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  1. Love that Mets concept. This has been such a fun series to follow!
  2. Promising start! I really like the tweaked “P” logo. So will each team concept be a Photoshopped design onto a player?
  3. Nice job on the Sacramento Giants! Pretty straightforward concept, so I have no real suggestions or complaints. Yep, I'm betting it is.
  4. Great job on the Spiders, especially that sleeve patch logo. The alt looks a little bare; maybe add some placket piping?
  5. Tough call on the Red Sox alt. I prefer more red, but the white definitely pops a bit better.
  6. I like the plain sand road uniforms, but when paired with a brown top, the pants look too much like generic dress khakis. They need pinstripes.
  7. Thoughts? I really like the "R" logo.
  8. This is one of the most interesting White Sox concepts I've seen on this forum! Black and Kelly green work beautifully together, and I dig all the other changes, notably dropping the pinstripes on the home and going back to an arched block wordmark on the road. The all-black set is my favorite!
  9. You really killed it with the Brewers! This makes me wish their home uniforms actually were that shade of rich, dark cream. I agree with @Carolingian Steamroller's suggestion about repositioning the barley on the pants. In a perfect world, high cuffed pants would be mandatory.
  10. Solid work on Toronto. Even though it's hard to mess with their classic color scheme, i have to admit that black and light blue combo is pretty compelling!
  11. The racing stripes are a really cool touch on the blue alt. Nice idea! Looking forward to the next division!
  12. Yeah, it’s kind of crazy, but if you read the pinned tweet, it sounds like the whole project is a labor of love between a father and his son, which I can definitely appreciate.
  13. Stumbled upon this Twitter account that imagines a fictional MLB team in Omaha called the Pioneers. The logo and design uniform mockups are pretty terrific.
  14. I freaking love this concept! The warm colors make for a nice gradient-type effect on the scripts and logos, and the Astros-inspired faxbacks are both excellent.
  15. The Rays are an enormous upgrade over their current look! I think the BP set is my favorite--the Carolina blue socks, shoes and white front paneled cap all complement each other terrifically.
  16. Thought this might be relevant to this series...
  17. Man, the Rays look awesome! Perfect combination of their original and ‘70s fauxback designs. The gold alternate is my favorite. Also, big fan of the Boston tweaks. I too have always liked the red capped look, and it’s a great way to set them apart from Cleveland.
  18. Nice job with the Yankees. The melange effect on that road alternate is really nice.
  19. Woah, the Marlins look incredible! Really loving that road set! I think it would be cool if you could continue the scale pattern on the socks somehow.
  20. Boston looks good. Solid reasoning behind all the design choices you made.
  21. Not sure why this hasn't gotten any responses yet. These designs are all fantastic. I never knew the Orioles needed placket piping before now! I also want to add that with that solid black alt, you've made me actually appreciate the "O's" logo. Keep up the great work!
  22. I like the Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay ones, but yeah, the rest are pretty garbage.
  23. Great job on Boston. I'm a big fan of the green set.