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  1. I’d still keep the navy, but think about using a brighter shade of teal, as @QCS suggested. There needs to be more contrast between the navy and teal since they’re co-dominant colors. Love the updated Colt .45’s! The navy and metallic gold fit well with the Old West, gunslinger identity. However, I would add a white outline around the cap logo since the gold is so dark, or go with a lighter shade of gold.
  2. I actually think the flipped outline colors on the D-Backs are an improvement, but different strokes, I guess. The Braves also look great!
  3. Nice start to this series! I really like what you've done with the Astros. Combining their 2000s "railmen" scripts with their modern colors is a nice idea and makes for a clean, fresh look. The A's look pretty solid, too. Unfortunately, the M's don't really do it for me. If you really want to use powder blue, I'd just make the road set powder blue instead of gray--the powder trim doesn't look good against the gray road jersey. I'd also make the Mariners cap logo white (instead of teal) with a light blue outline. I'd then make the script on the teal alt navy with white trim. Keep up the good work!
  4. Small suggestion for the sand set: Flip the turquoise and black outlines on the numbers and scripts, since the turquoise bleeds into the sand a little.
  5. Love the idea of a “Cooperstown Collection” alternate for each team, and it works really well for Arizona given the popularity of their original look and colors. Really digging the new template, too!
  7. So, I decided to do throwback designs for a few teams using their new college colors. I'll post them in two parts. Let me know what you think! ANGELS THROWBACK: RANGERS THROWBACK: MARLINS THROWBACK: MARINERS THROWBACK: INDIANS THROWBACK: BRAVES THROWBACK:
  8. We wrap up the series today with the Chicago White Sox. WHITE SOX HOME: WHITE SOX ROAD: WHITE HOME ALT: WHITE SOX HOME/ROAD ALT: I figured it was appropriate to close out this series with my own team, the Chicago White Sox. The Sox have now worn black, silver and white for nearly my entire life, and I will die on the hill that says they need never mess with their colors again. That being said, I admit that the Sox look great in black and red, and once I learned that a few seasons back the Huskies of North Illinois University introduced uniforms that are literally modeled after the ‘80s batterman era Sox, I knew I had found my college team inspiration. The cap logo is an outlined version of the '80s batterman, while the home set features the new "White Sox" script first used around the ballpark and on promotional material last season (and on the team's 2019 Players' Weekend jerseys). Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory. Thanks everyone who followed along and offered feedback. Stay healthy and safe!
  9. New Winston-Salem Dash unis: The White Sox have maybe the best dressed minor league system from Single A-AAA.
  10. Thanks! Thank you! And I see what you mean about the home set, so I've made a few tweaks. The headspoon piping is now blue to match the pants, and I've gone with a plain white base instead of cream for the uniform which I think helps the yellow scripts and numbers pop better. Let me know if this is an improvement!
  11. We're down to the final two teams, so let's begin the week with the Milwaukee Brewers! BREWERS HOME: BREWERS ROAD: BREWERS HOME ALT: BREWERS ROAD ALT: While I overall loved the Brewers’ latest redesign, it could’ve been better. Here I’ve used the colors and designs from Marquette University High School’s Hilltoppers. This is a high school team affiliated with Milwaukee’s Marquette University, and whose blue is more midnight than navy and gold a bit deeper and richer than the Brewers’ yellow. It also boggles my mind that the Brewers of all teams didn’t use their redesign as an opportunity to hop back on the powder blue road bandwagon (as they were one of the teams who did it best the first time around) so I’ve rectified that mistake here. Hopefully @NicDB approves of this design. C&C appreciated! One more team left!
