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  1. Hi David, Having looked back through this topic from before I got involved in it, I noticed a few alternate ideas that were discussed which I would love to see posted when you have time. The first is a powder blue road alternate for the Cardinals, and the second is your original color scheme for the Dbacks (red and purple).
  2. That Sox set is fantastic. Great job incorporating the pinwheel design into both sets.
  3. Very nice Cubs concept. The ivy is a beautiful touch. On that note, when you get around to doing the White Sox, it would be cool if you incorporated the pinwheels from Old Comiskey Park into the design somehow.
  4. Very nice concept. I've never been a fan of their current road set.
  5. Any time the Rangers and Angels both wear their red alternates.
  6. I actually think that looks pretty great, David. The only thing that isn't completely sitting well is the all khaki cap with orange brim; I think if the front panel was white (as is the Orioles' actual cap) and the sides/back were khaki, it would be much more effective.
  7. Hi David, Is there any chance you could do a mock-up of your Orioles concept with khaki replacing the black? I've been thinking lately that orange and khaki would be a great look for them.
  8. Not a big football fan but I love DC Comics and this series is great fun. A few suggestions: - Give Hawkman an orange helmet to contrast with the gold color of the wing design. - For Wonder Woman, how about yellow numbers and blue pants with a couple big white stars going down the pant legs to mimic her skirt design? - How about fishnet stripes down the pant legs for Black Canary? And I agree with JMtexan09--I'd love to see you do a Plastic Man set.
  9. Discrimihater, I absolutely loved your Cubs/Sox Crosstown designs. They were easily some of the best concepts I've come across on this forum. And while this set isn't as strong, I honestly enjoy each design except for the Mets road. I don't mind the use of pink and black, but the plaid pants are just brutal. Maybe try playing with the colors on the with pink stripes and a gray "NY"? If I recall you mentioned something about doing a Dodgers/Giants rivalry set. I'd love to see you get to that someday.
  10. Loved your Sox/Cubs crosstown uniform concepts, and I love this, too! Keep up the great work.
  11. Your White Sox concept is stellar. I've always thought the '80s beach blanket logo would look great with their current color scheme.
  12. It's a beautiful thing seeing all the team logos, caps and jerseys alongside each other. It's been a true pleasure following the evolution of this series and I hope I offered some helpful comments and criticisms along the way. I look forward to your future projects and concepts!
  13. I have to admit, the slanted wordmark is starting to grow on me. I appreciate you finding a way to incorporate part of an era which was, IMO, the worst look in team history. For what it's worth, I wanted to make a couple comments about a few concepts you posted prior to my involvement in this thread. Braves - Overall I enjoy this concept, but the white outlines on the home and road alternates are distracting and unnecessary. Get rid of those and you have a perfect set. Marlins - I like the Marlins set (they should never have gotten rid of teal) but I feel the yellow alternate is overkill. The teal and orange alternates make sense because the team has worn those colors in the past. Nats - I think an upturned, re-colored Expos logo would be a better option than your current Nats logo, which looks somewhat crude. One last thing...Any chance you could re-post the NL East and the Dodgers in the same format as the other divisions? For the NL East (and Dodgers) each concept was smaller in size and both the home and road sets were part of one image. I think the first time you split up the home and road sets into two separate images was with the Dbacks and I prefer that format.
  14. Great job on this! I'm starting to wish the Marlins went back to wearing teal. Why not adopt a teal + orange look and be the Dolphins of MLB?
  15. Wow! Not really at all what I imagined you'd do for the Jays, but a very cool finished product nonetheless. Many more elements of their late '90s-early 2000s looks represented than I expected. I do wish you had given them powder blue alternates, but I understand not wanting to just copy the Royals. On top of that, you just completed the Rays who you also gave a powder alternate. I'm on the fence about the slanted wordmark. On the one hand it looks very dynamic, but on the other hand, the arched wordmark was so perfect. Again, really great job incorporating the various eras with this one and taking me by surprise. ... I second TheGiantsFan's request for a table showing all the team logos from this series!
  16. Very excited to see the Jays! I have a few comments and criticisms of some of your earlier concepts in this project but I'll wait to post them until after you've finished Toronto.
  17. I like the kelly green trim. Honestly, with the powder blue the logo looks a lot like the Rams logo with Titans colors. The green helps distinguish it from that.
  18. Not sure if you've seen this yet, David, but it sure looks like the designers of the new 2015 Twins home jersey were fans of this thread!
  19. David, try positioning the pupil at the other end of the eye.
  20. . On the last page I suggested some ideas for Toronto. Basically keep their current set, add a powder blue top as an alternate, a white front-paneled BP cap, and use the block "TORONTO" script from their late '90s-early 2000s road uniforms on the road grays. . Yep. I recently started watching that thread. I've enjoyed following your progress.