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  1. . I didn't realistically expect you to use the plaid. As an object non-Rays fan, however, I wouldn't mind if they made it part of their normal rotation.
  2. . I'm not even a Rays fan and I'd buy one of those. I love when teams try new things. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (White Sox wearing shorts).
  3. . They wore plaid blazers in 2010 during one of their "themed" road trips and sported the plaid-brimmed caps for BP. They were so popular that they wore them for a game. I don't know if they were used for more than one game, but I for one think they looked pretty great.‘plaid’-is-not-an-official-team-color-—-yet/
  4. I absolutely love these! What an original idea. I've often wondered why none of the Chicago teams wore the flag colors (although I guess the Sox did for a few years in the '70s). The only thing I'd do differently is to change the blue logo to white on the red Sox cap.
  5. Yankees are absolutely perfect now. Great update. I really hope you go with a forest green/powder blue color scheme for the Rays. And here's a radical idea: How about a plaid-brimmed hat?
  6. I second dsaline97 and Around the Horn in wishing you gave the Yankees the 1912 throwbacks as an alternate. Much like the home "Boston" jersey for the Red Sox, the alternate could be something they would wear maybe once or twice a month. Adding an alternate would emphasize the "combination of eras" theme of the project, as right now the home and road sets look identical to their current look to the untrained eye. I like the BP jersey. Interesting idea. Also, I LOVE the updated secondary logo. The Yankees should adopt this immediately.
  7. I realize there's not much you can do with the Yankees but I hope you use this uniform as an alternate.
  8. Nice tasteful Red Sox set. I like the home "Boston" alternate. It almost looks like a pullover. Looking forward to the Yankees next. They have so many looks to choose from.
  9. So very happy this series is finally back in action. The Orioles look great! I like your decision to use only one hat logo. Keeps things simple. My only suggestion would be to use their late '50s-early '60s script. I prefer the playfulness of that script to their current wordmark.
  10. I have to ask…Is this project dead or just on hiatus? I visit this forum every day to check this topic for updates. It would be an awful shame if this project was left incomplete with only one division left.
  11. I think this look *could* work for a minor league affiliate of the Brewers but not for the big league club.
  12. Once you've finished this series, would you be able to put together a graphic showing the primary logos for all of the teams in the league?
  13. I was just watching the Cubs playing the Orioles in their '90s throwback game at Wrigley. I had forgotten how great the black "Orioles" script with orange outline looks.
  14. Wow, only one division left! The AL East is filled with some truly storied teams. The first three have worn virtually the same uniforms for their entire existence, while the latter two should produce some interesting results. I'm most excited to see what you do with Tampa. I really hope you use this script for the Orioles.
  15. . I don't know...I saw the Twins play the White Sox this year while wearing red alternate tops and they looked absolutely awful.
  16. Man, this is a great look for the Twins. My favorite detail is the inverted colors on the home pinstripes script. I too am not a big fan of road pinstripes but I like the idea of it being unique to the Twins (I also love how it looks on your Cubs concept) and think it works well with the Twins' color scheme. No complaints here. I do wish you had given them the white front-paneled cap but I imagine it would clash badly with a pinstriped uniform.
  17. Yeah, I never commented on it when you originally posted it, but that cream Brewers jersey is sweet.
  18. I still think if you could split up the "KC" logo and enlarge each letter, it would make for a great Monarchs fauxback alternate. But even if you can't make it work, this is nevertheless a very, very solid take on the Royals.
  19. . I actually prefer that tiger logo but I'm glad he decided to use the other one because it incorporates another era which, after all, is the whole point of this project.
  20. I might have posted this before, but the time is right so I'll do it again now. For the Royals, it would be great if you could throwback to the Kansas City Monarchs jersey by simply taking their new road alternate and splitting up the "K" and "C" in the "KC" logo so that the "K" appears on the player's right breast and the "C" on his left. Everything else about the alternate, from the powder blue trim to the thin placket piping is perfect.