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  1. @pollotropicartz They’re even bad at pretending

  2. @mattkaroly Not the fine folks at @RiseUpReader, we encourage freedom of speech

  3. @TheFalcoholic BoJack Crawford

  4. @FalcoholicMatt You’re a terrible person

  5. ☀️Sunday’s in Florida https://t.co/ME8rTejLNR

  6. @JalenMuhammad Yeah I was thinking 13 (Fuller) maybe to play off the 3 at Bama

  7. @CoryWoodroof47 @RiseUpReader https://t.co/8lKcvepT0h

  8. @CoryWoodroof47 He’s the only Panthers fan I follow.. so yeah

  9. @falcons_andy @FalcoholicMatt @RiseUpReader Good point, @CoryWoodroof47 loves writing articles

  10. ?? #PuertoRico https://t.co/n5j7basnsY https://t.co/z9FazhSBt4

  11. @TheFalcoholic Never forget the 15th best QB ranking tho https://t.co/2UJVv2uyIT

  12. @CoryWoodroof47 and i also have 0 rings like the felcons

  13. @CoryWoodroof47 *takes the mic off the ground, and whispers* Shawshank Redemption, I mean.. who even goes to prison anymore?

  14. @JalenMuhammad @CoryWoodroof47 @RiseUpReader Yes but you can have a podcast too

  15. @FalcoholicMatt @RapSheet Technically anyone who has ever played fantasy football has sinned.

  16. @CoryWoodroof47 https://t.co/tdEsRxJf3U

  17. @FalcoholicMatt VaughnMcBlockBlock@AOL.org

  18. RT @MsTheaVidale: @EvanBirchfield Beautiful! God bless your family and thanks for coming!

  19. @Isiah_Ryan @FalcoholicMatt Yeah definitely lol

  20. On the way to Puerto Rico, St Thomas, Dominican Republic, & Grand Turk https://t.co/bh8EZhtBR7

  21. @CoryWoodroof47 @FalcoholicMatt No Cory, you must phrase it like this: Matt, you appear more wise, especially now… https://t.co/KHuvM6LdOc

  22. @Sack_Religious Seriously. Was cheering all night for Dunkirk or Darkest Hour ?

  23. Waterboy Evan Birchfield, UCF https://t.co/slew9B3x95

  24. @Matt_Bryant3 ? https://t.co/Wok8ciuFd3

  25. @msjohns @UniWatch @49ers Socks different too?