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  1. Except for a Steve Nash situation, I dont think 19 games and 1 HR will be his right uniform
  2. A piggy back of the Florida uniforms piggy backing Va Tech
  3. What is the sock rule now? Is color (or stripes) on top, white on bottom no longer mandatory? Killed by color rush?
  4. Miami’s helmet and sleeve/pant stripes not matching bugs the :censored: out of me
  5. Not their best look but not bad. In general, colored numbers don’t look good with white pants
  6. https://twitter.com/barstool_quotes/status/1314392367613566981?s=21
  7. Why does Iowa St go black and white when their regular colors look good with black?
  8. This would be awesome AAU-style
  9. What about just swapping the center court logo for the designated home team? Keep one floor with something generic along the baselines (arena name maybe?)
  10. Would have loved to see orange-brown-white-brown-orange consistent stripe pattern everywhere, a la Florida (but actually done correctly)