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  1. LA has the young talent, Portland definitely has the contracts to match, not sure they have anything of real value though
  2. The 2019 rule change phasing out some older helmet models has changed a few “classic” looks
  3. How many more people are going to try the "stand and trade" strategy?
  4. Titans perfect set home: road: home alt: road alt:
  5. Hopefully there's a new TV under the tree Jokes aside, I mostly agree.
  6. White helmets and pants don't help any either why'd the road team only bring dark?
  7. Oregon players are going to make a lot of money selling these https://sneakernews.com/2018/11/01/air-jordan-3-oregon-ducks-tinker-hatfield-pe/
  8. Phoenix needs to go double purple full time
  9. According to http://Uniformlineup.com, Boston wore their alts for 24 out of 25 Friday games (excluding Player's Weekend), and only wore the alts twice on non-Fridays, both the first games of double headers