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  1. Would have loved to see orange-brown-white-brown-orange consistent stripe pattern everywhere, a la Florida (but actually done correctly)
  2. “Ultimately, when you have the best uniform in sports...”
  3. While the point is valid (how quickly this could spread in a league) that chart isn’t correct edit: actually the premise of this is completely wrong. It starts with Toronto, who hasn’t played since playing Utah on Monday. Toronto played Sacramento the night BEFORE they played Utah.
  4. Navy as a third color could work really well for the Knicks
  5. Meanwhile most of the former deadspin employees are still unemployed
  6. There’s inherent risk, at this point everyone playing knows that. Not sure why you’re crusading against high school football on a sports logos Internet forum
  7. Hopefully she doesn’t have to leave her Puerto Rican neighborhood
  8. They’ve been using it for everything (but uniforms) since the draft
  9. Little leaguers should shift on every hitter *ducks for cover*
  10. It was July 1st at midnight, they moved it up 6 hours