  12. Thanks! Let's wrap up another week with a late addition to the series, the Philadelphia Phillies! PHILLIES HOME: PHILLIES ROAD: PHILLIES ALT: With the Nats switching to slate blue and buff in my alternate MLB, I felt comfortable keeping the Phils in red, so I chose the cherry shade used by the Owls of Temple University, as suggested by @Jake3.roo. I moved away from the "bubble" scripts and numbers that so many people seem to hate in favor of the more traditional Old English "P" used by Philly in the '20s and '30s (Why should Detroit be the only team that uses an Old English style logo?). C&C appreciated as always!
  13. Possible early look at the Winston Salem Dash's new uniforms?
  14. Nice work! I like pretty much everything I’m seeing. A few comments & suggestions: - I love that Astros’ design! It’s good enough to be a regular season alternate. - The Nats and Braves’ looks are nearly identical. I REALLY like the “N” cap for the Nats, however. Maybe put the Nats back in navy and let the Braves keep the royal blue? - How about making the Yankees jersey and cap navy instead of white? The all white with red trim might cause them to look too much like Boston which would be sacrilege. - For Milwaukee, I’d make the script yellow with white trim (or get rid of the trim altogether). - I’m on the fence about the lack of red on the Cubs set. On the one hand, it kind of feels like it’s missing something, but on the other hand, it reminds me of the ‘70s Cubs road unis which is pretty cool. - For the Rays, make the trim around the script and devil ray white so that it pops against the entire gradient. Also, the navy cap doesn’t seem to go well with the gradient jersey. - For Seattle, make the “M” part of the cap logo either teal or blue. - Add a black outline to the Giants’ cap logo. - Not sure how I feel about the solid red look for the Twins. They have so many colors in their palette (navy, red, powder blue, gold) that I think you could do something more with this design. How about making the “Twins” script and cap logo powder blue? - As a White Sox fan, I’d buy that jersey and cap combo in an instant. EDIT: A few additional thoughts: - How about a solid gold jersey with brown script for San Diego? Back in the ‘70s the Padres balanced their brown and gold fairly equally, but surprisingly they have not introduced a gold alternate (even for Spring Training) to accompany their latest rebranding. - For the Jays, how about keeping the blue colors of the jay head logo? That way the team called the “Blue Jays” has some actual blue on their uniforms. - What shade of blue did you use for Texas? It looks almost purple. - Make the outline around the bear logo on the Cubs cap and sleeve white to match the wordmark. Keep up the great work!
  15. Thanks for the feedback! Up next, viva Les Expos! EXPOS HOME: EXPOS ROAD: EXPOS ALT 1: EXPOS ALT 2: This is the "bonus" team mentioned in my previous post. With all this recent talk of MLB expansion and the Rays possibly splitting time between Tampa and Montreal, I decided to take a stab at the Expos. The blue and black color scheme comes from l‘Universite de Montreal Baseball club. Rather than just putting the Expos back in pinstripes, I opted for a clean white home uniform with triple headspoon, sleeve and pants piping, similar to the university team's uniforms. The away set gets a powder blue tint as a nod to the Expos' early road uniforms. This one is pretty straightforward. C&C appreciated!
  16. I honestly dig this look for the D-Backs even more than your Project 32 design. The new purple reminds me of an idea @CaliforniaGlowin had a few years back (which@seasaltvanilla then mocked up) to combine the D-Backs’ original purple and modern day Sedona red to give them a distinctive new magenta-like color. The refined scripts and numbers all look great, as well. Fantastic work! I'd love to see you do something like this for the Marlins. Black and teal with some orange as a trim color? Just an idea.
