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  1. I have to be honest, I'm not really feeling these last two teams as much. I like the Tigers shoulders stripes, and the navy alt is a nice addition, but the white on white "D" doesn't stand out. I'd make the "D" orange with a navy outline like a reverse of the road "D." 


    The Royals feel like a big downgrade over their current look, which is pretty much perfect. I've never cared for that dark shade of gold--it feels very late '90s/early 2000s. When the Royals do use metallic gold, it works best as an accent color. The TATC-inspired alt is pretty cool, though. 

  2. 20 minutes ago, vtgco said:

    The White Sox look pretty good; I'd ditch the silver outline at home, though. I really like all the Chicago stars, especially on the road script.


    I didn’t even notice the Chicago stars replaced the regular five-pointed stars on the logo. Clever! 

  3. I actually like the Sunday alt, but I think the cap needs some red. 


    The ‘80s inspired alt is great, but maybe think about applying the sleeve trim to the collar as well.


    For the road set, why not just bring back the Ernie Banks-era script? It’s the best away look they ever had. 




    Heck, maybe even make the outlines on the letters white.

  4. A million times yes! I think you made the best use of the Marlins’ new colors and logos possible. The fauxback is good enough to be the main home set.


    For a fauxback option I’d like to see the current design in teal and black, or if possible, blue, orange and cream like the original 1950s Miami Marlins.


    Keep up the great work!

  5. You madman, you rebranded the Red Sox, too! The Ports look good, but I’d play with the shades of blue and yellow. As you can probably see, the colors bleed together and look green on the scripts. And since you gave them a blue alternate, how about just making the road set blue and giving them a yellow alt?

  6. This is a freakin' awesome concept! 


    - The color scheme fits the nickname and the city but I wonder if you might want to lean a little bit more into the red so it doesn't come across as ripping off the Pirates' colors too much.


    - This would be a big change but maybe you'll consider it: I'd turn the spade logo upside down, for two reasons. 1) The upturned spade is sometimes considered bad luck (kind of like a reverse of the Mariners' trident logo) and 2) the lizard face would be clearer.

    - The "Las Vegas" script is just godly. The "z" in the "Lizards" script is kind of wonky, so try smoothing out the "iz."


    - Very small change but since the roundel logo includes stars, maybe go with the eight-pointed stars from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign


    Pure speculation but I'm going to bet the next team will be called the Portland Stags. ;)

  7. I like it! Glad you didn't use the full state name on the road uniform, because it's too unwieldy to look good on a jersey. 


    For the primary logo, I'd go with a modern update of the throwback logo. While the throwback logo definitely looks like a baseball wearing a tricorner hat, the modern logo looks like a "C" with the hat floating above it. Maybe curve the bottom of the hat so it follows the curve of the top of the "C"?

  8. I'm usually not a fan of white crowned caps, but it works really well here! The brighter teal is always a plus, and the slightly powder-blue road set is very effective. 


    My one small nitpick would be to make the cap bill on the BP navy for some better color balance. That aside, great work!

  9. Hey, nice work! This is a really solid update of the Mariners’ identity. The ocean wave striping on the sleeves is inspired!


    My one concern is the green you chose comes dangerously close to the retro shade the A’s have been using (and that they may go back to full time sooner rather than later) that it might be odd to have them both playing in the same division. But on its own terms, it works really well!

  10. I like it! Definitely has a late '90s-early 00's aesthetic which I'm sure is what you were aiming for. I always thought it would be cool to have an MLB team with horse-themed branding. 


    I do have a few suggestions, which I'm not sure would necessarily improve the design, but are ones you might consider for a re-draft:


    1. I wonder if the horse logo could be simplified to just the head and neck like the Broncos logo.


    2. Maybe consider lowering the "J" in the "NJ" logo to mimic the other great monogram logos in baseball. 


    All in all I dig it!