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  1. The more I look at it, the more I prefer the first version of the Expos' unis with the updated logo.
  2. That's a thing of beauty. Looks like a legit MLB uniform. The Sabres are wonderful, one of your best yet. A couple comments/questions: - Is the blue on the alternate supposed to be a different shade from the royal blue "Buffalo" alternate? - Try giving the navy alternate a chest logo like you did with Boston.
  3. That looks fantastic. Could you try that logo on the home white set?
  4. Boston is solid. However, I think you missed a great opportunity by not incorporating the spoked-"B" logo into this set whatsoever. Check out Discrimihater's Bruins-themed Red Sox concept. The spoked-"B" would make a fantastic chest logo and I really think you should consider adding it to the home white and/or the black alternate rather than having every jersey read "BRUINS" or "BOSTON." I just noticed you never posted the Coyotes for the Pacific Division.
  5. That looks much better without the outlines. And the cap with the jet on it is a good call. Since the team is called the "Jets" it makes sense an actual jet should be part of their primary logo.
  6. That is a GORGEOUS wordmark for the Toros. NOW they look like a real MLB team. Amazing improvement. A few things: - I'd lose the horns on the "M" logo. They look tacked on, and the cap with the "M" logo you created proves the logo looks better without them. - I actually preferred the green alternate in the original concept to the red one in this update, but I could go either way. I like the idea behind the Racers. My issue with the concept is that it doesn't feel "baseball-y" enough. Red and black is a nice color scheme, and I like the checkered flag motif, but nothing about the concept really stands out to me. A couple suggestions: - Have the lines of the checkered squares in the logo follow the angles of the "C." - Maybe the bar underneath the "RACERS" wordmark could form the shape of a bat? - The black alternate looks like a batting practice jersey. If that was your intent, that's fine, but if not, it feels like it's missing something. - I'm personally not a fan of vests, but seeing as how a lot of NASCAR driver suits have different colored sleeves from the rest of the driver's jacket, you could toy around with the idea of a red alternate with black sleeves or visa versa to create that allusion.
  7. I know that it's part of the actual Jets wordmark, but it would be great if you could find a way to get rid of that big thick outline around "Jets." It just looks awkward on a baseball jersey. I think this wordmark makes more sense. I like everything else about the concept, though. I'd also like to see the Atlantic division next. I'm interested to see what you've done with Boston and Detroit, in particular.
  8. The last two teams look good. Here's the thing with wordmarks (and this applies to just about every concept in this series): If you look at uniforms around MLB, every wordmark that uses all upper case letters is arched. Think Boston, Texas, San Francisco, Cleveland, Houston, Colorado, Miami, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, both New York teams, Anaheim, Seattle and Toronto. The Rays might be the only exception, but even with them, the "R" is larger than the other three letters. So what I'm saying is these team names that are in all upper case letters would probably look much better and more "baseball-y" if the wordmarks were ached. P.S. The guitar pick logo on the Predators cap would look better if you got rid of the small "NP."
  9. Nailed it! I think we're ready to move onto the next team.
  10. MUCH better. Now if you can just make the same modification to the red alternate this set will be perfect.
  11. I was at the White Sox game tonight and it was hilarious to see the team take the field in those unis. As someone pointed out on the last page, the jerseys looked downright massive on the players. Having seen plenty of pictures and video from that era it's clear that the original '76 jerseys were more form-fitting while the players tonight were practically swimming in theirs.
  12. I mean, it doesn't look bad, it just looks a little off. The script is still a huge improvement over what you originally had used.
  13. Yeah, the updated script looks distorted. Fix that and the whole set will be perfect.
  14. Ooh, the road jersey and green alternate are the best ones you've done in the series. The most baseball-y so far. This might be my favorite!
  15. Any hint which team is next?
  16. Good update. Still think the wordmark would look better arched, though.
  17. The Stars look good. However, the wordmark on the front might look better if it were arched like their jerseys from a few years ago.
  18. My apologies. I'd overlooked that the logo was supposed to spell out "cMb." With that in mind, the update is a huge improvement.
  19. Agreed with the last two guys who said the black is unnecessary.
  20. The Maroons/Mounties look great. Really classy logo. For the Expos, I think the logo is improved, but it's not there just yet. The red part still doesn't quite look like an "e."
  21. Those Hawks jerseys are gorgeous. At the end of the day I think the plain black pinstripes work best. Only thing I'd add would be a black alternate.
  22. I went back and looked through your original MLB concept thread and I have to admit I actually preferred your very first version of the Mariners to the Project 30 one. The only thing I'm not sold on is the yellow trim.
  23. I'm not a hockey fan but I'm loving this series so far! A few points: - The "Los Angeles" lettering on the Kings' road is a little bland. Maybe give it a white outline or make it arched? - The NOB for the Sharks would look better if it were arched. - The "Vancouver" lettering on the Canucks looks like a different shade of blue from the rest of the concept. Can't wait to see what you have planned for the Blackhawks!