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  1. Yay baseball is over!!!

  2. RT @disneywords: Being normal is vastly overrated. –Aggie (Halloweentown)

  3. RT @MollyQerim: NY Football Giants have their 1st official cheerleader @giantsPJB! #HappyHalloween http://t.co/FoaFHUmHyk

  4. RT @RossTuckerNFL: Geno Atkins example # 24,762,983 why you sign the long-term extension

  5. RT @CocoaPopps: The only thing I've laughed at is cross eyed Shaq.... #snl

  6. RT @MyBallsHangLow: We may just aswell leave Charlotte at half cause we clearly didn't come to play, thank you @Atlanta_Falcons for breakin…

  7. I wish @ArianFoster would just not play cuz now I'm going to start him instead of Ben Tate and Kubiak will run him like once and I'll lose.

  8. If Jordy Nelson can get me 47 points I win with no help from :censored: Arian Foster.

  9. RT @OfficialSanta: ☆☆☆ WHO WANTS A FOLLOW FROM SANTA… tweet me and add #FollowMeSanta ☆☆☆ ???

  10. Putting christmas lights up on the roof #Christmas

  11. RT @spizzyspose: @68INCOGNITO looks like you've always been a fat piece of :censored: douche loser, bro! #68chins

  12. RT @OfficialSanta: ☆☆☆ ONLY 50 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS!!! ☆☆☆ #ChristmasCountdown #HolidaysAreComing ???⛄️

  13. If Aaron Rodgers is out a long time, @Favre4Official should come out of retirement how funny would that be.

  14. RT @SportsCenter: Ryan Lochte suffers torn MCL, sprained ACL in left knee after falling to ground while catching excited female fan.

  15. RT @mboyle1: CNN projects McAuliffe won.

  16. @pollotropicartz They’re even bad at pretending