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  1. The only change Carolina needs to make is reversing the colors of their helmet stripes to match the jersey/pants. then go with black/silver and white/black as their standard sets
  2. Laker fans acting like they killed Houston when Golden State knocked them out of the playoffs 4 times in 5 years
  3. Vice is the perfect alternate for Miami. Rotate the four vice looks (or keep white or pink permanently) as the city uniform and keep the regular set as is. Minor tweaks when needed to keep it fresh but Miami should stick with their current look for a long time
  4. Colorado needs to emphasize purple with black and silver as equal accents. I’ve never been a fan of the purple & green idea.
  5. Golden State released their home uniform schedule for the first half of the season Association- 2x Icon- 2x Statement- 3x Classic- 5x City- 6x
  6. The Cheez It Bowl in Orlando used the Dolphins word mark for Miami’s end zone
  7. Honestly, are any of these besides the red rocks good uniforms/identities? And even if you’re not a fan of the red rocks, it’s the only thing here with any real potential. So Utah should embrace it or do something original, which obviously runs counter to the “too many identities” argument edit: regarding the name and New Orleans, obviously it makes more sense for N.O., but I don’t think “New Orleans Jazz” is a great name. The difference is length/syllables between the city and nickname throws it off. Also, I’m not really a fan of nicknames going back to an old city. It only worked for Charlotte because Bobcats was such a bad name (and franchise)
  8. Utah should 100% embrace the red rocks and focus their identity on “Utah” over “Jazz.” They’re the states only major pro team and, even though they’ve never looked terrible, this is the best look the Jazz have had.
  9. the Celtics never played Miami in the playoffs after Allen left Boston to join the Heat
  10. I don’t think there’s a single team where grey is the best option, silver helmet teams excluded (although I’d like to see Detroit use blue) Bills- White (or blue) Cardinals- Red (or white) Colts- White (or blue) 49ers- Gold (only one I might concede) Giants- White Falcons don’t count but they should go back to black anyway
  11. None of those look better than what they currently wear (although Minnesota does need to ditch black for purple)
  12. Except for a Steve Nash situation, I dont think 19 games and 1 HR will be his right uniform
  13. A piggy back of the Florida uniforms piggy backing Va Tech