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  1. anyone else... i pushed out 3 concepts i would like a couple more comments before i post something else
  2. I'm currently working on the LA Rams and I have a Saints concept in mind.
  3. Now I wouldn't call this one exactly original, I think I saw the dots somewhere I'll give credit if someone claims it. Just trying to modernize the Colts a bit.
  4. My last reincarnation is a jets concept based on a recycled bombers logo I made in my last concept. Jets
  5. Next up is my chargers concept just want to bring it over here and drop the other one. Chargers Sorry lost the SVG to the first one so its not as updated as the rest
  6. Changed the system a bit. New background, that my chargers concept had. I'm basically combining all of my past work into this thread. Plus each team has a throwback now. Dolphins
  7. Updates to miami as long as other teams coming soon to a thread neer you
  8. Make the background a basketball if ypu were trying to make a knicks look
  9. Also have a logo side by side comparison
  10. yeah i can always try that
  11. Got some tradition Sabres coloring.
  12. Welcome to the boards! you have a lot to learn but, trust most of us have been here when we first started.
  13. I grew up in Buffalo, NY and the one thing that makes me relive my childhood all the time is when im on the mothership and look at the sabres red and black era. So I tried mixing old and new (or older technically). Here are 2 attempts at this plus another one with a different striping pattern.
  14. any Adidas hockey svg templates floating around?
  15. Modernish Jack Eichel, LeSean McCoy, Ryan Miller, Fred Jackson ((or Kyle Williams) toss up between the two)
  16. Jim Kelly, Bill Polian, Ralph Wilson, Derek Hasek
  17. no just a background
  18. 205 views and no comments? im open to any criticism bad, good, any.
  19. I was scrolling through the NFL page because of updates and once again I stumbled upon the bombers logo. I tried my hand on it. It has a little inspiration on the Winnipeg Jets from the plane, but I really tried to capture the old bombers logo and give it a good update. Uniforms coming soon if wanted.
  20. looks like an ugly sweater for christmas in a good way
  21. Love the kings! really looks good on them One suggestion on the avalanche is the away on the sleeves. Try adding a little marron some where it seems empty.
  22. Everything was pitch perfect than i saw the Capitals. Man, im telling you now that does not work. If your going to do many horizontal stripes it needs to be canadiens or ottawa alt style. Its not good. I love everything else though
  23. llfhockey

    NHL 2017-18

    Thank you, Thank you in no mean i tried to do that but thank you