KC” logo is a must.
  9. The elephant ear shaped like Texas is a stroke of genius! Looking forward to seeing how you handle the Kansas City Packers.
  10. Anyone else stop receiving notification emails from the forum? I haven’t gotten an email from the forum in several days despite several of the topics I follow receiving new content. I made sure my notification settings didn’t change and that I didn’t accidentally block the notification email account.
  11. Wait, how did I miss that you posted the Whales yesterday?! Great work there. The monogram with the whale swimming through it is just wonderful, and I love the playful cartoon whale logo and the Gaslamp-influenced “SD” for the Home Plate set.
  12. Silly me, when I suggested making the Guardians brown and red, I completely forgot that the L.A. BROWNS were going to be part of this project. You’ve hit another home run, my friend! Love the monogram LA with the orange shadow. My only suggestion is to incorporate some orange into the primary cap.
  13. The Unions have a nice, classic baseball identity. Definitely reminds me a lot of the Cubs and Dodgers.
  14. Thanks! Which orange one are you referring to, the '85-90 or the '91-03? I've worked up a few traditional gray/sand road sets for the '70s and '80s Padres that never had them: PADRES ROAD SAND (1972-73) PADRES ROAD SAND (1978) PADRES ROAD SAND (1979-84) I've also added a '79-84 orange alt, based on the interesting Cooperstown Collection fashion jersey I found. I went back and added it to my previous post, too. PADRES ROAD ALT (1979-84)
  15. This might be my favorite team yet! Love the new logo and the color scheme. The film reel sleeve trim on the Home Plate set is inspired.
  16. Great work on the Solons. I think I prefer the blue look to the red. Hope to see more from this series!
  17. This just goes to show how much better the Marlins would look if they were blue team first, and a black team second. Great job!
  18. Solid start! Looking forward to seeing where this series goes.
  19. Whoops, it looked black on my phone. But yes, I still think brown and red would work well.
  20. Really like the Guardians’ scripts and logos but black doesn’t seem to fit them. Since San Diego no longer becomes the Padres in this universe and I assume they’ll be adopting a completely different color scheme, might I persuade you to swap out black for brown?
  21. Navy, powder blue and red would be fantastic.
  22. Same here. Some team needs to use black, yellow and gold. Thanks! Today's team is the San Diego Padres! PADRES HOME ALT (1969-70) PADRES ROAD ALT (1969-70) PADRES HOME/ROAD ALT (1972-73) PADRES HOME ALT (1974-77) PADRES HOME ALT (1979-84) PADRES ROAD ALT (1979-84) PADRES HOME ALT (1985-90) PADRES ROAD ALT (1985-90) PADRES HOME ALT (1991-2003) PADRES HOME ALT (2016) C&C is appreciated. The Giants will be up in a few days!