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  1. Since the Ducks just unveiled their new alternate for next season, would you think about going back and incorporating the Mighty Ducks logo somewhere into your Anaheim concepts?
  2. I think you finally nailed the Expos. The "e" looks like an e, the "b" looks like a b, and the whole thing looks like an "M." You also used, IMO, the better of the two uniform concepts. The Triangle unis are wacky but I love it! Looks like something Discrimihater would've come up with. The "CT" logo kind of resembles a lightbulb. Are the horizontal stripes meant to wrap around the back of the jersey?
  3. I agree. The "Canes" wordmark is an improvement. The Blue Jackets throwback/alternate is the best of the bunch. I kind of wish the whole set was based on that uniform. Has a really classic baseball look to it. I assume the Devils are next...I hope you incorporated green into their look instead of black.
  4. I just noticed you added Carolina. Very solid set. I wish there was a more traditional-looking wordmark available, but other than that, I wouldn't change a thing.
  5. I agree that the Coyotes look better with the scripts. Good rule of thumb--If you're trying to make something look baseball-y, it's a good idea to use scripts. Could you remove the maroon outline around the script on the home primary? It's the same issue you had with the Jets; it just looks kind of awkward. Also, have you been able to figure out how to add that tail/underline to the script that would read "Arizona" like on that cap I posted?
  6. I gotta disagree with you on this one, Discrim. The Sox wear pinstripes and a solid white cap would clash with a pinstriped uniform, IMO.
  7. The arched wordmarks definitely look much better. Is the navy home alternate supposed to be a pullover? If so, rock on. How about doing a red alternate (with arched wordmark) for Canada Day like the Blue Jays have? Very anxious to see what you've done with the Coyotes.
  8. That looks great. Helps to diversity the different tops a bit.
  9. If you don't want to have to arch the words "Tampa Bay" on the road uniform, what if you had it just read "Tampa"?
  10. Another solid set for the Lightning. Instead of the "Tampa Bay" wordmark on the blue alternate, how about a "TB" chest logo like the cap logo?
  11. The Rays look fantastic! The one thing I didn't like about your original concept was the light blue "RAYS" on the home/road alternate and that's exactly what you fixed. I wish Tampa was wearing these right now.
  12. Sorry to bump with back to back posts--but I hope for the Coyotes, the front script looks like the logo on this cap:
  13. Solid updates. The only thing I don't like about the Astros are the lines that run through the "S" and "O" in the primary logo.
  14. So much to love about this Senators concept. I prefer the tan/beige road jerseys because they give the league some variety. The wordmark JT17 posted looks great on the home jersey and the flag/stripes behind the "O" is a nice touch. Keep up the great work!
  15. Might be worth a shot. In the mean time, I'm looking forward to the Senators!
  16. Excuse my obliviousness. That makes more sense why he chose blue. Carry on.
  17. I think that Expos-inspired alternate should be the primary home set. It's just more interesting than the home set you created. I also think either the red or "Habs" top should be a road alternate so that you don't have three home alternates and no road alts.
  18. Something I forgot to mention in my last post--I think this Atlanta update works so well because it does an excellent job of "looking towards the future," which you said is sort of the mission statement of this series.
  19. Woah! Didn't expect an update of the Braves. I miss the feathers on the sleeves, but the other tweaks more than make up for it, the Native American logo and the re-colored wordmark on the home jersey in particular. Not a fan of the red cap with white bill, though. The red alternate would probably look better with one of the black caps. The Goats look great. No need to mess with what was already perfect. My only suggestion is that it might make sense to replace the blue with green so as to match the colors of the Mexican flag. Any hint which team(s) is next?
  20. The Panthers look great. I agree that the line under the wordmark might be unnecessary, but it doesn't really bother me. Much like the Rays, I don't understand why a team in sunny Florida insists on wearing dark blue, but oh well. Solid set.
  21. Not big on the "Red Wings" wordmark, but I love that new cap. I also actually like the vest. Also, the arched name on back is great to see. I wish you had done that for more of the teams in this series.
  22. I think whatever teams he does next would have to fit in geographically with the AL & NL Central Divisions.