  17. Yes, ASU's colors are burgundy and athletic gold. I suppose the shade resembling a combination of the D-Backs' original purple and contemporary Sedona red would be a clever way to pay tribute to both eras! Thanks! While I appreciate the enthusiasm, my plan was never to do the entire league. As mentioned in my initial post, the original idea for this series was to take MLB teams who could use a refresh and look to local college teams for ideas. (The only real outlier to that was Clemson for the Tigers, since Detroit already has a perfect look.) And most of the ideas suggested above would honestly be downgrades from their MLB equivalent's actual looks (such as the Giants in red and white). I suppose if I get really bored/inspired down the road I might decide to do the rest of the league, but I won't make any promises. I WILL reveal that I do have four more teams prepared. However, only one of those three uses the suggested college team for inspiration... Let's wrap up the week with one of those teams, the Minnesota Twins! TWINS HOME: TWINS ROAD: TWINS HOME ALT: TWINS HOME/ROAD ALT: My inspiration for this design came from the Mavericks of Minnesota State University. While several of you suggested I use the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Golden Gophers for the Twins, I wanted to go a different route given how similar the Gophers’ colors are to the Sun Devils. On top of that, maroon and gold just don’t feel very “Minnesota” in my opinion. In using the Mavericks, I like that the purple and athletic gold create some visual cohesion with the Minnesota Vikings, even if they aren't the exact same shades. I also brought back the Twins’ pullover era sleeve and pants trim. Big thanks to @MJD7 for the consult with this design. C&C appreciated!
  18. Ah, that's much better. The color balance on the red alt with the black cap bill and under sleeves is a definite improvement.
  19. Beautiful work as always! That teal alt is just spectacular. One small suggestion I have is for the Sedona red alt. I’d go with black undersleeves and a black bill on the cap. The all red look is a bit much. Really can’t wait for Pt. 2!!
  20. Thanks! And the charcoal suggestion is not a bad idea! Here's how the second alt would look with charcoal replacing black (though I did keep black accents on the logos).
  21. Thanks, @Victormrey! Another new week begins with the Arizona Diamondbacks! D-BACKS HOME: D-BACKS ROAD: D-BACKS ALT 1: D-BACKS ALT 2: This one was staring me right in the face from the very start. As previously suggested by @woody86, the Sun Devils of Arizona State University have one of the very best identities in all of college sports. Since the Diamondbacks have always used at least three different colors at any given time, I decided to keep black so as to distinguish this design from my Angels concept. I also resurrected the D-Backs’ original sleeveless home uniform, early scripts and numbers and diamond pattern sleeve trim for the alternates. While I prefer the D-Backs in purple and turquoise, I feel this color palette would still be an upgrade over their current look. C&C appreciated!
  22. Thanks! Were it not for the team name, I'm sure I never would've even considered it. Next up are the Washington Nationals! NATIONALS HOME: NATIONALS ROAD: NATIONALS HOME ALT: NATIONALS HOME/ROAD ALT: The reigning World Series champs look fine as is, but any time I can try out a red, white and blue team in a different color scheme (other than the teams who absolutely own it like the Dodgers, Blue Jays and Cubs) I'll at least consider it, and one less RWB team in the NL East wouldn't be such a bad thing. My concept puts the Nats in slate blue and buff as used by the Colonials of George Washington University. These colors may not scream "U.S.A! U.S.A!" as blatantly as the Nats' real life ones do, but they do have some significance, as they're the colors of the U.S. Presidential seal (and were previously worn by the late '90s-2000s Washington Wizards). I kept the solid slate blue pants from the Colonials' uniforms for the home alt because why not? There's also a nod to the Expos with some powder blue-tinted road unis. And while it doesn't bother me as much as it does others, I decided to drop the Walgreens "W" across the board in favor of the monogram "D.C." C&C appreciated!
  23. Thanks! Up next, the Detroit Tigers! TIGERS HOME: TIGERS ROAD: TIGERS HOME ALT: TIGERS HOME/ROAD ALT: Now, this one really doesn’t follow the premise of the series at all. The Detroit Tigers have a great look, arguably one of the very best in baseball, and Clemson University is in South Carolina, not Michigan. But I’ve always loved the Clemson Tigers’ purple and orange color scheme and wanted to see how it would look on Detroit, and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results. To me, this is an answer to the question, “What if the Detroit Tigers were a ‘90s expansion team?” C&C appreciated!