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  1. I'd probably more inclined to vote for the purple/black scheme if you chose the lighter shade of purple you used in your teaser.
  2. Just curious, @raysox, how many teams do you plan to tackle?
  3. Love that updated Marlins home design. Why can’t they look like that in real life?! I also really dig the splash of green you added to the Braves. Maybe work it into the sock stripes as well?
  4. How about the Oklahoma City 89ers? I always liked their name and identity.
  5. I’d go with the blue/red/gold color scheme, too.
  6. Yep, I also applaud the unique take on the Mets. Nice idea!
  7. Not bad, but maybe keep the light blue but lighten it to more of a powder blue shade?
  8. Nice work on the Mets! That number font suits them really well.
  9. I like the scripts, but the color scheme is too similar to the other Florida team. Maybe bring back hunter green to replace navy?
  10. I like the idea behind both these rebrands. For Cleveland, the color scheme is too similar to the Pirates, so maybe look to the other Cleveland teams for inspiration. Cavaliers maroon and gold or Browns orange and brown are some possibilities. The Wolfpack are interesting. I think you need a little more contrast behind the teal and turquoise for the road pinstripes idea to work.
  11. When this thread returns after a nearly year long hiatus:
  12. The Jays look pretty good, although I miss the split-style scripts. I also feel if you're going to have white outlines on the road script then there should be a white outline on the numbers, too. I assume you mean lack of blue?
  13. I could go either way on the Tigers options. I suppose the first one is more consistent with the road design, so maybe go with that one.
  14. I like this brand evolution for the Solons. I much prefer their original look, but this is certainly very '90s.
  15. I have to be honest, I'm not really feeling these last two teams as much. I like the Tigers shoulders stripes, and the navy alt is a nice addition, but the white on white "D" doesn't stand out. I'd make the "D" orange with a navy outline like a reverse of the road "D." The Royals feel like a big downgrade over their current look, which is pretty much perfect. I've never cared for that dark shade of gold--it feels very late '90s/early 2000s. When the Royals do use metallic gold, it works best as an accent color. The TATC-inspired alt is pretty cool, though.
  16. The darker blue is a big improvement! The Rays look pretty nice, too.
  17. Oooh, this is a really intriguing premise for a series. The possibilities really are endless. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread!
  18. I didn’t even notice the Chicago stars replaced the regular five-pointed stars on the logo. Clever!
  19. I like what you’ve done with the White Sox! The 1917 era logo looks really good on the home and alt. I also like how the “Chicago” script on the road jersey looks without the white stroke.
  20. coco1997

    Chicago Cubs

    I actually like the Sunday alt, but I think the cap needs some red. The ‘80s inspired alt is great, but maybe think about applying the sleeve trim to the collar as well. For the road set, why not just bring back the Ernie Banks-era script? It’s the best away look they ever had. Heck, maybe even make the outlines on the letters white.
  21. The updated cursive "z" is a big improvement!
  22. A million times yes! I think you made the best use of the Marlins’ new colors and logos possible. The fauxback is good enough to be the main home set. For a fauxback option I’d like to see the current design in teal and black, or if possible, blue, orange and cream like the original 1950s Miami Marlins. Keep up the great work!
  23. Nice work, especially the new logo! I really like the re-done gradient, as well as the new number style. The only part I'm not feeling is the gradient on the seafoam green backdrop; the gold-purple gradient is a little muddy-looking. Can we see some uniform designs?
  24. You madman, you rebranded the Red Sox, too! The Ports look good, but I’d play with the shades of blue and yellow. As you can probably see, the colors bleed together and look green on the scripts. And since you gave them a blue alternate, how about just making the road set blue and giving them a yellow alt?