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  1. I still think if you could split up the "KC" logo and enlarge each letter, it would make for a great Monarchs fauxback alternate. But even if you can't make it work, this is nevertheless a very, very solid take on the Royals.
  2. . I actually prefer that tiger logo but I'm glad he decided to use the other one because it incorporates another era which, after all, is the whole point of this project.
  3. I might have posted this before, but the time is right so I'll do it again now. For the Royals, it would be great if you could throwback to the Kansas City Monarchs jersey by simply taking their new road alternate and splitting up the "K" and "C" in the "KC" logo so that the "K" appears on the player's right breast and the "C" on his left. Everything else about the alternate, from the powder blue trim to the thin placket piping is perfect.
  4. . God, I hope not. The Royals, just like the Mets, Blue Jays and Reds, looked awful in black. Their current uniforms are pretty much perfect. I imagine David's KC concept will closely resemble what they wear now.
  5. Wow, you finished the Tigers quick! A few thoughts... * The home and road unis are perfect. The orange outline on the "D" is a very nice touch. * Simply by changing the angle of the white patches above the tiger's eyes, the "cracked out" tiger becomes much more menacing and less silly-looking than the original version. This is a major improvement. * Would you consider reversing the colors on the BP jersey? Navy lettering on an orange jersey? There are already two other teams (Indians and Twins) in the AL Central that wear navy tops and the Tigers could stand to wear more orange.
  6. I hope you'll consider adding an actual tiger logo to your Detroit concept, David, and preferably not the one that looks like it's on crack.
  7. . The more orange the better. For a team called the "Tigers," there's a distinct lack of orange in their look.
  8. , I think Detroit is next, no? I'm curious to see what you do with the Tigers. They're a team who's essentially worn the same uniform for pretty much their entire existence so it should be interesting to see what you put together to give them something new and different.
  9. Well worth the wait. These look absolutely fantastic. I'm really glad you didn't go with the headdress. The scripts, the colors…everything meshes together perfectly.
  10. I just can't picture the headdress "C" looking good on the cap logo, regardless of whether you use the block "C" or the 'caveman' version. I really like the block "C" with the feather. It has a simple elegance to it and does an effective job of incorporating two distinct logos and you won't have to worry about offending anyone. Even without Wahoo, many people still take exception to the Native American headdress being "appropriated" for commercial use. I don't think you'd have that same problem with a simple single feather.
  11. This is excellent! Nice sunny Florida colors. It's a shame the Rays or Marlins don't wear something like this.
  12. By itself, I prefer the old '70s "C." But with the feather attached, it works better on the block "C." The feather is a much better idea than the headdress. Very clean and effective.
  13. Would the "C" with the headdress appear on the cap? That might be a bit too 'busy' as far as cap logos are concerned.
  14. The headdress by itself does not invoke a "C" clearly enough to be the main logo. Of the other options you posted I like the headdress over the red "C" the best, but it's far from perfect. I like Giants1883's suggestion of plucking the feather from Wahoo and affixing it to either the mid-70s "C" or the block "C."
  15. That looks fantastic! This is exactly how I imagined it would look. Thanks so much for doing this. I know most people would be vehemently opposed to a professional (men's) sports team wearing pink, but this proves that it could look amazing if done right. Looking forward to seeing what you do with Cleveland.
  16. David, I have an odd request. Could you put together a black and pink version of your Mets concept? The idea comes from this recent article that suggests the Mets nearly wore that color scheme back when they first came into the league. The black would replace the blue and the pink would replace the orange. I really love how that black and pink logo looks in the article and am curious to see how the whole uniform set would look.
  17. The Indians had some Native American logos in the 1920s and 1930s that were much less offensive/caricature-ish than Wahoo. Not the most glamorous of logos, but if you wanted to keep Wahoo in spirit (since he's been around so long), that might be something to consider.
  18. He's going in alphabetical order by division. After he finishes the AL Central, Boston would be the second team in the East.
  19. The new cap looks great. This entire concept has really come a long way since your first attempt. Nice work!
  20. I can live with this update. The road jersey is far and away the best thing about this entire set. I'm not a huge fan of the "C" on the cap. I still think you're missing a great opportunity by not using the Batterman logo, but the flying sock is a million times better than the "Sox" script. You could also try giving the caps a silver brim, which is a good look and something they actually wore for several games last season as an attempted slump-buster. . This is a good example of what your suggestion might look like. And it looks great with a silver brim. *hint hint* And thanks for posting the updated St. Patty's set. For some reason, that reviled horizontal "Sox" script actually looks good on this cap, and the stripes on the front panel work because they resemble the Irish flag. However, I think the sock logo cap would be a good alternative for the Irish set, especially if you used this coloring. Looking forward to see what you do with Cleveland.