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  1. Oh man, that Twins set is gorgeous!
  2. I'm still curious if the White Sox will be unveiling a new alternate that uses the "White Sox" script that was used around the park and on promotional material last season. SoxFest is this coming weekend so you'd think if an unveiling was coming, they'd start teasing it very soon.
  3. Man, these are all SO good. My favorites are the Mariners and Cubs. Interesting how the D-Backs aren't terribly far off from their actual uniforms. Any chance you could flip the colors on the Mariners script? The green outline is so thin that it becomes practically invisible when viewed from a distance. I think the biggest thing lost by mashing up MLB uniforms with NFL is the pinstripes, which are so quintessentially "baseball." But I love these designs nonetheless. Hope to see the Twins x Vikings, Marlins x Dolphins and Nationals x Redskins!
  4. This is fantastic! I love the wings on the Angels sleeves. Though I will admit, a team called the “Reds” in orange and black is a bit weird, haha. I hope you decide to do the full league. I think a Mariners + Seahawks mashup could especially look pretty cool.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. While I get where you're coming from, none of the other Anaheim area college teams had color schemes that I felt would fit the Angels. Thanks! That's an easy fix:
  6. Hey everyone, A while back I started a discussion in the General Sports Logos forum on which MLB teams could most use redesigns and new color schemes. It sparked the idea that a few teams with older/outdated designs could look to local college baseball teams for design inspiration. For this mini series, I'll be focusing on a small group of teams, maybe four or five. Let's start today with the Angels! ANGELS HOME: ANGELS ROAD: ANGELS HOME ALT: ANGELS HOME/ROAD ALT: For the Angels, I've used the Trojans of the University of Southern California as inspiration. The Halos adopt a deep crimson red and athletic gold scheme, a color combo I've long felt would work well for them. The cursive "Angels" script is a tweak of the original Lakers script from the early '60s. No unnecessary outlines or drop shadows. Just keep it simple. I've also brought back the early "CA" monogram. C&C appreciated! The Rangers are next.
  7. A small change but it ends up being a big upgrade!
  8. I agree. The "TR" with state outline and baseball is too busy for a primary cap logo. That aside, I love everything about this set!
  9. Again, nice work! I really like what you’ve done with the Sox. Once again, however, I wish the back numbers were consistent with the scripts, i.e. adding an outline to the road and alternate numbers. As for the updated Phillies—I don’t actually dislike the blue pinstripes, but in your initial post you said you “ditched blue almost entirety” so I figured the blue pins might be unintentional.
  10. The White Sox have some of the best minor league identities across the board, especially at Birmingham and Charlotte. Looks like they’re going for a more tasteful, refined look for their Class A club now, too. Glad they’re keeping the purple.
  11. This has been a nice series so far! That one year wonder "Indians" script is really nice and criminally underused so it's nice to see it show up here. I think the back numbers could use outlines throughout the whole Indians set. I like both Cubs alts a lot. One suggestion--for the road set, make the front numbers red with blue trim (or red with white trim) to contrast with the "CUBS" script. Interesting choice to use a recolored version of the new BiG logo for the Brewers. Overall I like this Milwaukee set! Something seems off about the shade of powder blue for the road alt. It seems too "electric." Not sure if it's a mistake or not but the pinstripes on the Phillies home set are blue. Keep up the good work!
  12. Indeed. The Miami Hurricanes use those colors and look better than the Marlins.
  13. An MLB team in hunter green and orange and one in purple and athletic gold.
  15. Is anyone able to produce a women's baseball template version of this? So something like this: ...but with pants instead of a skirt? Thanks!
  16. I can't remember exactly when, but a few years ago the White Sox wore their black BP caps with silver bill at home. I believe it was for just one game.
  17. Great work all around. I’m in love with that Tigers jersey!
  18. We begin another division today with the NL East and the Philadelphia Phillies. The inspiration for my Phillies design came from @jn8's excellent hand-drawn concept (check out his entire thread if you haven't already). I really like the distinctive shade of Phanatic lime green and feel it complements the Philly red really nicely. With the Phanatic face as the sleeve patch, the sleeve numbers get bumped to the front of the jersey. C&C appreciated!
  19. Great job on the Dodgers. I really like that shade of blue--it complements the Dodger blue well. Also nice work on the D-Backs, @Victormrey!
  20. So far so good. Are these supposed to be MLB teams?
  21. To me, this would be the perfect look for the Rangers, courtesy of @SFGiants58. They stay blue and red but there's no way they'd ever be mistaken for any other team.