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  1. I love that you brought back cream for the home set! Overall this is a big improvement over their current look that nevertheless doesn't deviate too far from what they wear now. My only nitpick would be to make the socks on the fauxback purple instead of black.
  2. Great job on these last few teams. Curious what the inspiration was behind the Padres design. Are we getting the Rockies?
  3. Great work! I love the heritage alt and dugout jacket. Definitely has a timeless look to it.
  4. I think there’s definitely potential there for some cool designs. I’d love to imagine what teams like the Rays, Marlins and Astros would look like in the ‘40s.
  5. How about all teams wear fauxbacks to 1776?
  6. Don’t keep us hanging waiting for the rest of the league!
  7. Nice job on the Pirates and the Cards! I don't think I have anything to say that hasn't already been said by @SFGiants58 and @Victormrey. Keep up the great work!
  8. Is black and white considered “generic?” Because if so I present:
  9. What nonsense is this??
  10. I really like the sea foam green alt. I could go either way on the sleeveless vs. non-sleeveless version. Maybe put the ray logo on the green cap in place of the “TB”?
  11. I was going to say I actually like the neon green alternate (it’s very late ‘90s-early 2000s) but could we see it with the “TB” logo on the front in place of the “Rays” wordmark?
  12. That black/red/light blue set is super sharp!
  13. Great idea using the lettering from the ‘80s Pirates logo as a jersey script. I had a similar idea for one of my own Pirates concepts. The Reds are also well done. Could you maybe try restoring the black to Mr. Redlegs face?
  14. Pretty cool! I like the vertical “STL” logo and the half fleur-de-lis.
  15. I actually think that navy and gold set is my favorite of them all. Looks great!
  16. That Brewers alt is fabulous! I also love the powder blue Angels set. Some suggestions for the rest: - Flip the alts for Tampa Bay--navy should be the road alt and light blue should be worn at home. - Can we see the Old English script on the green A's alt? Also maybe consistent sleeve stripes--white/gold/white. - I'd also play with the Giants' alts. An orange alt with black "GIANTS" script for the home and a black alt with orange "SAN FRANCISCO" (or even just the big "SF" you used for the road set) would work. Looking forward to more!
  17. I really dig the newest version of the Brewers. I'm curious how it would look with navy replacing royal blue.
  18. LOVE what you did with the Cubs. The Cards are an interesting re-imagining but you already used the red and black color scheme for Atlanta. Maybe replace the black with navy and/or swap the gray trim for yellow? The Monterrey concept is interesting but the colors are a bit drab. Maybe go with the color scheme of the Mexican National Baseball Team? I also think you need some sort of wordmark on at least one of the uniforms. And if you're thinking realistically, the chances of MLB ever expanding to Alaska are next to zero. Still, don't let them stop you from coming up with something inventive!
  19. Beautiful work! Can we see an alternate uniform concept?
  20. Did you post the Cardinals? I don’t remember seeing them. The link to the Brewers road set appears to be broken.
  21. Really cranking out the teams! I think everything looks pretty great! The Old English style for the Reds works really well. I assume you just forgot to upload the Brewers road set? Speaking of the Brewers, try shrinking the BiG logo a tad. Not completely sold on the Rockies' cap logo, but I do like everything else about the design.