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  1. I'm surprised by how much I like the Expos in navy and columbia blue. In an alternate dimension where the Rays use a different color scheme, I'd be totally fine with the resurrected Expos in these colors.
  2. The Carolina possibilities all have lots of potential. The only one I'm not big on is "Wolves," as it's a bit generic. For Raleigh, they're all pretty solid, but I think Raleigh Mustangs works best. One thing to consider is the other three names all begin with vowels, and since "Raleigh" ends in a strong A sound, those three sound a bit awkward when said aloud ("Ralayoaks," etc.). The Charlotte suggestions are pretty good, too, but the name "Miners" would probably make the team a target for jokes about how they should be in the Minors when they're not playing well.
  3. Very cool seeing all these different possibilities together in one spot!
  4. Great work on the Knights! You've done a solid job adapting one of the better MiLB identities. I love that throwback! This is just a random idea but how about adding sleeve numbers to the home, road and second alternates?
  5. I actually love that yellow alt, though I’d probably make the cap bill navy.
  6. Oh man, this is just a beautiful set. The two-toned gray would be something else to see on the field. Dare I say it, I might actually prefer this to the Nationals' identity.
  7. Great update! I really like how the sea foam alt looks now with the ray on the cap.
  8. Next month is a design showcase that will feature brand proposals for a potential Raleigh MLB team:
  9. Very strange that we're less than a month out from Players' Weekend and we still haven't seen any of the jerseys or caps.
  10. Good job on the Giants! I really like the sand-tinted uniform. Congrats on finishing this series! You've done a great job executing some really nice ideas. Some of my favorites were the Rays, the black and blue Jays, the brown and orange Indians, the purple, green & light blue Twins, the slate blue and brick red Rangers, the Marlins, the red and powder blue Phillies, the '70s style navy and gold Brewers and the modern D-Backs in their throwback colors. Looking forward to whatever you have planned next!
  11. I kind of wish the Yankees would make this a full time road alt/throwback.
  12. Welcome back! You did an excellent job with my White Sox. I really love how their underappreciated '87-90 set looks in black and red. Great job overall, but I would just go back and tweak the color balance on all these designs: - Take the sock design you used for the 1917 inspired set and apply it to all the uniforms. - Make the cap bill of the three '83 style sets red. - Add a red stroke to the cap logo on the pinstriped set - For the '83 style road set, make the outline of the diamond sleeve patch white or get rid of it entirely.
  13. That slab serif "N" is fantastic. Other than that, I think your initial concept is still as good as can be. The addition of yellow is definitely unnecessary and really muddies up the whole design.
  14. Great job on the Padres! One small suggestion would be to add a gold drop shadow to the uniform numbers on the 2nd alternate and BP top for consistency with the rest of the jerseys.
  15. Surprised by how much I like the Dodgers in green! My only nitpick is that the red front numbers on the alt kind of bleed into the green jersey. I guess the only way around that would be to add a white outline to the numbers? If you really wanted to be be bold you could add yellow as a trim color to go for an LA flag theme. The main set is also great. Can’t help but love that checkered design.
  16. Nice updates! I like that you re-purposed the boxing fish logo from your unused Miami concept for Hawaii. For the yellow/light green cap, I'd make the crown of the cap dark green with a light green bill or go with a white front paneled cap. Also make the "M" logo on the light green/yellow alternate white. What's the reasoning behind the small "2" next to the script and crest? The new Vegas cap logo is GREAT, one of your best in the series.
  17. I’m really liking this! I understand what @Dalcowboyfan92 is getting at about the colors but I love the austerity of the design. Almost like the NL’s answer to the White Sox. I’m guessing the Pandas are next? P.S. “Destroyers” is misspelled on the tertiary logo.
  18. Any idea when we'll get our first look at this year's Players' Weekend jerseys? We're only a little over a month away from seeing them in action.
  19. Really like your take on the Rockies! An inverted version of the purple alt--white with purple headspoon piping--would actually be my ideal for what their primary home uniform would look like. The throwback design is an absolute gem, as well!
  20. I can't help but wonder how the Cougars would look with the Kane County Cougars colors. Maybe replace the black with forest green? The Kodiaks look pretty good, too. The color scheme certainly fits the cold weather climate.
  21. I like it! Reminds me a little bit of the Avalanche colors.