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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I thought simplifying the late ‘90s Brewers scripts and numbers would make them more palatable, but I definitely get what you’re saying about the Milwaukee sets looking a bit like a hodgepodge of different throwback elements. I agree with your assessment of my Astros road design. I really wanted to use that funky number style but never expected it to work so well with the stripped down 2000s Houston script. And I always liked those “dusty” cream unis. I’m pretty happy with both Astros sets overall. Bright orange pinstripes would be fun to see on the field. As a Brewers fan, do you have any specific requests or suggestions for what you’d do differently? I suppose the most obvious change would be to use traditional style block numbers.
  2. I’d say the first and last one, but my preference is definitely the first.
  3. I agree that the small ray in the global logo isn’t necessary. I would also simplify the head spoon piping on the primary home, primary road and second row of alternates. Just one stripe should do the trick. The final six designs, however, are where this concept really shines! I really like the tweaked fauxback script and that BP design. You did a fantastic job salvaging their late ‘90s identity.
  4. Random idea, how about making the Bees throwback the primary home uniform and basing the throwback off this design: Maybe in off-white like some of your other throwbacks?
  5. Hey everyone, A few weeks ago in the MLB changes for 2019 thread, @NicDB suggested the Brewers wear their powder blue road throwbacks when they play AL opponents. That gave me the idea that it might be interesting if both the Brewers and Astros, the other team with a past life in a different league, wore special throwback uniforms for inter-league play. But rather than straight throwbacks, I thought it might be more fun if each team received a new home and road alt that paid tribute to their full history in their original league, incorporating elements from many different eras, even the less popular and more short-lived ones. And with that, I came up with some designs and I'm pretty happy with the results. Enjoy! BREWERS HOME: BREWERS ROAD: - The Brewers home set is a pullover design that uses a simplified version of the home script and numbers from their '94-96 look, and the BiG logo makes an appearance as a sleeve patch. - The home cap features a gold front panel and their '97-99 cap logo in royal blue. - The road set is powder blue and uses the team's 1990-93 script in yellow, as a nod to the team's '70-71 uniforms. - The road sleeve stripes are from their 1970 road set, a holdover from their Seattle Pilots days. ASTROS HOME: ASTROS ROAD: - The Astros home set is a pinstriped version of their orange-heavy '71-74 uniforms. The star on the cap and jersey design is from their '94-99 era look, and the number style on both sets comes from their 1975 uniforms. - The road set uses the dark cream color from their '83-93 road uniforms and a simplified version of their '01-12 "Houston" script. - I didn't want to go full tequila sunrise for either set, so I used a variation on the sleeve stripes from their '80-93 uniforms. C&C appreciated!
  6. I think I prefer the updated Bees with the yellow scripts. Nice work!
  7. Whoops! My mistake. This is what I was referencing:
  8. I actually wish they would use a black & white version of this:
  9. Nice work on the Giants. One suggestion is to make the placket piping on the second road jersey match the sleeve piping (orange/black/orange). Keep it up!
  10. Well, this confirms my earlier suspicion that the new “White Sox” script would eventually be adopted as a full-time alternate jersey wordmark.
  11. The Bees look great! Obviously yellow and black makes more sense for them, but yellow & navy looks pretty good, too.
  12. Looking forward to the Rays. Lots of interesting potential especially with their late ‘90s set.
  13. Oklahoma City: - Oilers - Twisters - Wranglers - Barons - Cyclones - Pioneers San Antonio: - Scorpions - Alamos - Toros - Outlaws - Rebels - Armadillos
  14. Wonderful designs, all of them. I love the small touches of red on the Highlanders and BP jerseys. Also, really happy you've decided to include caps with each design!
  15. I would argue that the Captains, Capitals and maybe the Oaks could work as MLB teams.
  16. While a handful of these identities are solid, even the better ones leave you wondering if the artists understand even the most basic baseball uniform design conventions. The Capitals, for instance, have gray road *and* home sets. The Rally Caps design makes use of pinstriped sea foam green uniforms. The “Q” pairs a traditional gray road uniform with a solid yellow cap. Weird stuff.
  17. For those interested, the Raleigh MLB website has added high resolution images of each of the twelve proposed team's caps, logos and uniforms:
  18. Guess I'm in the minority, but I actually like the purple and gold, if for no other reason than it's a nice break from the blue and red Expos concepts.
  19. Wow, I just discovered this thread. Really intriguing premise for a series and AWESOME results. Looking forward to more, especially how you handle my White Sox! EDIT: I agree with everyone who'd said they'd like to see hats, as it would really complete the look of these designs.