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  1. Another great set. Some really interesting stuff going on with the Royals especially. Nice work on the bull logo. The Cards set is surprisingly conservative compared to most of the designs in this series. Looks like something they could realistically wear if they ever chose to change their current perfect set. I love the arch logo on the sleeves. Is Reds/Indians the only one left? I hope you give the Reds some actual red legs! I did a Google search and found that the Reds/Indians rivalry is called the "Ohio Cup," in case you wanted to use that in your thread title. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind seeing the Astros/Rangers. I suppose the novelty of that rivalry is kind of lost now that both teams are in the same league, though. Still, the "Lone Star Series" is a great name for a rivalry series. I can picture you doing some really fun stuff with the 'Stros especially if you stick to their pre-2013/NL looks. Go for it!
  2. I've been out of town the past two days and was pleasantly surprised to return and find you had finished both these and the Cards/Royals set. Nice use of the cursive "Pittsburgh" script on the Pirates away set. That's something I don't see used too often in Buccos concepts. I've always loved the "John Wayne" Pirates logo and using it as a crest on the jersey is truly inspired.
  3. I'm interested in your Buccos set! Can we expect some pinstripes?
  4. Awesome work! The Orioles set is delightfully gaudy. The Nats road jersey looks like something they'd actually wear. I hope your Phillies concept features lots of burgundy. Any chance you'll do a Reds/Indians set?
  5. Damn, you posted these over a month ago?!? How did I miss them? More awesome work! Can't wait to see what you have cooked up next. Orioles/Nats? Cards/Royals? Reds/Indians?
  6. C'mon, raysox, the mob has spoken. Let's see the rest of the league!
  7. Very cool! Will you be doing all of MLB? If so, I can't wait to see what you do with the White Sox.
  8. I guess my last request would be to see what your D-backs concept would look like with classic Arizona colors--purple and teal. I think that's the look that would please the most people.
  9. Wow, that certainly turned out interesting, David. It would certainly be one of most unique color combos in all of MLB. It almost looks like MiLB or college baseball uniforms. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the cap matched with the home alternate. The road alternate would be their best look, IMO. Thanks for taking the time to do it.
  10. How about adding baseball stitching to the moon?
  11. Hmm...Interesting revisions. One possible solution for the white script on the road jersey would be outlining the letters in red, which would mean not having to darken the gray. As far as the red on the black alternate--You probably wouldn't need the red if you didn't pair the black top with black pants. I honestly can't see monochrome unis making a comeback, especially with a color as dark as solid black. If you paired the black alternate with white pinstripe pants you wouldn't need the placket piping and it would look fine.
  12. This is a nice concept. Their current look is the only uniform I've known since I became conscious of the White Sox in the early '90s. I do think their current brand is perfect (which is why they've worn it for so long) but it could use some tweaks here and there. In recent years I've become bored with their road set, and your concept is a marked improvement. You could even try making the "Chicago" script white. I know white script on gray is considered a no-no by many, but I think it works for the Sox. I'd also add some thin placket piping on the black alternate to break up the field of black a bit.
  13. Even though the template is weak, I think you have some good ideas going on here. The "CR" logo on the chest is a pretty great idea, and solves what is, IMO, the problem of the boring "Rockies"/"Colorado" lettering the team has always had. Having said that, I think you need to keep the "Rockies" wordmark on the home white at the very least. I also think the black alternate top is extraneous. The purple top could be used as a home and road alternate.
  14. The purple and teal look would be great IF the home pinstripe set was white and not cream. And the road set would need a total redesign.
  15. Thanks...Far as ideas go, the one that's been nagging at me is Orioles-Nats. Tribe-Reds, I haven't really thought about. I don't figure Rays-Marlins is all that heated, though I could be way off. That said, that is one I'll leave to someone else if they want. Far as intraleague rivalries, the only other one of those I intend to do is Phillies-Pirates, though only because I'm very confident in the ideas I have for that matchup. I agree with the giants/A's thingThat makes at least three of us since I hadn't put anything together for the A's, I'll hold off until I do. I have a feeling yall are gonna love what I did with the Giants, so I'll see about making an A's set that better rivals it than what I had planned to release. Between the A's own history and the Oaks, I'm aiming for something good. I'm also curious to see what you put together for the Giants and A's. Will the Dodgers have a completely different set for the Giants match-ups than the ones you created for the Angels?
  16. This set is fantastic! A close second to your Crosstown Series. I'm loving the dreamsicle look of the Angels home. The Dodgers set is brilliant. Pinstripe shorts with a pullover solid white top is ridiculous, but sure enough they actually existed. Wow! Other than Dodgers-Giants, are there any other legitimate enough MLB rivalries you could tackle? Perhaps Cards/Royals? I'm not sure how strong some of those other intrastate rivalries such as Indians/Reds are. And the Astros/Rangers rivalry has kind of lost its luster since the 'Stros moved to the AL.
  17. Those first two images aren't loading for me.
  18. Hi David, Having looked back through this topic from before I got involved in it, I noticed a few alternate ideas that were discussed which I would love to see posted when you have time. The first is a powder blue road alternate for the Cardinals, and the second is your original color scheme for the Dbacks (red and purple).
  19. That Sox set is fantastic. Great job incorporating the pinwheel design into both sets.
  20. Very nice Cubs concept. The ivy is a beautiful touch. On that note, when you get around to doing the White Sox, it would be cool if you incorporated the pinwheels from Old Comiskey Park into the design somehow.
  21. Very nice concept. I've never been a fan of their current road set.
  22. Any time the Rangers and Angels both wear their red alternates.
  23. I actually think that looks pretty great, David. The only thing that isn't completely sitting well is the all khaki cap with orange brim; I think if the front panel was white (as is the Orioles' actual cap) and the sides/back were khaki, it would be much more effective.