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  1. Remember the Titans leaks on how they would get a new logo and the jersey would be red. I don't believe anything anymore until I see it
  2. That's like Penn State wearing a blue helmet or Notre Dame switching the helmet color to blue as a primary. Never Ever EVER!
  3. I agree with this mostly because i thought of the penguins when i first saw this.
  4. It's in the writing above the wallpaper
  5. I had a free period in school today around 40 minutes so I hooped on a computer. Remind you this was done in 40 minutes and I am open to any criticism.
  6. Noted. I really didn't want to throw away the tradition of the F in the falcon but I had other ideas for the logo as well I might try.
  7. I'm starting the Falcons but idk about this logo. I tried for a modern look with the color scheme of the old one.
  8. Every uniform. I believe most teams have it even throwbacks. If you look closely at Tyrod you might be able to see it.
  9. Love the C&C. I do want to keep the logo because I'm trying to do both logos and uniforms for every team. Other than that I'll try eliminating most of the black and fix up other issues.
  10. Do you mean the end of the collar? That's just the normal template/uniform
  11. Am I the only one who liked the uniforms before these new ones the 2009 uniforms look fantastic in my opinion, not overdone, clean, no gold
  12. Colts seem to jets like to me. Their whole identity is kinda thrown out the window.
  13. I love the D keep it, the jaw seems a little too circular and large like a squirrel with nuts in its mouth id suggest reducing the blue shadow on that. Also the eye seems too proportional as well. It has a very realistic size. Enlarging the eye a tad to give it a more logo like feel will definitely help.
  14. The only teams i recall with crazy color scheme changes are teams in the NHL such as the sabres or in the NBA when Vancouver moved to Memphis.
  15. It's ok man your thread is already pretty popular good work
  16. thats where i got the idea thank you, but there is no need to endorse your thread on other peoples.
  17. i can see them clearly on my computer but my school laptop i can not because they blocked imgur, if thats the case. If not try another device anyways.