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  1. I can't get over how great Bryce Harper looked in this uniform yesterday, so much so that it's started to make me think it should be the Phillies' primary home look... ...and your home uniform concept only convinced me further. Great job!
  2. At last, the Expos! Great start to this portion of the series. I really dig the interlocking “SJ” logo, and the Clemente Day alternate is a gem. Looking forward to more!
  3. Padres are GORGEOUS. That road set is a work of art. One of your best yet! I do agree that a different number style might suit them better.
  4. The raglan design for the Royals is a really nice idea. I love the BP set with the banner-shaped sleeve stripes!
  5. Soooooo much better than the Marlins’ 2019 redesign. The logos and scripts really come to life in this Miami Vice color scheme. One of my favorite teams yet! It’s absolutely not needed, but I’m curious how the jerseys would look with front numbers.
  6. Great job on the Braves! I like what you did with the sleeve feathers, and the red alt with white front paneled cap is a great look. I do agree with @Paul Lucas, though--the red striped socks look mismatched with the all navy and white road set.
  7. The Pirates turned out great! You definitely got across the "pirate look" idea without making it look too over the top.
  8. I really like the inverted colors on the road script. It pops a lot better. Nice work!
  9. Really nice take on the Braves. The triple piping and double outlines on the scripts and numbers set it apart from being just a rehash of the Hank Aaron era set. Looking forward to more!
  10. This is an absolutely brilliant re-imagining of the Rangers. I love just about everything about it! Some team in the majors needs to adopt that color scheme. Any thought to inverting the colors on the road script?
  11. If the Isotopes would stop using that goofy ass script, they'd have the foundation for a pretty solid identity. Almost like an alternate universe Astros.
  12. I think it looks pretty good! Alternatively you could try white piping, but the green looks fine, IMO.
  13. LOVE this color scheme for the Mariners! That home alt is absolutely gorgeous. My only suggestion would be to add headspoon piping on the road alt for consistency across the board.
  14. Nice job on the Tigers! I love the BP set. I do miss the placket piping on the home uniform. I feel it’s an essential part of their classic look. I also think the tiger striping looks a little odd without orange. Also, for the throwback, I’d love to see an adaptation of this uniform:
  15. The new primary for the "1960s revival" set and the updated cap logo for the Metrodome set are big improvements. Definitely an example of less being more.
  16. Great job! That home set is an absolute stunner. P.S. I love the updated Astros road set with the "Houston" wordmark.
  17. The Astros look sharp! Love that you went with the dusty cream look for the roads. The numbers style fits them perfectly. Any thought given to using a "HOUSTON" wordmark in the same style as the "ASTROS" one for the road?
  18. Nice work on the Brewers and Cards!
  19. Love the Phillies. Always great to see them in that retro color scheme.
  20. I'm not feeling the underscored "C" logo from the first set...I think it worked on the "M" logo because the underscore follows the curve of the bottom of the "M," but the "C" doesn't have that same curve. The "Carolina" script from the second set, on the other hand, is superb! Looking forward to finally getting to the Expos!
  21. I think there's some potential there with a black/white/green color scheme. Maybe once you finish the series you can revisit the idea?