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  1. Thanks for doing that alternate Tigers edit. Looks good! The A's are very well done. I've always preferred kelly green over forest green for the Athletics. The stripes on the pants seem weird, but probably because I'm just not used to seeing them on the A's.
  2. One thing I forgot to add in my last post--I love the white script on gray uniform for the Grays' road top. That's one of my favorite quirky little design cues.
  3. The Mounties are great! They look like a legit MLB team.
  4. "Elephants" is kind of a clunky name for an MLB team. How about the Oakland Tuskers? A tusker refers to an especially large elephant with big tusks.
  5. Browns look great. Brown, orange and cream is such a perfect colorway. My only issue is that the spacing between "BRO" and "WNS" is awkward. Fix that and the set will be perfect. The Grays are equally well done. They look like a college baseball team but in a very classy, old school sort of way. Is it just my computer or is the gray really more of a blue-gray? Either way I really dig it.
  6. Agreed. The horns need to join seamlessly into either side of the top of the "M."
  7. Braves look great. The home and road primaries in particular are immaculate. My only issue with the alternate (and you'll probably hear me complain about this a lot because it's a pet peeve of mine) is the white outlines on the piping and script. I've never liked them and always found them unnecessary, but that just comes down to personal taste. Are you done tweaking the Tigers or will you try out the orange w/ navy script alternate idea?
  8. I preferred your second version because it was a complete redesign. As you can probably tell my favorite concepts of yours were the ones where you really diverged from the team's real life look. I just went back and re-read your first post in this thread and noticed you've split the fifteen fantasy teams into three divisions. This should be interesting.
  9. The Redbirds look great! This set feels like a modernized update of the Cards' classic look, but you achieved it using vintage/retro elements. Of the 30 MLB teams, I'd have to say your Royals, Rockies, White Sox, Twins and A's were my favorites. Looking forward to your fantasy/defunct team concepts. We've already seen a few of them with the Browns and Mexican MLB concepts you've posted in the past. I hope you provide some insight into your ideas for the newly created teams.
  10. Since the original Project 30 thread is now locked, I figured I'd make some quick comments on some of your previous MLB concepts. Orioles - Love the use of the old '60s script. I'd drop the white outlines on the black alternate. Rays - I wasn't a fan of your "Stingrays" rebrand, but your "Rays" update is a huge improvement over their current bland look. Not sure how I feel about the powder blue "Rays" text on the green alternate, though. Blue Jays - None of the alternates look bad, but I don't think the Jays need two royal blue alternates. To simplify things, I'd give them a royal blue home alternate and save that powder blue set for the road. White Sox - My Sox! The Sox don't need to add another color to their look, but if they had to, red is the way to go. Only suggestion I have is to add the 1983 throwback uniform to their set seeing as it's now become part of their permanent rotation. Indians - Since you're attempting to diversify the use of color in MLB, how about replacing the navy with brown? Too many MLB teams currently wear a combination of red and blue and for a team named after indigenous people it makes sense to use earth tones. I like the "C" logo with the feather but I think it throws off the balance of the home alternate. I also think the road alternate is too intensely red. Give them a navy alternate (or, if you take my suggestion, a brown alternate) with red lettering to solve this issue. Tigers - As I suggested a few days ago, try reversing the colors on the home alternate so that the jersey top is orange with navy script. Royals - I said it in the original thread--the purple and gold scheme for the Royals is absolutely inspired. In an alternate universe the Royals would pre-date the Rockies by becoming the first MLB team to wear purple and they'd have one of the best looks in baseball today. Angels - Not a fan of the solid red cap, but everything else looks great. I know people frequently suggest adding the halo cap, but I for one think it would look goofy in today's game. Mariners - That shade of teal is just a bit too vibrant for my tastes, but other than that a solid set. Maybe add that blue and yellow fauxback they debuted this season? Braves - I won't comment on this one since you mentioned you'll be posting an update soon. Marlins - Perfect. I remember not liking something about this set when you originally posted it, but looking at it now, I can't for the life of me remember what that was. Cubs - I like what you did with the North Siders, but I'd replace the bear face logo you used with the "angry" bear (minus the red circle behind it). The road alternate you designed is based on one they introduced last year which went over like a lead balloon, though I personally didn't mind it. Dbacks - I'm wondering if you'll revisit this team in this thread. There's a ton of potential in this concept (especially with the unique color scheme you chose) but I'm not sure it's quite there...just yet. I really like the idea behind the diamond/triangle striping on the sleeves and pants but it might be a bit "much." Rockies - I don't like the updated shade of purple you gave to the Rockies; maybe it's my laptop screen but it just looks navy blue, which makes the whole set look too much like the Rays. Go back to that slightly lighter shade of purple and you have a winner! Great thinking to drop the black and pinstripes. Padres - This is by far the best Padres set I'ver ever seen. The mid-70s script, the sand road set, the Swinging Friar...Perfect. Giants - The only thing I don't like about the Giants' current look is the arched block "San Francisco" lettering on their home jersey. I've always preferred this script. And how about a concept based on their commemorative World Series jerseys with gold lettering?
  11. The Dbacks looks good, but I can't see the vests making a comeback any time soon.
  12. I think you finally nailed the Brewers. Perfect. Will you be tweaking all 30 MLB teams from your Project 30 series or just select ones you were unsatisfied with?
  13. I bet it's against this weekend vs. the Cubs sometimeThey're wearing their '59 throwbacks on Friday to honor Minnie Minoso. I'd be surprised if they wore two different throwbacks the same weekend, though I guess Minnie technically wore the '76 uniform, too...
  14. Do we know yet when the White Sox are wearing their '76 throwbacks? It was supposed to be in "early August."
  15. Awesome work. The Yankees road set is my favorite by far. The Yankees home and Giants road remind me of the some of the concepts you did for your MLB Generations series. It's been an absolute treat following this series and anxiously awaiting the unveil of each new Rivalry set. Sad to see this series come to an end after all these months. There is, however, one more MLB rivalry you could tackle *cough* Vedder Cup *cough* but that's entirely up to you.
  16. Once you get to the White Sox, I hope you include their '83 home throwbacks in your set!
  17. It's hard to believe that not a single MLB team wears a red & yellow color combo. Not sure how I feel about those pinstriped sleeves but everything else is great. Almost done with MLB!
  18. Not necessarily what I'm expecting you did...but did you know the Yankees had blue, red and *green* pinstripes on their 1915 road uni? The last post in the thread actually contains a modern day mockup of that jersey and damn if it doesn't look pretty good.
  19. Love this concept. That pistachio green vest is a real winner. Wish the Nuts were an MLB team!
  20. These are awesome! No complaints whatsoever. Very excited for the NYC series finale!
  21. A couple of things: - I like the overall concept--the team name, the logo with horns, and the Mexican flag colors - The white stripes on the road and alternate sleeves stick out like a sore thumb. - Like BigRed already said, the font is a little pedestrian. - What if you made the "M" italicized like the Minnesota Twins logo?