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  1. Fair enough. I guess I only ever knew their color was green and just assumed the gold was your idea. However, I might think about maybe flipping the colors of the monogram and jersey numbers on the road set, as the gold sort of bleeds into the gray.
  2. Agreed on both of these points. A more vintage style number font might be that way to go. Also, maybe think about brightening up the shade of gold just a *touch.*
  3. Big fan of that first version!
  4. Literally the only thing I like about these is the new “White Sox” script. I wonder if this is the team signaling a new alternate that uses that script in the near future.
  5. I like it! It's definitely a much cleaner look than what you started with.
  6. Haha, I live just down the street from St. Pat's but attended Holy Cross for one year before it went co-ed. I guess that means we're supposed to hate each other. Small world! That shamrock sleeve logo is just fantastic, as is the rest of the design!
  7. The Mustangs and Knights scripts look pretty nice! Maybe think about thickening the outline around the Knights.
  8. Nice work! Things I like: - The color scheme is really nice. - The T-bars on the road set are a nice touch! Things I don't like: - The colors on the home uniform script bleed together. Maybe stick to just one outline? Or even consider making the script light blue, outlined in navy and then yellow. - I would consider dropping the pinstripes on the home set in favor of t-bars, to match the road uniform. - The wings on the cap logo look like they should be following the curve of a roundel that isn't there, if that makes sense. Maybe think about having the ends of the wings run parallel to the angles of the "C."
  9. Nice work on the last couple teams. My only suggestion would be to bring back the McAuliffe style numbers for Boston.
  10. Realistic or not, I really like this concept! The colors and overall design fit a team based in London.
  11. The Nevada Diamondbacks?
  12. I'm surprised by how much I like the Expos in navy and columbia blue. In an alternate dimension where the Rays use a different color scheme, I'd be totally fine with the resurrected Expos in these colors.
  13. The Carolina possibilities all have lots of potential. The only one I'm not big on is "Wolves," as it's a bit generic. For Raleigh, they're all pretty solid, but I think Raleigh Mustangs works best. One thing to consider is the other three names all begin with vowels, and since "Raleigh" ends in a strong A sound, those three sound a bit awkward when said aloud ("Ralayoaks," etc.). The Charlotte suggestions are pretty good, too, but the name "Miners" would probably make the team a target for jokes about how they should be in the Minors when they're not playing well.
  14. Very cool seeing all these different possibilities together in one spot!
  15. Great work on the Knights! You've done a solid job adapting one of the better MiLB identities. I love that throwback! This is just a random idea but how about adding sleeve numbers to the home, road and second alternates?
  16. I actually love that yellow alt, though I’d probably make the cap bill navy.
  17. Oh man, this is just a beautiful set. The two-toned gray would be something else to see on the field. Dare I say it, I might actually prefer this to the Nationals' identity.
  18. Great update! I really like how the sea foam alt looks now with the ray on the cap.
  19. Next month is a design showcase that will feature brand proposals for a potential Raleigh MLB team:
  20. Very strange that we're less than a month out from Players' Weekend and we still haven't seen any of the jerseys or caps.