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  1. Is it just me or does the yellow facemask just pop better without the helmet stripe? There is more contrast and for their next identity I hope they keep this look
  2. I've said it before and I know lacrosse isn't the most popular sport but the PLL is a year or two behind now. One new team has been added and another gained from the MLL merger.
  3. My one and only issue is that there is already an abundance of black, I feel like the Canucks would be a good team not to use black
  4. Considering its the same style as the browns logo I would try downloading their logo off of Wikipedia
  5. must be some cowboys unspoken rule, like a Bills player wearing OJs number
  6. I wouldn't say its all about fashion. As a college football player myself the tight jersey is very beneficial. It makes is harder to hold, also makes me personally feel faster. Ever look at a sprinter with their tight body suits, same idea. When the jersey is tight it becomes less of an item of clothing, and more of an extension of your body. Also the tee-shirt stuff is stupid. We usually get told to tuck it in.
  7. Technically still a teenager, joined when I was 12 actually, and that was mainly the reason I got into mod trouble in the past. I grew up and learned how to be a normal human being in life and on the internet. I don't want to say it was because he was a teenager, but more of a troll, or troubled individual.
  8. Had a bunch of issues logging in today, I couldn't figure out if it was my auto fill, but it kept coming up with an error
  9. Update! No changes to the throwback, just a quick update on the color scheme. I really think the blue makes the home and away pop better and helps clear the muddiness of the first set
  10. Thats where I disagree. There font seems too soccerish to me with their current set. The goal was to find a happy medium between the two.
  11. I believe you are referring to the nose? Just like the one they released I did not add a mouth. Color changes will be made though. Might mess around with other ideas, not bone though.
  12. Its been a long time! As the season starts up and my Bills control the AFC East, I started to get excited yet disgusted by this years uniforms. Enjoy! I also mucho appreciate C&C!
  13. Anyone else have an issue using the search bar. Especially when I’m trying to find a template that’s not in the mega thread, the search can be helpful, but one wrong click and I get the “please wait another 8 seconds to search again”. The worst part is that it takes you to another page to say that infamous line, so you end up having to start your search all over again, which is a pain when you’re doing an advanced search with filters.
  14. anyone with a good player model football template they are willing to share
  15. Honestly what I started realizing when doing logos, anything you can do to minimize the positive space without making it clustered is a winning logo. Usually it means adding shadow, or really thickening the stroke. Its got good bones
  16. Cleveland Americans Probably the easiest out of the eight I have done. This is a simple redesign of the city seal of a waving American flag.
  17. Cincinnati Catfish Another tricky one! Without any thing that I could find on wikipedia I was at a lost to call the Cincinnati team who's flag is consistent of the Ohio River, and a C. Going off the river I searched the fish in the area and came across the Blue Catfish.
  18. Does anyone remember the MVPuppet commercials where Lebron and Kobe were muppets and it was just Kobe making fun of Lebron for his ring total. That was my childhood. Not to mention watching him in the playoffs or Christmas or any other time I watched the NBA. This one hurt for sure,
  19. sounds like the design team at Adidas coming up with the designs for next years All-Star jerseys
  20. Chicago Gangsters With very little to work with, with a very simple flag I decided to name the Chicago team after the infamous gangster Al Capone. With a logo depicting him without his face, because faces are hard . I added the dark grey to give the teams identity more of a gritty feel.
  21. Your half right, It does Loog off but its not the horns its the eye, it doesn't seem menacing in anyway, eyes are tricky. Personally I like to go on this site look at the four main sport leagues and look at every eye on a logo that I think would look best on my logo, or more than one that you could transform into your own eye for the logo. And its not just the eye that makes it. You have to get the right browline to go with your eye and that changes from animal to animal. I would also recommend researching a ram and look at the anatomy of its head.
  22. Idk Wikipedia said the poem was titled The Star Spangled Banner, but it is wikipedia so you might be right. I do know the song was originally a drinking song before the lyrics where changed to the poem, thus creating the greatest national anthem.
  23. Carolina Monarchs There was a lot to work with on this one as Carolina is considered a region. That means I could of chosen either North Carolina's flag or South Carolina's flag. To keep the region in tact I decided to go with Charlotte's flag, yet they had two. One blue with their seal, and one green with a crown. The city is nicknamed the Queen City because it was named after the Mad King George III's queen, Queen Charlotte. The crown that became the logo is a direct reflection of King George's crown on his family crest, with the change of color, hexagon gems to signify Charlotte's other nickname the Hive, and to top it all off the two states in all of its glory.
  24. Don't forget the red uniforms with battle worn silver numbers for the Titans
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