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  1. #HOUvsJAX I'm getting the feeling starting Ben Tate was a mistake..

  2. #LoneSurvivor was a good freaking movie. Not as good as Saving Private Ryan but still good.

  3. #Undrafted on @nflnetwork should cost money it's so good.

  4. http://t.co/GoDPnDiyt5

    Greatest commercial we will never see on TV.

  5. http://t.co/KuTVxxq6qw so funny and accurate of how @espn is now.

  6. "Hello boys... I'm BAAAAAACK!" #IndependenceDay

  7. “@Movie_Posts: “You are the butter to my bread, you are the breath to my life.” -Julie & Julia”

  8. @Abasedd @nflnetwork Yep, question is will Dimitroff sign any good ones lol

  9. @AC_Perez_DelRio @DaisyVital https://t.co/SXkL8Zjx34

  10. @Allen_Strk Good, I like him.

  11. @ATLSportsNate I have no idea, and that's what is so exciting/frightening..

  12. @BigBoyBruski @DIRECTV Dude I don't even watch NBA, but I wanted to say I watched Kobe's last. Saw the game, missed the speech.

  13. @charlierogers68 Yeah I don't either.