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  1. Not bad! I would maybe make the “Sea Tigers” alt blue or pink so you don’t have two white options. Another idea to consider is flipping the outlines on the road script, unless you want to maintain a “blue and pink can’t touch” rule. And yet another suggestion: For the cap logo, make Florida white so it stands out against the rest of the cap. You’d probably have to then make the star at the bottom of the logo blue. Keep up the great work! You’ve got an awesome imagination.
  2. The Mets are really cool! Another nice outside the box idea. And a Mets concept where black actually works! For Miami, I actually prefer your first set of designs with “MIAMI” on the front over the “Sea Tigers” script. The wordmark is cleaner, and the more I think about it, the more I realize having two teams in the league with “Tigers” in their name might be a bit odd. So rather than start over from scratch, I’d maybe just downplay the use of the name. I also think the road jersey needs a blue stroke between the black letters and the pink outline.
  3. I love absolutely everything about this concept!
  4. Much better. But now that I’ve mentioned it, could we see the home set with a pinstriped cream front panel cap? Could be a cool idea.
  5. Home - Contrasting front panels tend to clash with pinstriped uniforms, so I’d either go with a solid purple cap or no pinstripes on the uniform. Or, you could try something experimental and add pinstripes to the front of the cap? Road - Curious why the only purple is on the numbers? I’d add a purple outline to the script and make the crown of the cap purple instead of black.
  6. The Cubs are perfect. Just curious, will you be posting updated designs based on feedback you receive? I’d like to see the Royals & Tigers tweaked to reflect the suggestions in my previous post.
  7. I like what you've done with both teams here. The firefighter-themed Braves identity is a smart update, and the Rangers concept, while a bit outside the box, still keeps with the overall spirit of their identity. I like how the crest logo looks like a giant badge on the front of the jersey. Could we see the Rangers home jersey with a blue star on the front for comparison?
  8. Sorry, I meant to post feedback for the Tigers but forgot. I think you should commit to one style or the other for the home and road instead having two home white and two road gray options. Personally, I'd make the jersey with the "Tigers" script an orange home alt and the road jersey with the "D" a navy road alt with the "D" being white with orange trim (or visa versa). I never subscribed to the belief that the Tigers are on the same level of "sacred cow" as the Yankees that they should never wear colored alts. Love the Royals! For the home and blue alt, maybe make the inner sleeve stripe gold instead of white for better color balance. Keep up the great work!
  9. I like the top option for the home wordmark and the first double-tiered option. The two-tiered look feels more balanced.
  10. There’s definitely better contrast between the maroon and the older, brighter shade of red.
  11. Fantastic! Great idea for an identity. Love the color scheme and the scripts.
  12. If you're going to roll with maroon as the secondary color, how about using the Reds' brighter shade of red from the '60s?
  13. The Reds look pretty good! Not sure how I feel about the rose-tinted road uniform, but it would certainly be unique.
  14. I too prefer the Sea Tigers identity, but I think the Dorados has potential. Maybe put a bat in his boxing glove?
  15. As a rule of thumb gold and powder blue shouldn’t touch. I’d either go with white/no outlines on the home set or make the uniform itself white.
  16. Woah! Cool to see someone embrace the M’s TATC look. I like the A’s too, but I think you should stick with elephant imagery on the alt and drop the dragon. I wonder if you could modify the standing elephant logo to give it some Chinese art characteristics. Keep up the awesome work!
  17. The Reds look fantastic! The pinstriped set with “Reds” script is my favorite of the bunch.
  18. Love that brown and green scheme. Some team has to use that someday.
  19. Hey admiral, trying to send you a PM but am being told you cannot receive messages.
  20. It bugs me that the Mets have two blue alts, the only difference between them being the "Mets" and "NEW YORK" script. I wish they had an orange alt for home.