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  1. This is such a treat. I thought I'd have to wait for you to get through the earlier/vintage rivalry sets (Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to those, too ) but here we are! I was going to complain that you didn't use pinstripes for the Sox, but then I enlarged the home set and they magically appeared. I agree with Carolingian Steamroller that they are difficult to see without squinting. Thank you for having the balls to use the softball shorts in one of your Sox concepts. The "White Sox" script from those late '80s uniforms is criminally underrated and it looks superb in their current color scheme. Throwing player numbers on the shorts is a genius way to tie those various eras together. As an alternate to the flying sock cap logo, I found this photo of the Sarasota White Sox (Advanced-A affiliate from the early '90s) which has a really nifty cap using the "S" from that script.
  2. You know, after seeing what you did with the Rockies, I kind of expected/hoped you'd give the A's a funky-colored road uniform. I love it! Works a lot better than the shade of green you used for your Mariners road set. Glad these are coming at a quicker pace now. I'm assuming you're saving your Cardinals for last?
  3. I've gone through this entire thread and it appears that only the links to the different teams' uniforms (not their logos/wordmarks or fields) are distorted/broken.
  4. Has anyone been following this contest over at Uni-Watch? The full contestants were revealed over the last two weeks, and now they've been pared down to six finalists. Meet the Ex-Rays: Final Six I think they're all worthy, with the Buffalo Rays being my least favorite of the group. Personally I voted for the Havana Perfectos. Great name, logo and color scheme. Overall a very inventive idea. The Monarques look great, but on principal I'd rather that entry not win as it's just derivative of the Expos.
  5. These last two concepts are spectacular. The green works surprisingly well for the Red Sox, serving as a nod to both the city's Irish heritage and Fenway's Green Monster while also ridding us of another team using red/navy/white. The cream alternate would look out of place if not for the "B" sleeve patch which really ties the whole uniform together. That Padres concept is one of the more unique I've seen on these forums. A lot of people don't like uniform numbers on sleeves but as a White Sox fan I'm biased as some of my favorite Sox uniforms have had sleeve numbers. And it goes without saying, thank God you used their classic color scheme. I kind of wish you had been showing us the uniform backs with these concepts, but oh well.
  6. Are you trolling? You've asked about this in just about every one of these rivalry concepts Discrim has posted and I keep telling you the Mets/Yankees concept was posted months ago. Mets vs. Yankees - Subway Series OMG I am so sorry I didn't realize it my bad Thank you for the link I feel very very very stupid right now. Thank You again Sorry, I didn't mean to call you a troll. I'd just noticed you'd posted that same comment in several of these concept threads and I figured by now you would have come upon his Yankees/Mets concept.
  7. Are you trolling? You've asked about this in just about every one of these rivalry concepts Discrim has posted and I keep telling you the Mets/Yankees concept was posted months ago. Mets vs. Yankees - Subway Series
  8. This looks really, really good.
  9. Brewers vs. White Sox (1997)...I'm intrigued why you picked a specific year for that one.
  10. Everything about these concepts is just beautiful. Love the fleur-de-lis on the Browns road and the front pocket on the home. I like these Cardinals unis better than the ones you came up with for the Cards/Royals rivalry set. And that bird logo is fantastic. Is it new or based on something they used to wear? What can we expect next in this series?
  11. I actually agree that the caps might look better with one less stripe.
  12. Uh, why? Suggesting that he make Wahoo's skin color a less cartoonish shade of red is "just wrong"?
  13. I don't see much change with Wahoo. Looks like you just thickened the outline a bit. If you want to attempt to improve him try a different skin color. The Royals one looks very poor. I do like the Sox logo with Chicago flag colors, though.
  14. Wow, the yellow script on the road jersey works surprisingly well. Nice decision to update and include that old '36 logo. And of course, the "Pittsburgh" script is always a welcome sight. What do the letters in that "PCB" logo stand for? I'm not sure how well it works since it's a dark letter behind two light colored ones (unlike the original which is the opposite), but it's a noble effort to do something different.
  15. The Angels look good in blue. I assume you're going to give them a blue uniform set? The A's one looks surprisingly nice with black, as well. For consistency's sake I feel like you should add that seafoam green outline to the inner circle of the Mariners logo. The Rangers logo looks too much like the Chicago flag with the powder blue. And although I assume you're trying to channel the tequila sunrise, all the different warm colors in the Astros logo are just kind of a mess.
  16. Not a big fan of that shade of gold but the logo is nice.
  17. My favorite part of the series has been the really outside the box reimagining of teams like the Twins, Rockies, Royals and White Sox. I probably wouldn't be following this project if you were just reproducing the same look each team currently wears, to be honest.
  18. I like this a lot. Not much of a change from their current set but the tweaks are an improvement. I dig the navy and royal blue striping on the pants. That solid white cap w/ blue brim would look really sharp on the home whites! Looking forward to the Pirates next. P.S. Are you still planning on doing the defunct/fantasy/international teams? I saw some of your older concepts for some Mexican MLB teams and I really hope you follow through with this idea.
  19. Maybe an AL East team next? Really looking forward to your take on the Jays.
  20. I really like this! You've made the Giants your own. I feel like the collars have become a trademark of yours. Keep it up!
  21. That's because the '76 uniforms were a disco-fied version of the uniforms they wore in the early 1900s.
  22. Ah, that magical summer of 1976 when Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck thought it would be a good idea to put a team of grown men in softball shorts. Rumors that the White Sox will be throwing back to their '76 unis this month inspired me to explore what might have happened had those shorts actually caught on. The concepts below depict the three distinct White Sox looks post-1976 as softball uniforms. You'll notice that the '87-90 and '90-present uniforms are now pullovers. The concepts are hand-drawn onto a soccer uniform template to which I just added caps. C&C appreciated!