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  1. To me, this would be the perfect look for the Rangers, courtesy of @SFGiants58. They stay blue and red but there's no way they'd ever be mistaken for any other team.
  2. The Rangers adopted powder blue in the third year of their existence. In my opinion that's different from all those BFBS teams in the late '90s who had been around for decades and never worn black before.
  3. I mean...At least in the case of the Rangers, there's some precedent for them wearing powder blue. My problem is with the execution and the fact that they've chosen to make this powder blue set a home alt rather than a road one. I wonder if we'll get to the point where teams that historically never wore powder blue start incorporating in into their wardrobe.
  4. Quick mock-up of the Nolan Ryan era "Rangers" script in the style of the 2020 redesign. Also did one for the Sunday alt, with a double outline stead of a drop shadow.
  5. Initial thoughts: - I like the thick '70s-80s style sleeve and pant stripes - The powder blue set is interesting, though it's weird that it's a home alt. - Nice to have a "Rangers" script back, though I would've preferred that they just go back to the Nolan Ryan era script. - I like the powder blue trim on the road sleeves, but I don't like that it's not anywhere else on the jersey. - I like that they've seemingly picked a lane and decided to go red at home, blue on the road.
  6. Is it me or is that a different shade of blue, too?
  7. Good catch! Here's an updated version of the numbers. The gradient also starts with purple and ends with light green, which works better, IMO.
  8. This is a really smart update for the Rockies. The new wordmarks are an improvement, and I love the addition of sky blue and green to the color scheme. My only complaint is that, much like the current problem with the Rockies' purple and black, there isn't enough contrast between the purple and green. I'd lighten up one of the colors. I do really like that with these two recent redesigns, the Rockies and D-Backs could co-exist without the two teams looking anything like one another!
  9. Curious to see what the “new Rangers uniforms” being unveiled on Wednesday will consist of.
  10. A mutual enemy of Spider-Man and his rogues gallery?
  11. We've now reached the midway point of this series, so let's start with the new division and a new team, the San Diego Padres! Funny story...Months ago I came up with a completely different design for San Diego, one that actually wound up looking pretty similar to the Padres new uniforms. After the team's dramatic new look was unveiled earlier this month, I knew I had to go in another direction, and what I came up with is essentially a modernization of the Padres' 1978 home and road alternate, bringing back the "Taco Bell" cap design and emphasizing gold over brown. C&C appreciated! As a bonus, I've made yet another tweak to my Rays design, and this one I can finally say with confidence I'm happy with. Even though the Rays' hunter green look was my personal favorite of theirs, I had to accept that the Rays would probably not pay homage to the worst period in team history, so I decided instead to play up the teams' two current secondary colors of sky blue and yellow, using navy only as a trim color. Let me know what you think!
  12. Interesting Mariners concept:
  13. The D-Backs—Not bad! Not sure how I feel about the teal under sleeves and solid teal uniform, though. It feels a little too Marlins. I like the thick sleeve and pant stripes, though.
  14. I get what you mean, but I think as long as the Sox keep this look reserved for Spring Training, you can't really argue that the team is "blending eras." Now, if they ever start wearing this jersey and cap during the regular season, then we can talk.
  15. While I agree about the Brewers, I disagree with your assessment of the White Sox, who have maintained nearly the exact same look for going on 30 years. I assume what you’re referring to is the ‘83 style throwbacks they’ve worn almost exclusively on Sunday home games for the past few years? That’s not quite the same as what Brewers did the last few seasons, straddling the line between their ‘00-19 and BiG era colors and regularly using the BiG without committing to it as a full time logo.
  16. Colorado overall has a solid set, but I've never much liked their Times New Roman-esque wordmarks. Certainly that aspect of their look could stand to be addressed. I also think they should either use a much brighter shade of purple (even considering that the lighter shade they introduced a few seasons ago was a big improvement) or drop the black altogether. Also, please, please get rid of that awful black vest alternate.
  17. The shoulder pattern and pant stripes are a fantastic modernization of the tequila sunrise look and would really add some life to their current uniforms. Great work again! I would love to see your take on the Rays or Rockies next.
  18. Quick idea for a “neo-retro” Angels design using the red and gold color scheme:
  19. This kind of makes me wonder what the Brewers would look like in a cream, forest green and royal blue scheme, iincorporating elements of their current look, their BiG era blue and their mid-90s "Motre Bame" era green.
  20. If the D-Backs ever do decide to return to their original look, I think they need to simplify the color scheme. Purple, turquoise, black and copper is just too much. Maybe drop the black and switch from copper to sand. There were too many dark, muted colors competing with one another in that identity. Another possibility would be to find a middle ground between purple and Sedona red and go with a magenta type shade.
  21. Wow! This design manages to feel both classic and modern at the same time. I love that vintage style "YANKEES" script, and it's always great to see a design pay tribute to the Negro Leagues.
  22. This is what I'm hoping the Angels will do, as well. I'd also like to see athletic gold emphasized in the Angels' next redesign. Red and gold would be a distinctive look among the rest of the league.