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  1. Honestly, I like that idea, but I would cut it down to maybe bottom 4. 3 game series in both rounds (games 1 and 2 played back to back, day off before game 3 if necessary), played during the 1st round of the playoffs. or an 8 team single elimination tournament
  2. The needless change to the pants takes this out of the top 3
  3. How? I don’t want the black letter Oakland on the primary grey road uniform, I wouldn’t mind it as an alternate (which is still a downgrade but an acceptable one if they were set on using the O logo)
  4. I am 100% against the blackletter “Oakland” on the road uniform. The O logo hat is a downgrade, making another downgrade on the uniform to match it makes it even worse. That said, I support the O logo and word mark as an alternate, preferably a Kelly green fauxback.
  5. I like the O logo, but think it’s a downgrade. I do like the idea of embracing Oakland though, so maybe combine the O logo with Kelly green. Make a fauxback Kelly green (sleeved) version of the uniforms the O is from, paired with a Kelly green crown/gold bill O logo hat to wear for weekend home series. The uniform set is close to perfect as is. Go back to the gold logo road cap and make lettering on the the green alternates gold with a white outline. And bring the gold uniforms out of unofficial retirement (or has that been made official? Either way bring them back)
  6. Always thought it was strange to add a Kelly green helmet that doesn’t match the Kelly green hat. However, the helmet looks better than the hat, so if they were to make them match I would prefer the hat change.
  7. Orange shoulder yoke/sleeves with black stripes for the home and away and a solid orange alternate would be the ideal way to go. Stripes should always be black on an orange base. I also wouldn’t mind plain pants, white for home and away, with black and orange options
  8. Nope, ODU was in ‘14 (with Taylor Heinicke at QB). I also had an ODU dynasty, though it wasn’t nearly as successfully as yours
  9. The only change Carolina needs to make is reversing the colors of their helmet stripes to match the jersey/pants. then go with black/silver and white/black as their standard sets
  10. Laker fans acting like they killed Houston when Golden State knocked them out of the playoffs 4 times in 5 years
  11. Vice is the perfect alternate for Miami. Rotate the four vice looks (or keep white or pink permanently) as the city uniform and keep the regular set as is. Minor tweaks when needed to keep it fresh but Miami should stick with their current look for a long time